Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is the highest mountain and a major attraction for tourists in Hong Kong with the altitude of 552 meters. Commoners term it as the Peak and radio communications facilities are installed on the peak, and thereby, closed for public access. You can enjoy the multi-colorful night scenes from the Victoria Peak’s Peak Garden.  

History of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong:

Europeans were attracted in the locality for the view in the early 19th century. The moderate climate is another cause for attracting foreigners and travelers in the Peak. The development of the Peak began in 1888 after the Peak Tram (functioned with cables). For the commencement of tram, residences increased in the Peak and were reserved as an exclusive residential area for the non-Chinese population. The tram was also reserved for such use of the non-Chinese in the same way. Currently, having a residence at the Peak would cost you more than it was 30 years back for the development and urbanization.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

About seven million people visit the Peak annually in Hong Kong for witnessing the outstanding view of Hong Kong city and Victoria Harbour – that is the busiest harbor in Hong Kong serving round the year. Visitors can also use coin-operated telescope to enjoy the city view. The panorama view from Victoria Peak is famous in the world that the locals are also never bored of the viewing the same for years. The Peak provides a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong from its top.

During the daytime, the view from the top not that much attractive- only a crowd of high-rise buildings, but in night the view looks like a fairy tale world from the pavilion. The Peak Tram is a historic element and a heritage of the Peak that has experienced changes of the city for over a century.

Travel Guide information of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong:

To reach the Victoria Peak, take bus 15C from Central pier. Or you can ride on the MTR, get off at Central Station, take the exit J2, and walk a few moments. Then take a pleasant eight-minute tram ride that has been functioning for over 100 years without a single accident in its travel log. The seven-storied ship-shaped building is the peak tower.     

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Tips for planning your Victoria Peak Hike:

Best time to hike: Not in the summer—the heat and humidity will kill you. The cool winter and spring months are ideal.
What to take: Lots of water, a hat, sunblock, mosquito repellant, toilet paper.
What to wear: Running shoes are fine; hiking boots not required.
Alternative routes: If you reach the top and are too tired to hike down, you can take the Peak Tram down, or take Bus 1 or Bus 15 from the Bus Terminal at the Peak Galleria down to Central.
Pro tip: You can combine a hike (read: ride) up Victoria Peak with a visit to the Hong Kong Madame Tussaud’s, Stone Slabs Streets, rides on historic trams, and plenty of chances to sample local food by taking this cultural tour of Central and Victoria Peak.

Culture & Customs of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong:

Plenty of shopping malls and outlets are dominating in the Peak. Usually the tram queues are crowded during the peak hours, keep patience. Observation deck may not provide you a clearer view all the time for climatic conditions. Taking picture inside the tram is a type of addiction for some of the visitors. The tram runs between 7.00 am to midnight and costs about HK$ 28 for the adults and HK$11 for kids and senior citizens (one way).

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Transport/ Getting Around in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong:

Today, Victoria Peak is world-famous for offering fabulous panoramic views of Hong Kong. There are many ways to get to Victoria Peak.

By the Peak Tram: The most popular option is to catch the Peak Tram from the Lower Terminus. The Peak Tram operates from 7am to 12 midnight and it takes only seven minutes to get to the top. Provided that the waiting line is short, this is the quickest way to get to Victoria Peak.

More often than not, the queue for Peak Tram at the Lower Terminus is terribly long, sometimes up to 2 hours! This is partially because travel agents with big tour groups typically have priority access to the Peak Tram. Consequently, the wait becomes frustrating. Our tip is to give the upward tram ride a miss and use the Peak Tram for the return trip instead. The waiting line for Peak Tram at the Upper Terminus is usually shorter, as most of these big tour groups would head back to the city by coach buses.

Alternatively, try taking a taxi or a bus to Victoria Peak!

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

By Taxi: Taxi drivers should go strictly by the meter in Hong Kong. A taxi ride from Central to Victoria Peak takes around 20 minutes and the taxi fare is around HK$100.

By Bus 15 from Central Bus Terminus: If you are up for an adventure, we suggest taking Bus 15 from Central Bus Terminus. Many locals adore this option in part due to the scenic and thrilling bus ride. Here are the details:

To begin, take the MTR to Central Station. Once you get to Central Station, head for Exit A. Next, look across and you’ll find a bus interchange on street level. That’s where you’ll find Bus 15!