India has a vast history and rituals, which made its culture more visible. Various rulers ruled over India, in different ancient periods. Each ruler has some beautiful creature, and that’s why still now, we remember them. Purana Qila is also a beautiful creature of the emperor Humayun.

Purana Qila is one of the most excellent tourist points. Thousands of people come here to visit every year, from different parts of the world. It is the best historic place than others, those included in India. You must visit the most famous archaeological site of Purana Qila, to know the previous period’s cultures.

Why Should You Visit Purana Qila (New Delhi)?  

  • To be a witness of the ancient period of India.
  • To see the most historic and glorious building in Delhi.
  • To see the creature of Mughal periods of Indian History.
  • To know the emperor Humayun’s culture.
  • To see other related monuments of Purana Qila.
  • To pass a good day in Purana Qila.

The historic Purana Qila, located in Delhi, India and Emperor Humayun, is known as the builder of Purana Qila. Now, this is one of the best tourist sites in India. Purana Qila has its history, which makes it more unusual for us. The Mughal emperor Humayun built the Purana Qila in 1538 to 1545 times.

The Purana Qila fort located on the riverbank of Yamuna. That is a beautiful monument of red sandstone as well as marble carves materials. Every day it is getting opens from 7 am to 5 pm. The time duration for each visitor is 2 hours, which is enough to visit the Fort. You also take help from an experienced guide to know the previous history of Purana Qila.

History of Purana Qila (New Delhi), India:

Purana Qila is a beautiful monument of the ancient period built on the bank of Yamuna River. People said, this Fort built by the Pandavas at first, for their Indraprastha kingdom. The northern black polished ware found in 300 BC, which was the period of Mauryan. The earthen pottery surface, animals and humans terracotta figures etc. included in this ware. Sunga period came after the end of the Mauryan period and continued this black polished ware. Another significant point of the Sunga period was Yaksas and coins. In the Sakas and Kushans period, used copper currency instead of coins.

Purana Qila aka the Old Fort Delhi, India – History Etched in Stone

In the Rajput period, the buildings built with brickbats, mud bricks, and rubble. At last, after the ending of the Sultanate period came the most desired Mughal period. Humayun renovated the Purana Qila, in 1533 and took five years to complete the Fort. This Fort built in a small city of Din Panah, which located in Delhi. Sher Shah captured the building, by defeating Humayun, in the time of 1540. Then he named the Fort as Shergarh and ruled here over five years. Shah Jahan built the Lal Quila or Red Fort to shift his capital from Purana Qila. In the British period of 1920, Edwin Lutyens made the Rajpath connect with the Purana Qila.

After independence, this Fort used for the refugees’ camp, of those migrated from Pakistan. This Fort used as a refugee camp, still 1948 year. From the three gateways of Purana Qila, Bara Darwaza is still using by people. Each monument of this Fort has a mysterious history; of those are different from one another.

Exploring the Purana Qila (New Delhi), India:

India ruled by many rulers from ancient periods, and each ruler decorated their area with many architectural monuments. The great Purana Qila is such a type of creature. That is not a single building, some other large architectural buildings also included, as the part of Purana Qila. The Humayun Darwaza, the Talaqi Darwaza and the Bara Darwaza are the three most significant gates of Purana Qila. To build this creature used red sandstone, which was a very precious material at that time. Besides these, a masjid and a museum built here, as the part of Purana Qila.

Bara Darwaza or Main Entrance Gate Purana Qila
Bara Darwaza or Main Entrance Gate Purana Qila

Masjid followed a unique style, and the fusion of marble and sandstone made it more gorgeous looking. To reserve depicts of the Mughal era, a good number of artifacts reserved in that museum. Not only this but also have red Fort, Humayun’s tomb etc. to visit in the Purana Qila. By arranging a tour in Purana Qila, you can see the monuments also.

