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Ocean Park Hong Kong: Hong Kong Best Theme Park & Attractions!

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The marine mammal park in Hong Kong is popularly termed as Ocean Park. It is located in Hong Kong’s Southern District. It is mostly popular among the visitors and locals in Hong Kong for different attractions and rides and for the educational attachment. This is one of the most visited theme parks in the world and the largest one in Asia. The theme parks will give you an experience of getting closer with animals and various exciting memorable rides.         

History of Ocean Park –Hong Kong:

Opened in January 1977, the theme park covers about 226 acres of lands and there are two areas inside the park. The park land was given by the Hong Kong Government for free and the construction required HK$150 million which was sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club. To develop further facilities of the park, Hong Kong Jockey Club arranged HK$240 million more in 1982. Besides, the Hong Kong Jockey Club formed a trust worth of HK$200 million for the continual development of the Ocean Park. Currently, Ocean Park Corporation runs and manages the park. Ocean Park Corporation is a non-profit and financially independent organization. To make park a world-class one, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, in 2005, declared a HK$5.5 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP). The MRP was completed in eight phases that began in 2006. Now it is a must see place in Hong Kong and the number of visitors is increased. The most attractive spots of the park are the Waterfront and the Summit. The park collects unique birds, insects, and marine mammals for scientific research and breeding. The park received two giant pandas from China in 1999 and houses nine bottlenose dolphins. The Ocean Park is the habitat of nine rare Chinese Sturgeons. Red Pandas are displayed in Ocean Park from 2009. The Polar Adventure of the Ocean Park contains spotted seals and different penguins. 

Ocean Park Hong Kong

 Travel Guide information of Ocean Park –Hong Kong:

If any traveler wants to visit the Ocean Park, s/ he is to take the city bus of route 629 from Central Pier 7 to have a comfortable journey. Besides, one can take the Exit B from the MTR Admiralty Station, and it takes only 25 minutes to reach by the MTR. Then take a short walk at the park. Besides, there are double deckers are also available with fully air conditioned facilities.     

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Some Tips when you visit on Ocean Park –Hong Kong:

Use the cable cars, escalators (the second largest one in Hong Kong) and Ocean Express to move inside the park facilities and attractive spots. Entry fee is HK$ 320 for adults and HK% 160 for kids under 12. The park is opened from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm.     

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Culture & Customs of Ocean Park –Hong Kong:

The Park has provided significant efforts in conservation of the mammals and spreading knowledge about the animals and wildlife. A learning academy is also established to facilitate learning through education that conduct tours for kids and training for adults and teachers. Five major events occur round the year in the Ocean Park including –     Halloween Bash, Animal in High Definition Month, Ocean Park Summer Splash, Christmas Sensation and Chinese New Year Fiesta. 

Transport/ Getting Around in Ocean Park –Hong Kong:

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