Pancha Rathas, India

Pancha Rathas located in Mahabalipuram, which is an ancient town in Chennai. That is an essential and precious place in Indian history because their present age-old monuments to reflect the heritage wonders. Visitors can get an opportunity, to be a witness of the refined stone artistry times.

The historic structures define the showing characters of a place, and a sense of the past asserts. Those are now an integral part of the present situation. Pancha Rathas is an evident example of historic structures; that’s why visitors would like to visit it with curiosity.

Pancha Rathas, India

Why Should You Visit Pancha Rathas, India? 

  • Know the included five rathas of Pancha Ratha.
  • To be a great witness of ancient times.
  • See the various type of sculptures located in the walls of Pancha Rathas.
  • Visit incomplete but gorgeous monuments. 
  • Pass a single day with much enjoyment.
  • Know the previous history of Pancha Ratha.

The most archaeological site of Pancha Rathas, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Pancha Rathas built at the time of the Pallava Dynasty in the 7th century. It is a great tourist place, start the visiting time from 6 am to 6 pm. Pancha Rathas made by following the south Indian Dravidian architectural style.  

Pancha Rathas, India

Chennai is a place, which is well-connected with many cities in India. So, think that visitors may not face any severe problem to reach the Pancha Rathas. In a weekend, travellers may arrange a short tour in this place. The other related monuments are present here to make the visiting time much enjoyable.

History of Pancha Rathas, India:

Pancha Rathas is a stupendous monolithic shrine, in Mahabalipuram of Chennai. That shrine dedicated to the five Pandavas of Mahabharata which built by king Mahendravarman, king Narasimhavarman and king Pallavan, and labelled as the World Heritage site. Each shrine of this Pancha Rathas has been designated with carvings and pink granite. Dharma raja Ratha, Bhīma Ratha, Arjuna Ratha, Nakula Sahedeva Ratha and Draupadi Ratha are the five rathas of Pancha Ratha. These ratha resembles a chariot and followed the north-south slope direction, this monument not completed in the Narasimhavarman period.

Pancha Rathas, India

The Pancha Rathas was following the architectural style of Pallavan rock-cut. According to the ASI, the ancient Ratha built-in wood and planned by the Pallava dynasty. Represents the diversity of the Dravidian architecture and is a more prominent temple in Tamil Nadu. It is standing from the 7th century A.D, though weathered due to the wrath of nature. Draupadi Ratha name formed as their common wife Draupadi, and others name formed according to their size. According to the Mahabharata epic, these five structures had no similarity in the iconic characters.

They remained as unfinished and unconsecrated condition. That’s why the top and the base of uncut rock parts still visible. The Pancha Rathas preserved in well due to the sturdiness of its material, granite and the salty winds of Bengal. 

Exploring the Pancha Rathas, India:

Pancha Rathas is known as the Pandava Rathas or Five Rathas, which is a monument complex in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. A monolithic example of Indian rock-cut architecture, carved in the 630 to 668 AD, which was the king Narasimhavarman period. That monument is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the auspices of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). Pancha Rathas included the Dharma raja Ratha, Bhīma Ratha, Arjuna Ratha, Nakula Sahedeva Ratha and Draupadi Ratha. After entering into this complex, visitors see Draupadi’s Ratha is having at the right side. Draupadi’s Ratha used to dedicate to the Goddess Durga.  

Pancha Rathas, India

Next see the Arjuna’s rath, which dedicated to Lord Shiva. Nakula and Sahdev’s rath located in front of Arjuna’s rath, and decorated with elephant sculptures. Bhīma’s rath is the biggest one, it was humongous, and Lion sculptures were surrounding the Bhīma’s rath. At last, located the Yudhistra’s rath, which is the eldest rath of the Pandavas. 

Things to See in Pancha Rathas, India:

