Located at 20 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, the Avenue of Stars is the sidewalk formed to pay tribute to the extraordinary professionals working in the Hong Kong film industry, commonly known as the ‘Hollywood of the East’. It also promotes the tourism sector of the country. It is located at the Tsim Sha Tshui and was designed by local architects – AGC Design, and opened on April 27, 2004, and the global visitors got chance to enter there from April 28 of the year. This is a HK$ 40 million project and was sponsored by New World Group, supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board and Tourism Commission, Leisure and Cultural services and others.  

History of Avenue of Stars Hong Kong:

The New World Group in Tsim Sha Tsui built the walkway, in the Victoria Bay shore of Hong Kong, in 1982, and the declaration to build to the Avenue of Stars came in 2003, like the earlier times, the Group financed HK$ 40 million for the making. Basically it resembles past and present of Hong Kong Film Industry that has been established and performing for over a century. The sidewalk is shaped after the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Avenue of Stars,Hong Kong
Avenue of Stars,Hong Kong

The sidewalk and pedestrian area contain 30 pairs of handprints of renowned Hong Kong actors, singers, directors including Jackie Chan and there are also metal sculptures like Bruce Lee –who played a great role in improving the Hong Kong Film Industry. The sidewalk is about 440 meters long and there are benches for the pedestrians. The walkway is also decorated with beautiful plants. A metal handrail is attached with the sidewalk for the visitors’ safety. The relative bodies of Hong Kong Government – Hong Kong Tourism Board, Tourism Commission, Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Film Awards Association, support the project.

Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

The Avenue was inaugurated in April 27, 2004 and was opened for all in the next day. Different prominent figures were present at the opening ceremony. In Light and leaser shows and music are played in every night at 8.00pm and is termed as the largest permanent light show of the world.

Travel Guide information of Avenue of Stars Hong Kong:

The Avenue of Stars is situated on the Tsim Sha Tshui area– next to the Star Ferry Terminal and Salisbury garden. From the MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, you are to use the Exit J, and then follow the signs leading to the Avenue of Stars.  If you want to take the subway, take the Tsim Sha Tsui exit F (Tsuen Wan line). Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier is about a little walk from the clock tower. Besides, it is a 5-minute walk from outside the New World Center.    

Some Tips when you visit on Avenue of Stars Hong Kong:

The sidewalk is opened for all and without any fee. It is opened between 6.00am to 10.00pm. The most attractive light show starts every day at 8.00pm, and one can visit the Avenue of Stars at any time of the day but the views are best found in evening and during sunset. If there is any climatic change, the light show is cancelled in the afternoon, and you are to immediately return from the venue for your own safety and security.   

Culture & Customs of Avenue of Stars Hong Kong:

There are two stores beside the walkway to collect Hong Kong movie memorabilia like T-Shirts, mugs, posters and more.  The walkway gives a panoramic view of the Honk Kong city and skyline. The commemorative signs, handprints, life-size statue, descriptive stones etc. depicts the glorious glamour of Hong Kong’s century-long film industry. About 30 performances are organized each month including dance, music and drama. It also provides the outstanding view of the Hong Kong harbor.          

Transport/ Getting Around in Avenue of Stars Hong Kong:

Bus, MTR, Star Ferry. Besides, there are major Hong Kong attractions are available adjacent to the Avenue of Stars including the Museum of Art, the Space Museum, and the Hong Kong Cultural Center etc.