Breakout is a real life adventure gaming zone in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and a must visit on the list of visitors in Malaysia across the globe. It is an escape game mostly popular among the youngsters and the thrill is unforgettable one during visit in Kuala Lumpur. It is dissimilar from the conventional escape games and the themes are different. There are different themed rooms to play the game in teams. Maximum six players are allowed to play the games and have to solve the puzzle within a limited time.      

History of Breakout Real Escape Game:

Breakout is the nonconventional escape game in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with different themes. Players are to enter the room with their teams consisting of maximum six members and to solve the puzzles within the deadline of 45 minutes to break out of the room. Usually the rooms are made with the capacity of six players and brilliantly planned to bring the desired settings with the storyline of the rooms. Each of the rooms has their individual storylines, specific puzzles and assignments to give you a thrilling experience. The escape games are set in an order that the players will feel that they are participating in a real life movie. The games are suitable for all ages of people but the comparative younger people are fond of the games. The feeling during the game play is awesome and cannot be expressed in words. When you stand in anxiety and trapped in a room in a lower lighted dramatically created environment, the feelings are on top. The players are to solve different puzzles, breaking cryptic codes and opening locks with complicated combinations and they must have to win the race to break out of the room using available or by finding the clues, or they will be locked there forever (following the storylines of the room). But, the players are to race against time- 45 minutes. There are five rooms available in the Breakout currently including the case of serial murder, hunting a missing magician. During the game play, each of the members is to play a different role in the game.  

Travel Guide information of Breakout Real Escape Game:

The Breakout is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and easily accessible from public transports like local bus, local rail or intercity transport services. Besides, you can hire taxicabs to reach the Breakout located at the Avenue K Shopping Mall. The game zone is situated at the level 2 of the mall.  

Some Tips when you visit on Breakout Real Escape Game:

The more team members, the more you will have advantages and chances to win the game. Be aware of time limit and in case you can request for an extra time. For weekend play, advance booking is a great way. Difficulty level can be used up to five stars. Raising the difficulty level will need more labor to solve the puzzles. Family members may form the best team in the game. Do not get nervous with the time run out.        

The Breakout is an exciting escaping game in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Usually the game is played by two to six members in different themed rooms. Each of the rooms has their own stories to discover and breakout using available clues. The attractions of the games are warm and could be played by players aged above 12 years. Service of the Breakout staffs and facilities are world class. Each of the game playing characters are of different special ability to accomplish the goals to break out of the rooms.       


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