  • Draupadi Ratha: Draupadi Ratha is the smallest ratha than other rathas. It is a mud hut, and its roof is the Bengal thatched roof. The principal doorways faced towards the west and have two dwarapalikas. The walls are showing the standing Durgas and the fantastic four-armed Durga located inside the sanctum.
  • Arjuna Ratha: Arjuna Ratha situates on the Draupadi rathas the same plinth, which is a square structured with stairs. Hexagonal vimana and the two-tiered roof have in the Arjuna Ratha. The sanctum is empty, but the four walls kept many sculptures. Visitors found there Shiva on Nandi and Vishnu with Garuda. Many numbers of a monolithic lion located at the front of the Arjuna Ratha.
  • Bhīma Ratha: It is the Largent monuments of the Pancha Rathas, which has no sculptures in its wall. That stands on the rectangular platform, and its roof looks like a barrel. Due to its elongated shape, peoples said, it held an Anantasayi Vishnu.
  • Dharma raja Ratha: Dharma raja ratha is the highest temple, located at the southern part of Pancha Ratha. It stands on the square shape base and top showing like pyramidal. Eight sculptures are available to see here, such as Brahma, Skanda, Raihara, four-armed Shiva’s, king Nasimhavarma and Ardhanarisvara. 
  • Nakula-Sahadeva Ratha: Visitors find it at the south entrance, and its pillar is a shallow porch. On different thing is that no carvings present on the temple. At the right side have many monolithic elephants, though they are looking incomplete. 

When to Visit Pancha Rathas, India? 

Pancha Rathas in Mahabalipuram has a tropical climate because of the coastal region. Avoid monsoon time to avoid heavy rainfall. The winter weather is the best time to visit the Pancha Rathas. Travellers may arrange a tour program between November month to march month.

How to Get There to Visit Pancha Rathas, India? 

The Pancha Rathas located in the Mahabalipuram, Chennai, in India. Chennai is a well-connected place via rail and air routes, in India. The Nearest railhead is Chengalpattu, which is 29 km far from Mahabalipuram. Private bus services are also available, from many cities of Tamil Nadu to reach the Pancha Rathas. 

Pancha Rathas, India

Essential Tips to Visit Pancha Rathas, India:

  • Chose the peak period to avoid crowds.
  • Visit the Pancha Rathas at the winter season to avoid humid climate.
  • Take water bottles, sunglasses to save from scorching temperature.
  • Chose the easiest and safest route to reach the Pancha Rathas.
  • Roam around the whole locality to get a certain charm.
  • Take photo-shoots with the carvings and the monuments.
  • Visit the nearest beach to wet and give your tiredness.
  • Visit the related monuments of Pancha Rathas.
  • Do shopping from local handicrafts items.
  • Check the local food in the restaurant to taste the cuisine of this location.
  • Take sufficient time to visit the Pancha Rathas properly.

Safety Concern When You Visit Pancha Rathas, India:

  • Keep yourself fast and smart in any tourist place. Pancha Rathas, located in a humid climate region. So the temperature is so hot, take enough precaution against this climate.
  • Carry a small bag, where put the essential water bottles, sunglasses, caps and other necessary things. That is an essential point to start a tour.

Pancha Rathas is a monument, which reinforces the greatness of the architectures and the cultures of India. Visit this splendid location and see the ancient period’s creatures. Along with the Pancha Rathas history, other monuments also have a history buff and enthusiastic architecture. The visitors would like to visit this place another time after visiting once. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pancha Rathas, India:

Q. How much need as the entrance fee of Pancha Rathas?

Answer: entrance fee varies from native to a foreigner. An Indian native gives 10 rupees per person, but as a foreigner give 250 rupees per person. We would like to share that; visiting time starts from 6 am to 6 pm. Around 2 or 3 hours need to visit the Pancha Rathas.

Q. What is the nearest restaurant to get quality food?

Answer: In Mahabalipuram town has some restaurant, from where the visitors get quality food. Such as Le Yogi, Sri Ananda Bhavan, Moonrakers, Mamalla Bhavan, L’Attitude etc. visitors would like to test the local food in these restaurants, though there has another food item also.

Q. What are the nearest attractive monuments in the Pancha Rathas?

Answer: Pancha Rathas is the most famous historical tourist place. In the nearest area has some other attractive monuments, those are also tourist point. Shore temple, Mahabalipuram beach, Sthalasayana Perumal temple etc. are the nearest attractions of Pancha Rathas.

Q. What are the five rathas of Pancha Ratha?

Answer: Due to its five ratha, it called Pancha Ratha. Draupadi Ratha, Arjuna Ratha, Dharma raja Ratha, Bhīma Ratha, Nakula-Sahadeva Ratha is the name of the included rathas in Pancha Ratha. The structure, designs, sculptures of five rathas different from each other.

Q. What is the optimum time to visit the Pancha Ratha?

Answer: Winter season is the best time to visit the Pancha Ratha, which means from November to March, is the best time. Another time also available to visit, but its humid climate does not favour the tour. Strictly prohibit the monsoonal time due to its heavy rainfall.