The Historic Center of Macau was a mid 16th century Portuguese colony and now is the combination of Chinese and Portuguese culture. It is the 31st heritage sire in entire China. It is comprised of over 20 spots and a renowned cultural heritage in Macau, China. The Historic Center bears the assimilation of cultural legacies of the two states and exhibits the colonial establishment in China. There are monuments like urban squares churches and temples, residential areas and more other similar places inside the Center.

History of Historic Centre of Macau:

The Historic Center is one of the most popular world heritage sites in Macau and the rank is 31 in the entire China. Basically the Center was a former colony of Portuguese in China. This is one of favorite visiting place in Macau for its historic events. There are residential buildings with architectural beauties, temples and churches, ancient roads and over all is a blend of East and West.

The center is the witness of the encounters of West with China during the colonial period. Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macau owns the buildings and runs through different authorities and is protected by different laws. Macau was considered as a potential port for development, and thus it was occupied by the Portuguese, strategically, who settled down in the area during the middle of the 16th century. As the gateway from the China to the West, the city contains some buildings and public spaces to continue the trade through the port. During its operation in the then colonial period, a large number of people from different nations settled here that made the city into the center of cultural exchange in China.

The people, who came in Macau, exercised their respective cultures and thus the cultural traditions have become the part of Macau’s History and the representations people can see in the Historic Center. The structures in the city are mostly inspired by foreign styles and finally they turned into a combo of local and international designs. The Center is mostly valued even today for its testimony of multicultural elements and relics that it has been bearing through centuries.

Travel Guide information of Historic Centre of Macau:

Travelling at the Historic Center of Macau is easier and there are several routes to reach there. Since there are several locations, the travelers have to take different transportation mode to visit the site. Riding the public bus is the best way to reach the Historic Center from the mainland of Macau. The best way is to fly to Hong Kong and ride on the ferry leading to Macau, and then you can take either bus service or hire a taxi. Besides, you can also each Macau by shuttle helicopter service and then on your convenient vehicles like scooter, shuttle bus, cycle rickshaw etc.

Some Tips when you visit on Historic Centre of Macau:

Since Macau is lying on the sub tropical climate belt, the temperature is too hot during the summer. Natural disasters like typhoons occur during the late summer. If you plan the visit by this time, change your plan. Spring and winter are the best time to travel at the Historic Center. During your ride on the lighthouse, be careful as it is an antique one and bears testimony of ages.

Culture & Customs of Historic Centre of Macau:

Macau was under the Portuguese domination from the mid of 16th century to the modern age (1999) and bears testimony of different cultures. As a port city, the population of the city was diversified and the establishments are the combinations of European and Asian culture. Now it is under special Administration of China for its title of World Heritage Site from 2005. The Heritage Walk Circuit is a good way to see the entire Center.


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