DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, Macau

Cotai Strip resort is another favorite destination in Macau, China, where the visitors can experience different animation characters of DreamWorks studio. Most of the popular animation characters of different animation movies are present here to accompany the guests and visitors in the resort and the resort is also decorated well with the theme for the characters undergo in the movies. When visitors are on the resort, they are able to get in touch with the featured characters of different box office successful animation movies of the DreamWorks studio. This is a unique attraction for the visitors in China and particularly for the kids.      

History of DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts:

If you have kids and travelling through Macau in China, and looking for a family-friendly visiting place, fun and luxurious rooms in the city, the Cotai Strip resort is the perfect place for you stay in the country. The experience you will have in the resort is truly an unforgettable one in your entire life. You will meet the DreamWorks studio featured animated characters in your real life. You will see that animated characters in life-size form of Shrek, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar among others are waiting for you.

DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, Macau

They are at the resort to accompany you and your kids in real life until you leave the resort. A daily parade occurs every day in participation of the all DreamWorks characters, and there are room packages too. The guests are lucky that they can meet the characters and have interactions with them. You have chances to participate in the breakfast with Shrek and his fairytale friends at the resort and the breakfast will be served to you as you are like a king. The breakfast is known as the Shreakfast and you can also get the favorite foods of the characters on the menu and it is available for all ages of people which is a unique experience. Usually the guests are provided with two Shearfasts.

DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, Macau

The event begins with a performance of the DreamWorks characters who enter into the restaurant through a stage and start interacting with the invited visitors and guests. The resort is supported by the Tourist Office of the Macau Government with the alliance of DreamWorks Animation and Sands China Ltd. The resort began its journey in July of 2013. In the opening ceremony of the resort, it invited children of about over 200 low-income families.

Travel Guide information of DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts:

You can travel to Cotai Strip resort in Macau, China through different routes and ways. The city is accessible through air, land and water ways. If you are on air, you can take bus to reach the Cotai Strip resort, or you can also take water transports like jet ferries. Besides, you can hire taxis from any part of Macau to reach the resort. Besides, there are different ferry terminals in the city which is another convenient way to reach there from Hong Kong.

Some Tips when you visit on DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts:

Among the several transportation mode, riding on bus is cost effective. If you are on taxi, ask the driver to start the meter. Outsides foods are not allowed on the Shreakfast. Make sure your kids are with you all the time and not damaging anything of the resort. Be careful about them or they may get lost in the crowd. Movie nights are held in every weekend, do not miss the chances (if you are staying till or on the weekend). 

DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, Macau

Culture & Customs of DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts:

The resort is unique one and the staying guests do not need to go outside for entertainment. The available entertainment issues are amazing and worth to pass some quality times. The Shreakfast coupon is 100 HK$ for per person and is open for all from 10am to 11.30 am. The all star parade is held on daily basis. Parking is available but you are to park your car all by yourself. The resort is best for family entertainment.

Ongoing DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, Macau, China Activities:

This holiday season guest at Sands Resorts Cotai Strip Macao will also be able to enjoy a range of ongoing DreamWorks Experience activities including the Shrekfast Character Breakfast with the DreamWorks Gang or they can celebrate their special day with DreamWorks Experience Birthday Parties, both of which begin with a DreamWorks Animation character performance on stage, followed by the characters interacting with guests where they dine. Guests can also enjoy the DreamWorks Experience All Star Parade (Seasonal Themed) where everyone will get the chance to meet their favourite DreamWorks characters. Dressed in special seasonal costumes and singing carols, characters from several DreamWorks movies will entertain kids and grownups as they parade around Level 2 of Shoppes at Cotai Central every day from 4 p.m.