Happy Valley is a famous horse racing location in Hong Kong located between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai where crowd turn wild with the extraordinary performance of the horse jockey. People usually come here to gamble on horse races and it is considered as one of the oldest architectural sites in Hong Kong. The entire area was swampy before the racecourse creation. Now this is an internationally recognized location where the locals are the favorite spectators.

History of Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong:

Being one of the oldest architectural sites, the Happy Valley has gained international reputation for the racecourse where horse races occur in Hong Kong. It was founded in mid 1840s to provide entertainment to the British by horse race. Before it turned into racecourse, it was a marshland, the very first race occurred in 1846, and now it is a favorites racing venue. Horseracing is vital source of Hong Kong’s economy. Usually the racing season begins in September and continues until June of the next year, and races occur twice in a week.

Happy Valley Racecourse

The first race of the week starts in Wednesday and the later one is on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Admission is not free inside the racecourse. You are to pay HK$ 10 for the entrance. It can accommodate about 55,000 people. The racing tracks are advanced with gigantic computer screen. The race card information and betting is displayed on the giant computer screen. Usually there are seven or eight races held in every race days and the break among the races is about half an hour.  Happy Valley also houses the Horse-Racing Museum of Hong Kong.

The Horse-Racing Museum contains the history of horseracing and different types of harnesses and stories are displayed there. There are different stands in the racecourse ground including the general stand, second floor terrace, private boxes etc. and they require different entry fee for each. A collapse of a temporary grandstand in February 1918 resulted in fire killed about 590 people in the racecourse. The Leisure and Cultural Service Department of Hong Kong also runs football, hockey and rugby facilities in the inner filed of the racecourse.         

Travel Guide information of Happy Valley Racecourse:

Causeway Bay is the nearest convenient MTR station to Happy Valley Race course. You also have to take a 20-minute walk from the station to reach the racecourse gate. You can also take taxi to reach easily. But using the trams is the most economic way that costs only HK$2. If you are on trams, get down at the Happy Valley Tram Terminus.   

Some Tips When you Visit on Happy Valley Racecourse:

Never ever use camera using flash as the flashing severely damages concentration of the racing horses and photography thereby is forbidden inside of the race ground. You can also visit cinema or souvenir shops at the horseracing museum to avoid monotony. To see the horses closer, you can get a tourist ticket spending HK$ 10.You can also get your racing outfits at a cheaper rate from the adjacent stores.    

Culture & Customs of Happy Valley Racecourse:

This is one of the two racecourses in Hong Kong for horseracing. Usually the Wednesday nights are the racing nights when all the public and members attend to watch and gamble on the races. The seven storey stands allow over 50,000 spectators to quench their thirst to horse race. The four-galleried horse museum is located on the second floor and exhibits different histories and events of the racecourse and one can go there with proper manner. On the race stands, you can have fun and wilderness during the races. 

Transport/ Getting Around in Happy Valley Racecourse:

You can use bus, tram or taxi services to reach the Happy Valley racing ground. Taking taxi would cost you not more than HK$ 10 from your hotel. Riding tram is economic for the visitors as well and the fair is HK$2.