victoria peak hong kong

Victoria Peak is the highest mountain and a major attraction for tourists in Hong Kong with the altitude of 552 meters. Commoners term it as the Peak and radio communications facilities are installed on the peak, and thereby, closed for public access. You can enjoy the multi-colorful night scenes from the Victoria Peak’s Peak Garden.   History of Victoria Peak: Europeans were attracted in the locality for the view in the early 19th century. The moderate climate is another cause for attracting foreigners and travelers…Continue Reading “Visit Victoria Peak (The Peak) (Hong Kong) – All You Need to Know!”

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (Hong Kong)

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the attractive urban visiting spots and tourist-gathering centre in Hong Kong, commonly known as TST and located in Kowloon. Different roads like Hong Kong Road, Austin Road etc surround the entire TST. A good number of restaurants, shops and outlets have been established at Tsim Sha Tsui to serve the visitors.   History of Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade: Before the British colonization in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui was a hub of villages and before that the location was…Continue Reading “Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade – Best Things to See and Do in Hong Kong!”


Symphony of Lights is a globally recognized multimedia show in Hong Kong. Guinness World Records has declared the show as the World’s largest stable show on earth. The nightly show involves about 40 adjacent establishments on Victoria Harbour during the performance. The show mostly performed using synchronized laser beams and searchlights in conjunction of music and narration. The lights tell five different stories during the show. History of Symphony of Lights: Termed as the world’s largest lighting show, the Symphony of Lights exhibit five themes…Continue Reading “Symphony of Lights – Most Popular Participation Sports in Hong Kong!”

Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman - Kuala Lumpur Attractions

Rumah Penghulu is one of the most attractive heritage sites in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since the Kuala Lumpur city is filled with modern establishments and skyscrapers, such a heritage is a wonderful place for the locals and tourists to visit. It is the kind of Malay house in the city which is rare now. Popularly known as the Rumah Penghulu, the house contains a long history. History of Rumah Penghulu: One of the most attractive places in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the house – Rumah…Continue Reading “Visit Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman (Kuala Lumpur) – All You Need to Know!”

kuala lumpur bird park

Often termed as the ‘Birds’ paradise’, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a major tourist attraction center in Malaysia and a beautiful landmark at the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden area. It is also the largest free flight walk aviary in the world. Various types of colorful and melodic birds are found here and the Park accommodates over 3000 birds of over 150 species. Both the local and imported birds have been preserved at the park aviary for the visitors. History of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:…Continue Reading “Visit Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Visit!”

kuala lumpur city gallery

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is one of the Must visiting places of Malaysia and about one million visitors from home and abroad the gallery per year. The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is a historic building and considered as a heritage of the country. The establishment is 116 years old and is opened for public round the year. Basically it exhibits collections and information about the history of Malaysia.      History of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery: The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is an attractive tourist spot…Continue Reading “Kuala Lumpur City Gallery – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Visit!”

KLCC - Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Kuala Lumpur City Center – commonly KLCC is the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is a city within a city. The Kuala Lumpur City Center is the most visited place in the Malaysia. Millions of visitors, including local and international, visit the place for different purposes. The KLCC is mostly popular for its renowned establishments like PETRONAS Twin Towers- one of the tallest buildings of the world, star rated hotels and shopping malls.     History of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC): The Kuala…Continue Reading “KLCC – Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia – Everything You Need to Know!”

Royal Selangor Visitor's Centre - KL

The largest quality pewter manufacturer in the world and in Malaysia is the Royal Selangor. The products made by the company are still maintaining the very same quality after Royal Selangor was initiated in 1885. A large number of homewares and different gift-items are sold globally and exported to over 15 countries. The items are made with the finest and skilled hands using tin, antimony and copper. The Royal Selangor Visitor Center is directly involved with the history of Malaysia.         History of Royal Selangor…Continue Reading “Visit Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (Kuala Lumpur) – All You Need to Know!”

Visit KLCC - Bukit Bintang Walkway, Malaysia

Bukat Bintang is a popular walkway and another must see in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and also is commonly known as the Bintang Walk and Starhill that leads to different shopping malls. It is also known as Arab Street to the locals. Every day thousands of tourists and local people go across the walkway to surrounding shopping malls and areas.      History of KLCC – Bukit Bintang Walkway: The Bukit Bintang is a popular walkway in Kuala Lumpur and is known in different names like…Continue Reading “Visit KLCC – Bukit Bintang Walkway, Malaysia – All You Need to Know!”

China Folk Culture Village

China contains about over 50 ethnic groups those are scattered across the country and it is almost impossible to get an overview of the groups at a time for the foreigners and visitors in China. The China Folk Culture Village is the Theme Park showcasing the miniatures of popular sights and locations after their geographical position and also exhibits the customs and trends of the ethnic societies. This is the only tourist place that may provide you the taste of Traditional China in its 494…Continue Reading “China Folk Culture Village – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Visit!”