SXSW is an annual conference of similar films, interactive media, and music festivals in conjunction with conferences taking place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. SXSW is the stylized name of South by South West. It is a festival run by the company SXSW, LLC. This company organizes conference, trade shows, festival and other events. This festival creates an opportunity for creative people to develop their careers by bringing together people from around the globe to meet, learn and share fresh ideas. Every year this festival is expanding its events and an amazing fiesta to attend.

What is the SXSW Music Festival?

SXSW is the short form of South by South West, is an annual festival of parallel film, interactive media and music festival. Every year a company SXSW, LLC organizes this festival in Austin, Texas, USA. This festival is one of the most popular and spectacular festivals in USA. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discovery occurs when various topics and people meet. So, every year, it is expanding and over 10 million people join this festival to create and share creativity and to enjoy them.

SXSW Music Festival
SXSW Music Festival, Austin, USA

Some Key Facts About SXSW Music Festival:

  • SXSW is the largest popular music festival of its kind in the world.
  • SXSW Music offers music samples provided by artists and videos of artists included in each festival through their official YouTube channel.
  • The SXSW Film Festival takes place for nine days, at the same time as the SXSW Film Festival, and celebrates new and emerging talent in and behind the camera.
  • They focus SXSW Interactive on emerging technology. The festival includes a trade show, speakers, bands and a launch amplifier.
  • SXSW is the largest fundraising event outside of sports and other events affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin for the Austin economy.
  • You can be a registrant (buy your official badge on or can attend the free shows in this festival.
  • This music festival was first inaugurated in 1987.

SXSW Music Festival, USA – A Short Overview:

SXSW is a festival that brings together Creative music, film and interactive media. Every year it is expanding. Last year over 20 million people attended several events of this festival, which proves how popular it is. This festival is giving performers a chance to prove themselves and discovering raw talents. Also, it has a great impact on Austin economy. Creative TV shows are being made, music is being discovered and celebrated. It is not just a cultural festival. It is a very meaningful festival too.

History of SXSW Music Festival?

In July 1986, New York City music event organizers contacted Roland Swenson, who works for the Austin Chronicle, talking about planning an extension of that festival into Austin, thereafter announced they would hold a new music seminar Southwest. The plans did not materialize, so Swenson organized a local music festival, with the help of two other people at the Chronicle. They are the editor and the co-founder Louis Black, and the publisher Nick Barbaro. Louis Meyer, a booking agent and musician, was also brought on board. Black came up with the name, as a play on the name of the Alfred Hitchcock film North by Northwest. While Southwest South is a real point on campus, Southwest is not.

SXSW Music Festival
SXSW Music Festival, Austin, USA

The event was first held in March 1987. The organizers considered it a regional event and expected to attend about 150 people, but more than 700, and Black became national soon. Meyers left Austin and the festival in the early 1990s, but Black, Barbaro and Swisson remain as the key organizers of the festival since 2010.

When is the SXSW Music Festival?

From 1987, in the middle of the march, this festival takes place. This festival / conference has been active for 33 years. They celebrate the festival for 10 days. Interactive media conference lasts for 5 days, music festival for 7 days and film festival for 9 days. In 2022 this Festival starts from March 14.

SXSW Music Festival
SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, United States.

What are the Best Places to Celebrate the SXSW Music Festival?

Well, this multi-media festival takes place in Austin, Texas, USA. If want to attend the SXSW conference you have to go to Austin. In Austin convention center, Paramount Theatre, Zach Theatre, SXSW Film Theater, Stateside Theatre, Rollins Theatre at The Long Center, Alamo Lamar, Alamo Ritz, JW Marriott–Griffin Hall, Violet Crown Cinema this multi media conferences take place.

Essential Tips to Help you Enjoy the SXSW Music Festival:

  • First, arrangement of staying in a decent place before going the festival.
  • Be ready with a battle plan. Make a schedule of events you want to attend.
  • As SXSW takes over downtown Austin, there is so much you can do and access even without a badge. If you are clear on your goals for going, and they are more centric on making meaningful connections.
  • As SXSW grows in popularity each year, attendance gets more and more competitive. The best way to ensure your spot is to register early and book any places you like ahead of time.
  • Don’t be so fixated on SXSW-sponsored activities and parties — get out and enjoy the city, because chances are, if you are in line waiting for a lunch, many other folks in that line are SXSW attendees as well!
  • It’s best to be ready to set meetings in advance — it’s a brilliant opportunity to make some powerful connections, and you’ll want to connect with as many people as possible. Just be sure to screen them carefully prior to your meeting. It’s an excellent idea to hire someone dedicated to this role.
SXSW Music Festival US
SXSW Music Festival USSXSW Music Festival USSXSW Music Festival, Austin – USA

Safety Concerns During the SXSW Music Festival:

  • First-timers should know that SXSW is massive. It’s now a landmark event for multiple industries with tens of thousands attending. The size means you can get lost in the shuffle.
  • Since, over 20 million people will attend the conference, and there are always thieves looking for opportunities in the crowd, keep your valuables in a safe place.
  • Know where you are.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry details of any medications and allergies with you.
  • Remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Travel in pairs or groups when walking. If you end up losing your team, point out the meeting point or tell someone where you plan to be.

Most Asked Questions About the SXSW Music Festival:

Q. What does SXSW Mean?

Answer: South by South West.

Q. What is the purpose of SXSW?

Answer: The purpose of SXSW is to create an opportunity for creative people to develop their careers by bringing together people from around the globe to meet, learn and share ideas.

Q. What are the dates of SXSW 2022?

Answer: The expected SXSW Music 2022 dates are March 14 to 20.

Q. How much does SXSW cost?

Answer: For SXSW 2019 the ticket prices range from $825 to $1150 (for early tickets) and will increase over time to $1325 to $1650 for a walk-up ticket. See SXSW for more info Attend the 2019 SXSW Conference & Festivals.

Q. Can anyone go to SXSW?

Answer: Unlike other festivals, SXSW covers the entire city of Austin, Texas. There are two ways you can attend the 10-day festival. You can buy an official badge at or you can go to the unofficial shows for free.