The House of the Dancing is the largest water amusement in the world and a must see place in Macau, China. This is an unforgettable experience for the visitors in China for the first time. The theatre was specially designed by the globally renowned Pei Partnership and able to seat about 2000 audience at a time during the performance. The show is mostly popular for the outstanding lighting, costumes and special effects.

History of House of the Dancing Water:

The House of Dancing Water is the unique creation in China and the largest water amusement place in the world alone. The show is visited over 60 million spectators globally in a year. It took about five years to build the park and the cost was around 250 million US dollars. Located in the heart of Macau, China, the House of the Dancing Water contains a stage pool and the pool accommodates over 3.5 million gallon water. The spectacular show is about the birth of a love story, epic in length, and a travel through time. The acts are record breaking and a must see for all visitors in China. The experience never turns old and you can continue it for several times. The show accommodates around 2000 spectators at a time. The show contains about 100 artists of different nations performing at a time that leads the audience to the kingdom of magic and emotion. The show turns more attractive for the special effects and modern lighting system. The water based acrobatics and the crafty performances are the best attractive issue for the show. The show achieved much popularity and received numerous affirmative criticisms from different quarters. The show is composed and directed by Franco Dragone and lasts for one and half hour. The show has been staged for over thousand times before the spectators. The waters are uplifted using water jets during the show and the stage transforms into several parts during the performance and majority of the performers have different abilities to perform extraordinary motorcycle driving, gymnastics, dancing, diving, acting and more.

Travel Guide information of House of the Dancing Water:

The House of the Dancing Water is located at the level 1 of the City of Dreams, in the heart of Macau. So, it is accessible though different public bus service or you can drive by your own car, ride on a train or hire a taxi. The venue is accessible through anywhere of the city.

Some Tips when you visit on House of the Dancing Water:

Tickets are sold on first come first serve basis, so grab your ticket before it runs out. Be careful about your belonging during the show as they do not get lost amid the crowd. Do not take any snacks or foods for having on interval; the show is continuous for 90 minutes at a stretch. Take seat you are assigned with. The front rows are more preferable to enjoy the show.

Culture & Customs of Macau, China:

The show is an amazing one and pretty expensive too, but there are concessions for the students and aged people. One can buy ticket from online ticket selling agencies to avoid crowd during the show time. Tickets are sold in different packages and categories and valid photo ID cards (for students) required for having concessions. Kids under six are not allowed on the show.


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