Things to See in Purana Qila (New Delhi), India:

  • National Zoological Park: National zoological park opened from the 1959 year, which built very near to the Old Fort in Delhi. This park is working as the reservation of 130 species animals and birds. Chimpanzees, zebras, migratory birds, giraffes, peafowl and other species included in this reservation. National Zoological Park also takes part, in the animal conservation program, with very success.
  • National Science Centre: National Science Centre established in 1992, and that is a science museum. Located at the Bhairon Road, The science lover visitors should visit this educational place. The entire exhibit halls help you to increase knowledge of the different parts of science. This museum started to increase knowledge among the students. 
Purana Qila, Delhi
  • Red Fort: Red Fort has a vital role in Indian history, emperor Shah Jahan constructed this Fort in 1639. The most important and valuable thing is the first place, where the Indian flag hoisted for the first time. The Prime Minister of India hoisted the flag here in every year. Red sandstone material gives the Fort much attractiveness.
  • Lodhi Garden: Lodhi garden covers the 90 acres land, which is a city park in Delhi. Located in the middle area of Khan Market and Safdarjung’s tomb in Lodhi road. In the garden premises, also have various tombs. People use it as a spot for the morning walk. Without any doubt, it must say it is a beautiful place.
  • India Gate: India Gate is a significant memorial part of India, which belongs to 70,000 soldiers of those martyred in the time of the First World War. Amar Jawan Jyoti is a place built for showing respect to the Indo- Pakistan war martyred, in 1971. Must make a trip to the Indian gate in Delhi and visit the glorious capital heritage.

When to Visit Purana Qila (New Delhi), India? 

October month to March month is the ideal time to visit the Purana Qila. Due to scorching heat, avoid Delhi to visit. The winter season is favorable at all sides for making a tour plan. The place Purana Qila opens from 7.00 is to 5.00 pm. Go to this place to visit any day of a week.

How to Get There to Visit Purana Qila (New Delhi)? 

At first, reach to Delhi, this is connected with all sides. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi Airport and it just 15 km far. By cab or taxi, you can go to the Fort. Also has a good connection with the bus and train route. Metro route also has to reach the nearest point of this spot.

Essential Tips to Visit Purana Qila, India:

  • Go to visit the Purana Qila at the peak time, to avoid the crowd. 
  • Make a tour plan in the winter season, to escape too hot.
  • Leave the Fort before evening time.
  • Take ointments to protect yourself from the mosquito.
  • Purana Qila connected in many ways, so chose the better way.
  • Take enough time to visit the nearest place of Purana Qila.
  • Hire a guide to know the history.
  • Keep in mind; you must pay to enjoy the light and sound programs.
  • You also pay to catch a video of this Fort.
  • Confirm your ticket before entering there.

Safety Concern When You Visit Purana Qila, India:

  • Get the scenery of Purana Qila through a video camera, but need to pay the charge. Keep in mind this secret.
  • To save you from mosquito bites, bring ointments or mosquito repellent. That is a big problem when you go there to visit in the evening time.

Purana Qila is the oldest Fort, which turned into a pleasant tourist point. The marvelous monuments of this, keep the glorious moments of before times. Learn many new and exciting things when you visit the Purana Qila. The other related monuments of Purana Qila, also give much satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Purana Qila (New Delhi), India:

Q. Is there have a good restaurant for food?

Answer: There have some well-known restaurants in the vicinity of Purana Qila. Their food quality and services are quite good. Lazeez Affaire, The Crystal, Occasion, Punjabi Express, and Cookie Man are some good quality restaurants. 

Q. Who built the glorious Fort of Purana Qila?

Answer: Purana Qila is the oldest and loveliest point for visiting purposes. The Mughal emperor Humayun is the builder of this marvelous building. Between the times of 1538 to 1545, Humayun built the Purana Qila.

Q. when arrange the light and sound show at Purana Qila?

Answer: Make the Purana Qila more gorgeous by arranging this light and sound showing program. Except for Friday, this program arranged all day, in Purana Qila. It is from 7 pm to 8 pm and from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. 

Q. How much need to enter and enjoy the light and sound show in the Purana Qila?

Answer: For entry, need 5 Rs. as Indian and 100 Rs as a foreigner. But to enjoy light and sound programs need to pay some extra fees. The ticket cost is 100 INR for adults. On the other hand, need 50 INR for the 3 to 12 age children.

Q. What is the ideal time to take a tour in the Purana Qila?

Answer: Between the times of October to March month, it is the best time to visit the Purana Qila. After March, the weather is too hot and not favor a tour program. Purana Qila opens from 7.0 am to 5.0 pm, all days in a week. For safety, you bring ointments to save from mosquito bites in the evening time.