Currently the popular tourist spot for drinking and dining area, Lan Kwai Fong was a street for the hawkers before the Second World War. It is a square of streets in Central under Hong Kong city. The L- shaped square, joining two ends, experienced a renaissance during the mid 1980s. To promote the culture, there is an association named Lan Kwai Fong Association that runs about 100 bars, clubs and restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong.

History of Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong:

The L-shaped Lan Kwai Fung was a heaven for the hawkers before the Second World War. In the beginning of the square, there were a good number of marriage arrangers housed in the square, where most of the mediators were females, and mediated marriage between two families. Commonly they were known as Mui Yan and the square was known as Marriage Arranger Lane. The square was placed on the map of Hong Kong for the successful disco arranged in 1977 by Gordon Huthart, the son of a local businessman Robert Huthart.

Lan Kwai Fong In Hong Kong

Thereby, Gordon is termed as the father of Lan Kwai Fong. Now the famous western style restaurant – California was opened in 1980 in Lan Kwai Fong by Alan Zeman. Zeman later invested on property development and spent about HK$ 32 million following his restaurant business successand formed Lan Kwai Group. Now the older clubs and restaurants’ combination has made the square a most visiting place in Hong Kong. Now it is mostly popular for its buzzing and glamorous night life. There was a rise of construction site from 2011 as Zeman decided to replace his part of Lan Kwai Fong. It also helped in booming surrounding business of the square.

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong, China

About 21 people were killed and many others were injured in a massive stampede in January, 1993. The disaster occurred as people gathered Lan Kawi Fong to celebrate the New Years Day. Over 15,000 people gathered at the square before the New Years countdown at that time, but the area could not support the huge crowd. Currently, there are about 80 bars and restaurants are serving in the street and mostly foreigners work here.            

Travel Guide information of Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong:

If you want to visit Lan Kwai Fong, there are several ways to go there. You can take taxi, bus etc. If you want to take a public transport than taxi, ue the MTR, Central Station and then Exit 2. If you are from Airport Express, then take the exit B2 or C. Bedsides, you can take public bus with the route 12M, 13, 23A and 40M for smoothly reaching to Lan Kwai Fong.   

Some Tips when you visit on Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong:

Friday and Saturday nights are the best time to visit the street. There are two hours – happy hour and spree hour. Happy hour begins from 5.oopm and lasts till 9.00pm. Some bars provide promotion such as buy one drink and get one free. Besides, you can find foods at half price too. The spree hour begins at 10.oopm. You may pay some tips with the regular service charges to get a better service. Be casual in your attires.    

Culture & Customs of Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong:

The square turns overcrowded during special occasions like New Year, Halloween etc. Law enforcers are engaged at those moments to control the situation and managing the gathered crowd. Besides, there are some street performances also available in the squire like singing, guitar playing, and usually those are performed by groups. Bars of every test are also available in the street and the restaurants cater both Asian and Western tastes. Throwing away of the empty bottles is the negative side of the square.      

Transport/ Getting Around in Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong:

You can take bus or MTR for reaching Lan Kawi Fong. Keep in mind that the MTR runs between half past five in the morning and half past twelve in the night.