King's Balance, Hampi - Timings, History, Best time to visit

King’s Balance is the most famous archaeological site, located in Hampi, India. From Indian, all monumental archaeological history, the King’s Balances’ history, the significance is different than others. It is open for all and all the time, though it is a small place but has vast historical significance. 

The King’s Balance’s attractiveness is remaining; the Balance was a prettiest and precious thing in the previous era. What are this Balance’s uses, its history, reaching way, best timing, and safety concern all are available here? The traveling people should visit this place and earn a vast knowledge about the King’s Balance.

Why Should You Visit King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India?

  • A magnificent monument of king Vijayanagara era.
  • See a great Balance, which used to weigh the precious things.
  • To visit a tremendous archaeological place.
  • To know the charity of Vijayanagara king.
  • To know how much respect the king was to the priests.
  • To know the history of King’s Balance.

The King’s Balance is an ancient monument, a rare balance scale, which located in Hampi.  From Vijayanagara’s traditional time, it stands as a glorious place; the visitors have much interest in visiting it. Vittala is a temple; King’s Balance located its southwestern part and the Kampa Bhupa’s path end.

King's Balance, Hampi - Timings, History, Best time to visit

Tula Bhara or Tula Purushadana is the alternative name of King’s Balance. It has a fantastic view and attractiveness; every year a colossal number of visitors see its beautiful view. Its mysterious history and ancient monumental theme, structures all are responsible for making it an exceptional archaeological site.

History of King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

King’s Balance is a creature of the 15th century associated with a fascinated history. That place is famous for the Balance, which used by the Vijayanagara empire, he used it only for some special occasion. New Year’s Day, solar or lunar eclipse, coronation ceremony, Dasara, or other special moments the king used this Balance. He was such a charitable empire as he gave the same weight gold, gems, precious, silver and jewelry of himself. He gave these precious gifts to the priests of the temples and showed his charity.

King's Balance, Hampi - Timings, History, Best time to visit

In any occasion, the kitchen used to ready all the favorite items of kings, the city council insistence was present behind these arrangements. Such like this, many exciting activities held in the era of Vijayanagara. The king was a perfect human being, he liked the fatty food item, but he tried to leave a small amount of food when he took food. His charity examples we got in before; moreover, he won some areas, all of the users to give to the priests. The king always tried to distribute his wealthy and precious things to the priest because he loved and gave respect to the priests.

The Balance not used to weigh the precious things like gold, silver gems; it also used to weigh the pulses and grains. The king so elegant, pious, charitable, and smart, and his Balance is the proven example of his characters. After visiting the King’s Balance, people were inspired to be like him and wanted to gain his charity.

Exploring the King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

The King’s Balance is a place of the historic archaeological site, framed with stone carved. The monument has two pillars; those are 15 feet tall and consist of craved granite. It has 12 feet stone beam that gives much strength at the base of the pillars. To keep Balance at the base has three hopes at the underside of the stone beam pillars. The pictures of the king and the queen saw on the one pillar with stone carving.  The whole infrastructure looked like the standing archway, though today there is present no trace of Balance. 

King's Balance, Hampi - Timings, History, Best time to visit

The King’s Balance is an excellent example of the Vijayanagara empire, is remaining as the tall monuments. The visitors would like the King’s Balance place to know the great history and witness the Vijayanagara era. That is an excellent example of an archaeological site.

Things to See in King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

  • Sloth Bear Sighting at Daroji Bear Sanctuary: due to sloth bear sighting, it is known as the sloth bear sighting at Daroji bear sanctuary. It uses as the home for many wild animals, such as the sloth bear-like, hyenas, leopards, mongoose, wild boars, mongoose and many others. To see the view of bears has a tower, which used as the bears’ observation.
  • Trekking at Matanga Hill: visitors would like to get a picturesque view from the top of Matanga hill. The sun rising scenery from this hill, is a fantastic view, better to say, it is breath-taking scenery. Moreover, the visitors can see the Achyutaraya temple ruins, Virupaksha temple, and the Tungabhadra Rivers’ unique view.
  • Shopping at Hampi Bazaar: Hampi Bazaar is the most popular market place, where you can feel the back times of the Vijayanagara Empire periods. Many nobles resided here, all memorial things transformed now, but a photo gallery has to look of Hampi, in 1856, remaining. All festivals were happening here, and you will feel it when you are passing through the Hampi Bazaar.
  • Coracle Ride in Hampi: Coracle is a bowl-shaped boat, reed used to make it, also known as the Dongi. Though it is full of crocodiles and high currents, visitors take the boat riding as a thrilling event. If you are thrilling lovers, go for the boat riding in the Tungabhadra River.

When to Visit King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India?

The visitors would like to visit the King’s Balance in winter. However, other times also available for visiting this place. But, walking is the main work to view the whole property. And winter season, that means September, October, November is the best time than the summer season.

How to Get There to Visit King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India?

King’s Balance is a great visiting place; the tourist liked the place very much. It is not too hard to reach the King’s Balance. At first, need to reach Hampi, then take a taxi or cab to reach the place. Hampi is well-connected by air, rail, and train route.

King's Balance, Hampi - Timings, History, Best time to visit

Essential Tips to Visit King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

  • Prepare yourself to visit any new place.
  • Take some snacks, water bottles always in your side bag.
  • Choose the best time to visit the King’s Balance.
  • Photography allowed, so you take enough photographs to catch it as your memory.
  • No worry about the entry because it is free for all.
  • Pass only 15 minutes and be a witness of the ancient period.
  • Go to a team to make much enjoy.
  • Pick the right way to reach the King’s Balance.
  • Must visit the nearest visiting place.
  • Do shopping from the Hampi Bazaar.

Safety Concern When You Visit King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

  • The King’s Balance is a safe place for all. No unfortunate occurrences happened in previous. The visitors should almost alert about his safety.
  • Go early and back in an early time. It passes away any adverse occurrence and gives you a happy tour time.

The King’s Balance is a famous architecture of the King Vijayanagara era. Though it is an ancient monument, it is still gorgeous. The Balance used only in some special events. People have much attraction to visit this historical place. The other place, besides the King’s Balance, is also a historical place.

Frequently Asked Questions About King’s Balance, Nimbapura, India:

Q. Is the King’s Balance open all day in a week?

Answer: Yes, the King’s Balance is open all day in a week; visitors do not pay any fee to enter into the King’s Balance. Indian maximum historical place has a fixed entry fee, but it is a different one. To visit the King’s Balance required only 15 minutes.

Q. Is the place of King’s Balance safe for the visitors?

Answer: Don’t worry about the security priority in the King’s Balance. There always presents security in all the sites of King’s Balance. You will go to visit the place without any hesitation. It’s a place of an amazing one.

Q. Is there availability of a tourist guide?

Answer: Yes, why not, their present tourists guide to learn about the previous history. You must pay for it, but suggest you not to hire them. You are enough to visit the place entirely. You can’t enter into the temple, though you are alone or with a guide.

Q. Why I choose the King’s Balance place?

Answer: The King’s Balance is where every year, the visitors make a tour trip to know about the place.  It is an ancient creature of the 15th century, and its monumental significance, history much keen to make it a valuable place. 

Q. What time is suitable to visit the King’s Balance place?

 Answer: Winter season is the more suitable time than the summer season. In summer, the temperature is too hot and not suitable for tour traveling. On the other hand, in the winter season, September, October, November, is suitable for visiting the King’ Balance place.