Hollywood Road is a street lies between Central and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong Island. This is the second road that was built during the Hong Kong colony foundation but the first one to be completed. Interestingly, the road was founded in 1844 even before the Hollywood in California was formed. It was named by the second governor of Hong Kong.    

History of Hollywood Road, Hong Kong:

Named by Sir John Francis Davis- the second governor of Hong Kong during the colonization, the Hollywood Road was constructed in 1844 – long before the formation of Hollywood in California, USA and now is the most important commerce center of the city. The road was also built by the Royal Engineers who also built the major other roads of the country.  

Hollywood Road - Best Tourist Attractions & Destinations in Hong Kong
Hollywood Road – Best Tourist Attractions & Destinations in Hong Kong

The road as adjacent to the coastline about 100 years back as the foreign traders and sailors used to sell their goods during their return to Europe – particularly antiques and since then, the place has become a popular antique marketplace in entire Hong Kong Island. The road has also served a shooting spot for Hollywood movies. There was also a Union Church founded in 1844 and also taught English and Chinese to the locals on Sunday morning and afternoon. All forms of top quality antiques are available in the market including Chinese furniture to porcelain wares, memorabilia to modern pieces.

Hollywood Road - Best Tourist Attractions & Destinations in Hong Kong

It is now a contemporary at district in Hong Kong and the first art gallery was opened in 1987. There is also a Man Mo Temple in the Hollywood Road which is commonly used for worshipping for as better result in the examination. The galleries, shops selling antiques, and western cafes and pubs have combined the old and new. It is a fovourite place for the locals as well as the east and west has met here. One cannot realize what real Hong Kong Spirit is unless visiting the Hollywood Road.  

Travel Guide information of Hollywood Road, Hong Kong:

One can easily go to the Hollywood Road. For that, you are to go at the MTR central station and then take the exit 2. After getting out of the station, take a turn into your right side that will take you to the Theatre Lane. Then walk along the Queen’s Road central leading to the Center. Then take Central Mid – Levels Escalator and finally you will reach Hollywood Road.

Some Tips when you visit on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong:

Do not forget to bring cash money to buy antiques, and it is a good idea to bargain with the dealers. Since the road is suitable for walk and there are some staircases, put on comfortable attires durng your visit at the Hollywood road with your walking shoes. The buzzing nightlife and eating at the restaurants will be a memorable experience for you, but be careful in handling the products as most of them are made with very sophisticated materials and if you make damages before buying the product, you are to pay the demurrage.   

Culture & Customs of Hollywood Road, Hong Kong:

Both the foreigners and the natives visit the road frequently and buy creative and antique products at a reasonable rate. Different art galleries allow you to learn about the art and artifacts of Hong Kong’s past and present. The road takes about several hours to browse and therefore, you can have a good chance to learn the cultures and customs of Hong Kong in brief from the road.

Transport/ Getting Around in Hollywood Road, Hong Kong:

MTR Central Station, Exit D2. Turn right onto Theatre Lane and walk along Queen’s Road Central towards The Center. Then take the Central Mid – Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road.

Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Information Summery:

Length: 1 km
Constructed: June 1841
East end: Arbuthnot Road / Wyndham Street
West end: Queen’s Road West
Completed: 1844