Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

In case you go to France for home or just travel, going to festivals is a great way to immerse yourself in French culture. So if you want a fun cultural fix, check your diary about the significant events of France.

And one of the world’s most famous film festivals is Cannes Film Festival. Here undoubtedly all the film-related persons will want to head in.

Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

What is Cannes Film Festival?

Festival de Cannes is one of the most impressive film festival. It is an international festival held in Cannes, France annually. This festival is for previewing new films of all genres, together with documentaries, from all around the world. It’s famous for many reasons; some of them are-to be in the flashy and high-class Mediterranean resort; the place is full of stars, and the whole settlement is really energetic with excitement. So you will definitely see those stars when you are here – either in the city or on the red carpet. The Cannes film festival is a non-stop merry-go-round of cinemas, stars, interviews and parties for twelve days long each year. More than 20,000 people are officially recognized in the festival every year. It first opened in 1946 and has grown famous gradually during these days. You can’t “go” to the Cannes Film Festival unless you’re allowed to qualify. Sure you can visit the Cannes during the Festival, but in reality all you will see is a bunch of important “indulgences” roaming the badges.

Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

Some Key Facts about the Festival De Cannes, 2021, France:

  • The prominent reward given to Cannes by the Palme d’Or (“Gold Palm”) for best film
  • It takes place usually in May every year
  • The usual residents of Cannes are about 73.700 inhabitants, but it swells to over 200.000 people throughout the festival.
  • The total length of red carpet is 2km, unraveled over the duration of the festival; they change carpets three times a day.
  • The number of journalists who attended the festival last year made Cannes the second major media event after the Olympics.
  •  The word in the Cannes Film Festival “Cannes” pronounced as “CAN” and not “CANS”
  • There are over 450 cameras everywhere and not to mention with the surveillance cameras filming the town each second in an entire day
  • The first yearly Cannes Film Festival opens at the resort city of Cannes on the French Riviera.
  • The Cannes Film Festival is all about glamour, fashion, trend and excitement.
Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

In terms of worldwide affects, one of the worlds’s most widely publicized and important event is Festival de Cannes. Celebrating, developing and expanding cinema on a global scale, or promoting film details is one of the aims or objectives of this festival. To state clearly its purpose is to promote the development of film art in all its forms and to maintain a spirit of cooperation among all film-producing countries. The red carpet of this festival draws the most of media attentions. Every year, at this festival, artists come from all over the world to give their own version of the world of today and tomorrow, creating a world map of films. And it all started in 1946; more than a year after the Second World War, the very first edition of the International Film Festival was born in Cannes.

Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

The History of the Festival De Cannes, France:

The festival should stir up trouble in September 1939, but the outbreak of World War II forced the abolition of the founding into Cannes. Prior to 1939 Jean Zay, Minister of Education and Fine Arts, had a desire to use the French cultural event to compete with the International Venice Film Festival. And then the first Cannes International Film Festival opened on 20 September 1946, at the resort city of Cannes on the French Riviera where 18 nations were represented. The Cannes Film Festival stumbled upon its initial years; they canceled the 1948 and 1950 festivals for economic reasons.

Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

The Americans supported the festival and the British, but for quite a few years Cannes and Venice competed. In 1951 they reached an agreement to host the Cannes Film Festival in May and the Venice Film Festival in the fall. The Festival International du Film de they took Cannes as the most prominent film festival In the 1950s. The Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) was formed in 1955 and was awarded until 1963 when it was replaced by a distinctive award (Grand Prix du Festival International du Film). they restored it In 1975. Other productions include the most successful commercial and commercial film in 1959. There were political difficulties in organizing this festival even after it was stopped in 1968 to give sympathy to the student riots. The Palais des Festivals et des Congres was built to host the festival In 1983. Although many haves criticized it as excessively commercial but each May more than 30,000 people come to Cannes only to attend the festival almost 100 times the number of filmmakers who showed the first Cannes in 1946.

When is the Festival De Cannes, 2021, France?

As it is an annual festival, usually it takes place in May every year. Though at the initial years it was in a competition with the Venice Film Festival, but then an agreement was made between in these two festivals. After that, 2021 Cannes Film Festival will begin on Tuesday, July 6 and ends on Saturday, July 17.

Where to Celebrate the Festival De Cannes, 2021, France?

From the beginning they chose Cannes to celebrate this festival at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. It is located at a walking distance from Cannes Train Station. For 12 long days the festival is full of glamour, fashion, spotlight and trend to make in this beautiful location.

Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

Essential Tips to Enjoy the Cannes Film Festival, 2021, France:

  • Look around overnight at the beach, multiple parties, and a list of VIP packages you can purchase to import to some of the most special parties of the year
  • Never leave your accommodation to the last minute because the festival may be huge, but Cannes isn’t. so book in advance to avoid missing out completely.
  • It is possible for you to apply for a free EHIC card if you are a member of the EU because this card will permit you to take benefit of state-provided healthcare in France.
  • Carry your Passport with you as the festival’s security is tight during the event, it will help you give a recognizable proof.
  • Attend a festival screening, preferably a red-carpet gala. 
  • Don’t just stay in hotels and hang out at yachts, go to several places.
  • Wear something impressive or you won’t have time to get in.
  • You shouldn’t miss the festival foods.
  • Be humble and do some donations.
  • Take care of yourself because the festival will be a hectic event.
Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

Safety Concerns During the Festival, 2021, France:

  • Take some usual safety measures before your trip to the festival
  • Even before booking your flights, make sure you buy your ticket and travel document to the festival!
  • Put your assets in a secure position.
  • Always keep your passport or EHIC card safe with you.
  • As the festival is a hectic place, have patience.
  • Make sure you get adequate medical support and are on medication or medical insurance.
  • Try to respect everyone as people from different countries and cultures will come to the festival.
Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

Other Things to Do During the Festival:

  • Spend your morning with a leisurely walk through the Marché Forville,a  pannier full of local produce.
  • A short boat trip from the mainland brings you to Sainte Marguerite .
  • Spend your evening at The Vieux Port to watch reflected lights from the stylish bars and restaurants dancing on the water.
  • You can watch a film on the beach at cinema de la Plage.
  • Wander around at La Croisette, a great place to admire Cannes’ sculptures.
  • Walk the narrow streets of Le Suquet alk around the neighborhood, overlooking the old port.
Cannes International Film Festival, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cannes Film Festival, France:

Q. What Is The Cannes Film Festival?

Answer:  it is an annual film festival to previews films, documentaries, short films and all.

Q. where is the Cannes Film Festival takes place?

Answer: It takes place in the beautiful French Riviera town of Cannes every year.

Q. What Is the Alternative Title for Festival de Cannes?

Answer: they know it in English as the Cannes Film Festival.

Q. When Was the First Cannes Film Festival Held In France?

Answer: In 1946, they held the first festival in France.

Q. Can Anyone Enter The Cannes Film Festival?

Answer:  The public cannot but tickets for this festival because it is only for film professionals.

Q. What Should I Wear to the Cannes Film Festival?

Answer: You must have a Red-Carpet dress. It’s a Must-have dress.