Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

The largest weekend market covering 27 acres of lands is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is locally the market is known as Jatujak Market. The entire weekend market is separated into 27 sections. Sellers and goods across Thailand participate in the market. This is a very popular shopping center in the Thailand and contains about 15,000 selling booths. It is also a popular destination in Thailand and about 200,000 people visit the market every day.

History of Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Chatuchak – the largest weekend market covers an area of 27 acres in Thailand and is a very popular destination for the tourists and locals to buy and sell goods. The market is so popular that about 200,000 visitors browse the market every day (in the market open days) to buy their necessaries.

Most of the stuffs sold here are in local price and produced in local factories across the Thailand. Among the stuffs one can both used and fresh items including books, clothes, pets, ceramic wares, antique wood pieces, handicrafts, plants, dolls and many more. The marketplace is always crowded as everything is found at reasonable price. The market also has ATM booths and foreign exchange booths for the foreign the ease of buying of the foreign visitors.

There is also food court available to take light refreshment where one can have fruits, seafood etc. In the market, items are sold section-wise. In the section 1, you can have sacred and secular artifacts and antiques, Thai musical instruments including flutes, drums and whistles. Among the dominating items in Chatuchak, clothing is on top beginning at Section 8, the clothing stores ends at Section 24. Be noted that the clothing stores are on the even numbered sections.

You can get all forms of clothing here including to sophisticated formal dresses to cowboy attires. Besides, jewelery and stone sections of the market are also rich in items. Thai-styled foods and beverages are available in the food stalls, food courts and restaurants. The market is also specializes in housewares. The Chatuchak also deals in pets which may seem queer to many, and you can also have gardening and planting options as well.

Travel Guide information of Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Getting to Chatuchak is too easy even for the strangers as there are different ways and transportation mode to reach the market. The best way is to ride on skytrain. Besides, you can take metro, buses or car rental service or taxicabs towards Chatuchak market. If you are on Metro, take the Chatuchak park exit number 1, and if you are in Kamphaeng Phet, use the exits 1 and 2. If you ride on subway, ride off at Mo Chit and take exit 1.

Some Tips when you visit on Chatuchak Weekend Market:

If you want to avoid crowd, rush and heat, it is wise to reach the market before or by 10.00 am. Although the prices of the products in the market are cheaper, you can have a better deal if you bargain about the products with the seller. Fake antiques are also available and remain aware of that as the copies are almost similar to the real one and special permissions are needed to take the antique in out of Thailand. Be aware about pickpockets.

Culture & Customs of Chatuchak Weekend Market:

The Chatuchak is opened from 9.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm in Saturday and Sunday only. But the shops may open a bit earlier as like by 9.00 am. Friday is day for the wholesalers as they gather here and buy necessary items at wholesale rate, but you can also do regular shopping on the day. In Wednesday and Thursday, you can have the garden and plants section open and the selling stalls open by early morning on the days – 7.00 am and runs till 6.00 pm.


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