China contains about over 50 ethnic groups those are scattered across the country and it is almost impossible to get an overview of the groups at a time for the foreigners and visitors in China. The China Folk Culture Village is the Theme Park showcasing the miniatures of popular sights and locations after their geographical position and also exhibits the customs and trends of the ethnic societies. This is the only tourist place that may provide you the taste of Traditional China in its 494 acres of lands.

History of China Folk Culture Village:

China Folk Cultural Village is located in the Splendid China at the Overseas Chinese Town and contains replicas of the noted spots and ethnic societies of China at one place. The replicas and models of different popular establishments are placed according to their geological locations. The Village is the place to learn and see China at a glance.

The entire area of the Village is about 200,000 square meters and contains over 20 cottages to welcome the visitors and guests. The park was opened in August of 1991 and contains architecture, culture, and folk arts of the ethnic minorities. After the inception, the park is visited by millions of tourists and natives and the number was over four million in the first year of its operation.

China Folk Culture Villages
Map – China Folk Culture Villages

The dwelling cottages have been re-constructed following the originals structures but are placed in different cultural setting than their respective culture. The artifacts exhibited inside the house are the real ones and brought form their original sources. Participants of the ethnic villages inside the park are appointed on certain conditions to represent the exact culture, customs, behavior and skills of the specific ethnic society.

The village inhabitants, to exhibit the traditional lifestyle of the respective ethnic groups, perform the traditional songs using their traditional musical instruments, dance, and make artifacts using the traditional materials. But few of the events are modified for the tourists.

China Folk Culture Villages
China Folk Culture Villages

The miniature models of popular Chinese structures are made after through researches with skilled hands so that they look like the real ones. The natural environment inside the park is also very wonderful and a perfect place to relax.   

Travel Guide information of China Folk Culture Village:

The Splendid China and the China Folk Culture Villages are located in Overseas Chinese Town and almost in the heart of Shenzhen in Guangdong, China. The area is well accessible in different travelling ways including bus and taxi services. Besides, subway service is also available. If you are on subway, ride on the line 1 and get off at the Overseas Chinese Town Station, use the Exit D, take a short walk, you can see the entrance.

China Folk Culture Villages
Temple of Heaven, Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

If you prefer public bus service, ride one the sightseeing bus, no. 1 or 101 and get off at the Splendid China stoppage. Or to avoid troubles, hire a taxi from anywhere of the town and that will not cost you over 50 Chinese Yen. It is almost 30 or 35 minutes ride for train and bus.     

Some Tips when you visit on China Folk Culture Village:

The China Folk Village demonstrates the ethnic cultures of China, so you can take a seat to enjoy the shows. Having delicious local snacks and foods from the outlets is another way to enjoy the trip and to learn about the traditional Chinese foods inside the Folk Village. Travelling the Folk Village during the festival times is the best way to feel the compassion of the ethnic minorities. But be aware before riding the taxi, ask the driver to turn on the meter.

China Folk Culture Villages

Culture & Customs of China Folk Culture Village:

Usually the China Folk Culture Village is opened from 10am to 9.30pm, and for the weekdays it is opened from 9.30am to 9.30pm. Regarding the national holidays, the Village is opened from 9am to 9.30pm for the visitors. The visitors are to buy tickets for entrance at the Village that may cost 180 Chinese Yen (CNY) and it is a CNY 90 for kids under 1.5 meters height, and it is free for senior citizens above 70 years. The China Folk Village is one of the largest scenery parks and China Travel Services is assigned to run and maintain the park.

Transport/ Getting Around in China Folk Culture Village:

Accessible through public or sightseeing bus, subway and taxi service.