United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC

Divided into three parts, the United States of America Holocaust Memorial Museum is located on 1.9 acres of lands in the Washington DC to commemorate the memory of Holocaust. It was dedicated for the people who died in the Holocaust and was opened in 1933. It is serving as the Holocaust Museum in the USA. It is also used for study, interpretation and documentation of the Holocaust history. Another aim of the museum is to raise sense among the citizens to prevent genocide and uphold the dignity as a human being.        

History of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

To commemorate the deaths, sacrifices of the millions and horrific events during the World War II, when the Nazis ruled over Germany, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was dedicated in Washington, DC in 1933. It was the cause of extinction of six million Jews in Germany by 1933 to 1945. The museum is used as the national museum for Holocaust and provided information about Holocaust regarding study, research or documentation of the history. The Holocaust museum is divided into three parts. The parts are – Nazi Assault, Final solution and Last Chapter. Visitors are to hold and identity card containing a real person’s name who was killed or died during the Holocaust by Nazis or by their associates.

The exhibition contains multimedia footage, photographs, artifacts and other documents and installations. The guests and visitors are informed about the fate of the people with their identity cards. The Hall of Remembrance is a hexagonal room and represents the six pointed Star of David and Jews who died during the event. It is a nice place for meditation, prayer or candle lighting remembering the Holocaust victims. The operation costs of the Holocaust museum is provided by the USA government and a notable portion is received as donations from private sources. Currently, about over 170,000 members are included with the museum and local office of are also established in large cities of the USA. Over 30 million visitors and guests across the globe have so far visited the museum after its inception in 1933.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC

Like the real museum venue, the web presence of the museum is also noticed globally. Among the collection of the Holocaust Museum, 49 million pages of documents, over 12,700 artifacts, video footages, historical testimonies and 80,000 historical photographs, 200,000 registered survivors etc. are notable.               

Travel Guide information of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Youcan travel to the United States Holocaust Museum from different locations of the USA. Metrorail is the best way to reach the museum. You can ride at the metro from different parts and get off at Washington, use the Exit I or 12th Street Exit from the metro station, walk shortly through the constitutional avenue, and you are there. The Museum is located adjacent to the National Mall. You can also use taxicab service or bus to reach there.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC

Some Tips when you visit on United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is opened round the year except September 22 and December 25. The exhibitions are open for all from 10 am to 5.20 pm. To avoid crowd and rush in the entry queue, you may reserve your admission tickets in advance on online and admission is free for all. An information desk is at your service during the museum hours.        

Culture & Customs of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

TheMuseum organizes different public programmes like concerts, exhibitions, plays, and specials events. To protect the artifacts, the museum temperature is low. Every visitor should go through the security scanner and taking foods or beverages is disallowed. The authority does not allow capturing inside images or sounds with audio-visual equipments, and photography is forbidden (flash-less photos are exception). Entry after scheduled hours is not guaranteed. Touching or scratching of the artifacts is strictly forbidden in the museum as that may permanently damage the specific collection.           

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC
Transport/ Getting Around in United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

The Museum is fully accessible to visitors who use mobility assistive devices. 

  • Elevators are available to access all floors.
  • Ramps are available where there is a change in floor height.
  • Wheelchairs are available as needed from the coat check on the main floor of the Museum. Ask at the information desk when you arrive.
  • Accessible restrooms are available on every floor of the Permanent Exhibition and on the Museum’s lower level.

Visitors may be dropped off on the 14th Street side of the building for easier access to the building by car. There is no public parking at the Museum.