Kingkey 100

The Kingkey 100 is also known as Kingkey Finance Center Plaza. This is one of the tallest skyscrapers in China and currently located at Shenzhen under Guangdong province, and the tallest one for the town. The superstructure is the financial district of Guangdong with the soaring height of 1449 feet. The tower is made of 100 floors and the spaces are allotted for different organizations including office and luxurious and star rated business hotel.

History: The Kingkey 100 is one of the tallest structures in China, and the 14th tallest building in the world, and the most famous landmark in Shenzhen. The Kingkey 100 is located at the Guangdon province. The tower- Kingkey 100 (KK100) is located at Shenzhen, the financial district of Guangdong under China.

Height of the building is 1449 feet. Among the 100 floors, over 60 floors are used for office. A six-star rated business hotel has occupied 22 stories of the building. In the remaining top floors, a couple of restaurants and beautifully decorated sky gardens are placed and are open for the entertainment of the people using the building for their respective purposes. There is also a Kingkey shopping mall next to the KK100 (at the lower level of the tower building). The star-rated hotel named the St.

Regis Shenzhen is one of the attractive places for the tourists and visitors in China and occupies floor 75 to floor 98 of the main building. The world class business hotel was opened in 2011 and contains 290 rooms of various class and special suites. The entire structure is well decorated with attractive decorative items and collections. The fountain before the main building provides a stunning view of the area, and the observation deck, near the top of the tower, is also an attractive space in the Kingkey 100.

The tower is a bit curved to represent a spring or a symbolic fountain that points about the possessions and traditions of Shenzhen. The steel, cement and other construction materials used for building the tower are of higher thickness, strength and durability and the best one ever used in the province.

Travel Guide information ofKingkey 100:

Since the tower is a landmark in Shenzhen, it is accessible from every corner of the city. Metro, bus or walks are the best ways to reach the tower. If you ride on metro, ride off at the Grant Theatre station. Then take a short walk, you will reach the tower within a few minutes. Different bus routes are also available to reach the tower. Routes number 3, 12, 14, 101, 203, K204, 311 could be used to get there. The distance of the tower from the airport is about 40 minutes.

Some Tips when you visit onKingkey 100:

It is a must visit in Shenzhen. Use the observation deck to watch the city of Shenzhen from the observation floor. The sky garden is a beautiful place for photography, and also the fountain before the main entrance. Take a snack from the rooftop restaurant and enjoy that sitting at the top of the building or at the VIP lounge located just under the ceiling of the KK100.

Culture & Customs of Kingkey 100:

Access to the tower is not absolutely free. The elevators reach to the observation deck within one minute which located at the 96th floor of the tower. Snack and coffee is provided with the observation deck ticket. Spitting here and there is prohibited inside the building. The entire Kingkey 100 is a quiet building and noise is disallowed here to maintain the serenity and peaceful environment. Both the interior and the exterior of the building are decorated luxuriously.


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