Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre Best Tourist Attractions & Famous Destinations in Macau, China

With the height of 338 meters, the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center (commonly termed as Macau Tower) is located in Macau in China and an important landmark for the country. It was opened in 2001 for the public and has an observation deck which exhibits the best view of the Macau city. The tower is also used for sky jump and many other adventurous activities. The tower is also used for different purposes like telecommunication and broadcasting from Macau and also serves into many other activities like shooting or photo shoots.

History of Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre:

Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China as it served as a Portuguese colony till 1999 that began from the mid of the 16th century. The Macao Tower Convention and Entertainment Center is a popular tourist center in Macau under China. Commonly it is termed as the Macau Tower.

The construction of the Macau Tower began in 1998 with the initiative of a local casino businessman named Stanley Ho Hung-Sun who travelled into New Zealand where he was charmed with the Sky Tower and felt the necessity to built like that one on his native land – Macau. The height of the tower from ground level to the top point is 338 meters and it was officially opened in 2001 for public.

The tower houses an observation deck for the visitors to get the panoramic view of Macau and there are some eateries, movie theatres and shopping malls too to meet the needs of the global visitors. The tower is also used for some other purposes beside the outdoor observation or other conventional activities. It is also used as a platform of skyjump (on the 65th floor) and commercial photo shoots. Design of the tower was execut4ed by a New Zealand based engineering firm – Beca Group.

This is one of the most attractive visiting places in Macau for the travelers for the first time in the city. When the weather is clear, visitors can see the Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta of China from the observation deck and participate on the adventurous activities. Besides, the tower visitors can get unique items from the shopping malls and the movie theaters will provide them an amazing experience.

Travel Guide information of Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre:

Located in the heart of Macau, the Macau Tower is accessible in different ways. If you are a fresh traveler in Macau, it is the best idea to hire a taxi for the tower. Bus service is also available. Most importantly, the tower is visible from anywhere of the Macau city. So there are fewer chances for the first-time travelers to get lost in the city. If you are nearby the tower, you can reach it by foot too.

Some Tips when you visit on Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre:

Be careful enough when you are on bungy or skyjump, listen each and every statements of the instructors. The elevators are too fast than the regular ones, hold tight on elevator ride. Do not miss the 3D movie shows on the theatre halls. You can take coffee and snacks from the eateries and restaurants, so you do not need to carry extra foods with you during the visit.

Culture & Customs of Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre:

Usually the tower remains open form 10 am to 9 pm on the weekdays and at the weekend and public holidays it is opened from 9 am to 9 pm. To make a family dining on the tower restaurants, you have to reserve earlier. If you have any currency problems when you are shopping or dining at the tower, you can get local currencies from the currency exchange. The observation deck fee is MOP 135 for every adult person and MOP 70 for seniors (above 65) and kids (between 3 to 11 years).


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