Often termed as the ‘Birds’ paradise’, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a major tourist attraction center in Malaysia and a beautiful landmark at the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden area. It is also the largest free flight walk aviary in the world. Various types of colorful and melodic birds are found here and the Park accommodates over 3000 birds of over 150 species. Both the local and imported birds have been preserved at the park aviary for the visitors.

History of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia:

The Birds’ Paradise in Kuala Lumpur, the Kuala Lumpur Birds Park covers an area of 20.9 acres and the largest free-flight walk aviary in the world. About 3000 birds of various colours and sizes of over 150 species are kept at the aviary. The Bird Park is actually is a part of the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens which was established in 1888 covering 150 acres of lands. The Bird Park inside the lake was established in 1991 and there is also an artificial lake beside the Bird Park. The Bird Park is used mainly for watching of various birds and their activities.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia

It exhibits the reactions of the birds in their natural environment. Students, scientists, bird-watchers and tourists gather at the park during the opening hours to watch the birds. The natural environment of the park is also laudable. Various types of birds are available in the aviary including hornbills, owls, macaws, ducks, parrots, ostriches, flamingos, peacocks parakeets and more. The Birds Park is separate into four sections or zones including – zone 1, zone 2, zone 3 and zone 4 with their distinctive features. The free flight zone is located in the zone 1 and 2, the Hornbill Park is located at Zone 3 and mini aviaries and birds’ cages are placed in zone 4. The free flight area allows the birds to move and breed in natural environment.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia

The bird gallery, Hornbill Park, egg incubation center, flamingo pond, parrot world etc. are the most visited parts of the Birds Park. Feeding of the birds at the feeding areas is also an attraction for the visitors at the park.               

Travel Guide information of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia:

The Birds Park in Kuala Lumpur is a short drive from the Kuala Lumpur City Center and is located inside the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden. Bus and taxi cabs are convenient ride towards the Birds Park. The visitors can ride on the regular or the double-decker buses that will take them to Jalan Parlimen before the Birds Park entrance. Buses are available round the day by an approximate interval of 30 minutes. Regarding train ride, you are to ride off at the Old Kuala Lumpur Station from the Commuter train. Meter-run taxi services are also available to take you at the Birds Park.         

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia

Some Tips when you visit on Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia:

Do not disturb the birds in their natural habitats. Throwing anything towards the birds is a punishable offence. Do not miss the birds’ feeding sessions that held at different times of the day. You may experience foul smells from the birds wastes in the free flight zone, but do not bother about that. You may also take pictures of the birds and yourself at the bird feeding stations. Keep distance from the birds as they are wild.      

Culture & Customs of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia:

The Birds Park in Kuala Lumpur is the largest bird aviary in the world and aims to preserve the birds in their natural habitats. Different species of birds move at the park freely and enjoy the nature. Usually the tourists are to pay more for admission ticket at the park than the natives. Birds breed and live naturally in the park and fly from one tree to another. Majority of the birds belong to Malaysia and the other are imported from different countries including Australia, Africa, China, Holland, Thailand and other countries of the Southeast Asia.

Transport/ Getting Around in Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:

By public transport:

KL Hop-On-Hop-Off Double Decker Tour Bus Service, disembark at Station No. 20 in front of KL Bird Park Main Entrance. Buses available at every 30 to 45 minutes interval.
By KTM Commuter Train, disembark at the KTM Old Railway Kuala Lumpur Station located near the National Mosque.
Public taxis – Advisable to look for taxis that uses the coupon or meter system.

If you are driving:

GPS address: KL Bird Park
GPS coordinates: N3 08.581 E101 41.294
From Jalan Bangsar, head straight towards KTM Railway Station round-a-bout, tu left towards Masjid Negara.
From Jalan Mahameru, tu left into Jalan Parlimen. At traffic light, tu right towards the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia Map

A gated attraction, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a 20.9-acre public aviary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a popular tourist attraction in the country, receiving an annual average of 200,000 visitors.