Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

The largest quality pewter manufacturer in the world and in Malaysia is the Royal Selangor. The products made by the company are still maintaining the very same quality after Royal Selangor was initiated in 1885. A large number of homewares and different gift-items are sold globally and exported to over 15 countries. The items are made with the finest and skilled hands using tin, antimony and copper. The Royal Selangor Visitor Center is directly involved with the history of Malaysia.

History of Royal Selangor Visitor Centre:

Founded about 100 years back, the Royal Selangor is still the leading and the largest company in making pewter. The Royal Selangor Visitor Center is the museum that houses the century-long history of the Royal Selangor. The company – Royal Selangor makes decorative items for households using materials like tin, alloy, copper, antimony, silver and gold.

The prepared items are sold as gifts as well which the local and foreign tourists buy eagerly. Founded by a young Chinese immigrant to Malaysia, Yong Koon in 1885, the pewter products were made only for ceremonial or occasional use. After the colonization, the demand of the pewter products increased and he had to made tea serving sets, ashtrays and products of other designs based on necessity.

The handcraft store was rebranded with the name – Selangor Pewter. The pewter business in Malaysia boomed surprisingly during the 70s and 80 after it started exporting the products to different countries including the Japanese and European markets. To remember the centennial of the company, the largest pewter tankard was made in 1985 and has been exhibited in different countries. Currently, the Royal Selangor Visitor Center is divided into several sections and guided tours are available inside the museum building to completely understand the history of the company.

The museum also contains retail stores inside the building for the visitors to buy their desired housewares from the vast collection. The company also produces different products including desk accessories, tea sets, tankards, photo frames and many more gift items. The company runs 40 outlets beyond Malaysia including the UK and Japan, and exports in over 20 countries.

Travel Guide information of Royal Selangor Visitor Centre:

The Royal Selangor is located at Jalan Usahawan of Setapak Jaya in Kuala Lumpur, northwest of the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). It is accessible in different ways and routes. The visitors can use free-shuttle services from different hotels of Kuala Lumpur. Or, they also can hire a taxi service to reach the museum. It takes about 20 minutes from taxi if you ride from the KLCC. Besides, you can travel at the museum through Light Rapid Transport (LRT) system. Then you are to ride off at the Wangsa Maju station and then take a taxi again towards the Visitor Center.

Some Tips when you visit on Royal Selangor Visitor Centre:

You can take photograph or shoot video footage as per your necessity inside the museum except the restricted areas. Multi-lingual guided tours are available. Stroll down the retail stores to get some extra ordinary pewter. Do not leave your personal belongings to here and there for your security and leave your name and details to the lost and found department to get your lost stuffs.

Culture & Customs of Royal Selangor Visitor Centre:

The museum is opened from 9 am to 5 pm and seven days in a week. Though the entrance at the museum is free, you are to pay a little admission fee for attending workshops. The museum is under security surveillance, assist in maintaining the security. Appointments and reservations are unnecessary. Modern facilities like wheel chair entrance, parking, toilets, first aid etc. are available. School of Hard Knocks allows visitors to shape up their own pewter(s) at the museum.


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