Snowbombing is an annual snow and music festival held in the Austrian Ski resort of Mayrhofen. The Genre of this music festival is electronic dance music. So, it’s a DJ and electronic festival. Although this festival was first held in France, since 2005 the Tyrolean resort of Mayrhofen. If you are planning to enjoy your holiday into unusual places with an unusual atmosphere then this music festival is for you. Here is why.

What is Snowbombing Festival?

Snowbombing is an annual snow and music festival held in the Austrian Ski resort of Mayrhofen which combines winter sports with on-piste and après-ski music performances and themed parties in unusual locations. This DJ and electronic dance music festival is Europe’s biggest snow and music festival is a unique event and there is no show in this world matches to this one. 

Snowbombing festival, Mayrhofen
Snowbombing festival, Mayrhofen

Some Key Facts About Snowbombing Festival:

  • For the first few, this festival was held in the French Alps.
  • This festival added live acts in its bill that represent indie/rock music.
  • This festival arranges shows in very unusual locations like igloo villages, remote alpine farmstead, strees.
  • Snowbombing’s annual Road Trip through 5 different countries and ending in Mayrhofen is very famous.
  • The stunning view of snowbombing party venues bits everything.
  • As I said, this is not just a musical event, also has some winter sport spirits too.
  • This Festival doesn’t only offer music and parties, also comfort and luxury.
Snowbombing 2020 - Music Festival Wizard
Snowbombing 2020 – Music Festival Wizard

Snowbombing is one of the most unique festival in the world. Where else you will find a DJ party you can do snowboarding into? This festival puts life in the Mayrfen resort. Here you will not just find amazing music, live acts and snowboarding, also a backdrop of breathtaking alpine scenery, a friendly international road trip and many more. In brief, if you are looking for a cocktail holiday than Snowbombing better be in your bucket list.

What is the history of Snowbombing Festival?

The event has been running since 2000 when it was first held in Risoul in France as a way to revive the après-ski nightclub gym started by English promoters from Manchester called Out Out Ltd. For the first four years Snowbombing was held in the French Alpes as an après-ski nightclub promotional exercise. In 2005 the Festival was held in the resort of Mayrfen, Austria. Since then it has become an annual snow and music festival in Austria. Live acts that reflect the resurgence of indie/rock music were added to the festival in 2008.

Snowbombing Festival
Snowbombing Festival

The attendees of these festival, who are called ‘snowbombers’ are encouraged to dress in a fancy and unconventional way which presents a surreal and sarcastic effect to the festival. The Road Trip of this festival is not a race. It is more like a leisurely international drive from the UK to Mayrhofen which involves collecting points en route, an overnight ‘pit stop’ in Frankfurt, and an arrival procession in Mayrhofen. And then the music festival takes place. 

When is Snowbombing Festival Celebrated?

Every year on April, Snowbombing is celebrated. In 2022 this festival will take place on April, 5 Monday and end on April 10 Sunday. It starts with a road trip from United Kingdom and ends in Austria. However, for those looking to extend their magical time in the mountains, Fun Haus will be open some days before. When booking, you will have the option to extend your stay.

Best Places to Celebrate Snowbombing Festival?

The best places to stay in while celebrating this festival are Hotel Berghof, Hotel Neue Post, Hotel Strass and many more decent hotels. Also, people rent apartments for attendees to stay. The apartments are most budget-friendly but you must book them earlier.

Things to Do During Snowbombing Festival:

  1. Saunas and SpasAlpina Yoga
  2. Chairlift Speed Dating
  3. The SB Road Trip
  4. Snow-Olympics
  5. Paragliding

Essential Tips to help you enjoy Snowbombing Festival:

  • Arrange your accommodation early. You must book a hotel room or an apartment earlier if you want to stay in a decent place. Early booking is the best option because Europe’s biggest Music festival is gonna be really crowded.
  • If you are planning to ski in the festival, must take skiing costumes and warm clothes.
  • If you want to take the road trip, you can start from UK. If you don’t, just take a snowbombing airport transfer to Mayrfen from Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck.
  • Take a camera with you to capture the breathtaking sceneries of the venues of the festival.
  • Make sure you are prepared to face a large number of people. 
  • Take fancy costumes with you to join the parties. 
Mountain Festivals in the world
Snowbombing Festival, Austrian ski resort of Mayrhofen.

Safety Concerns During Snowbombing Festival: 

  • Just like any other place, travelling to a new, unfamiliar, unknown surroundings may have some safety concerns.
  • Make yourself familiar with people, their lifestyle and places so that you don’t become susceptible to potential dangers.
  • Make sure you have proper medical insurance. Sometimes the snowbombing becomes dangerous so thinking of the worst you might need a medical insurance. 
  • Be careful while skiing and skip risky turns on the snow.
  • Make sure you put your valuables in a safe place in order to not to lose them.
  • The resort of Mayrfen will really be crowded, take safety concerns so that you don’t put yourself in any danger.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snowbombing Festival:

Q. What if I can’t ski or Snowbombing Festival?

Answer: Don’t worry; a bunch of snowbombers has never been on the mountains before! It is a great opportunity to get up there and learn how to ski – they offer lessons from 2, 3 or 4 2-day sessions, skiing and snowboarding, and 1 to 4-hour private lessons per session.

Q. Where should I stay for Snowbombing Festival?

Answer: There are many good hotels and resorts in Mayrhofen. Hotel Berghof, Hotel Neue Post, Hotel Strass are some good options for you. You will find some rented apartments where you can stay too. 

Q. How do you get to Mayrhofen?

Answer: The main gateway airports for Mayrhofen are Innsbruck and Salzburg airports in Austria, and Munich international airport in Germany, which all have transfer times of between one and two hours. 

Q. Can I hire equipment in the Resort?

Answer: Yes, you can pre-book or rent of your equipment. Pre-booking is highly recommended, as we do not want you to switch and your options are limited. 

Q. Is there a minimum age required to attend Snowbombing Festival?

Answer: You must be at least 18 years old to book and go to Snowbombing. Snowbombing security personnel will request proof of identity document and anyone under the age of 18 will be denied entry to any Snowbombing licensed premises.