21 February was declared to be the International Mother Language day

Mother Language with their unpredictable ramifications for personality, correspondence, social incorporation, instruction, and advancement, is of vital significance for individuals and planet. However, because of globalization forms, they are progressively under danger of vanishing inside and out.

Openings, conventions, memory, special methods of reasoning and articulation — important assets for guaranteeing a superior future — are likewise lost.

In any event, 43% of the evaluated 6000 languages spoken on the planet are imperiled. Just a couple of hundred languages have truly been given a spot in instruction frameworks and the open area, and not exactly a hundred are utilized in the advanced world.

The plan to observe International Mother Language Day was the activity of Bangladesh. It was affirmed at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference and has been watched all through the world since 2000.

UNESCO has faith in the significance of social and phonetic assorted variety for economical social orders.

International mother language day is the most dominant instruments of safeguarding and building up our substantial and impalpable legacy. All moves to advance the spread of primary languages will serve not exclusively to support etymological assorted variety and multilingual instruction yet additionally to create more full consciousness of phonetic and social customs all through the world and to motivate solidarity dependent on getting resistance, and exchange.

Multilingual and multicultural social orders exist through their mother languages which transmit and save customary learning and societies in a feasible manner.


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