The Window of the World is one of the Must visiting places in the People’s Republic of China and a theme park covering about 118 acres of lands. The Window of the World contains about 130 replicas of globally renowned tourist spots and global wonders in its boundary including the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Egypt, Niagara Falls and the Taj Mahal of India. The natural scenery and the landscape of the theme park are magnificent and breathtaking. In line with the global establishments, performance of folk songs, dance and local customs have made the place one of the most attractive one in China.

History of Shenzhen Window of the World:

The Window of the World is the replica and theme park in China that contains about 130 models of globally known tourist spots, famous scenic sites including the wonders of the world. It is one of the world famous theme parks in China. The park is located in the Overseas Chinese City under Shenzhen Bay and covers about 480,000 square kilometers. The theme park has gained massive popularity among the tourists in China from home and abroad for the specially made buildings, ethnical customs, different rides including camel ride and horse carriage. The huge theme park contains reproductions of the replicas of different sizes (the usual ration is 1:1, 1:5 and 1:15 of the actual structure) and placed in different spots geographically.

Shenzhen Window of the World
Shenzhen Window of the World

The theme park has been established mutually by the Hong Kong China Travelling Service Group and Overseas Chinese Town Group. Construction of the park took about 6.5 billion. Among the replicas, it contains the leaning Tower of Pisa, the Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower, miniature of Roman Coliseum, Sydney Opera House, Disneyland and White House of the USA, the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the Grand Canyon and more. The park holds some annual festivals including the Cherry Festival and a few Indian Festivals during the Cultural Week, the Pop Music Festival on the national Day of China, Spring Festival and the New Year Festival in the end of December every year. Besides, the tourists can also participate in different games and sports inside the park.

Travel Guide information of Shenzhen Window of the World:

The Window of the World is located in the western part of the Shenzhen city and is accessible through different travel modes including subway, public bus and taxi service. If you are one the subway, ride on the line number 1 and get off at the Window of the World Station. For having a bus service, one can take the sightseeing bus number 1 or 101 and the numbers 105, 113, 201, 222, 223, 301 and 311 move passing the Window of the World Stoppage from anywhere of the city and you are to walk for a few minutes to reach the park after riding off from the bus. You can also hire a taxi from the airport or from the railway station.

Some Tips when you Visit on Shenzhen Window of the World:

Taking pictures beside the world wonders and the famous structures is a common issue in the theme park. Taste the rides and participate in different sports. Do not miss the outdoor stage performances of traditional dance, music. It is better to go in the evening for the night performances held in daily nights including the acrobatic performances. The tram ride is the best way to travel across the park. Fireworks close the performances every night.      

Culture & Customs:

Usually the park remains open from 9.00am to 10.30pm. Maintaining the queue is desired in the park and no hand bags or purses are allowed during the ride (although it is not written but maintained strictly in some cases). The entry ticket costs 160 Chinese Yen (CNY) for the adults and CNY 80 for the kids above 1.2 meters and free for the senior above 70 years. The evening show held after 7.30pm every day. Besides, there are places for prayer and halal foods are also available in the nearby food selling outlets.   

How to get to Window of the World:

  1. Take Line 1 (Luobao Line) or Line 2, get off at Shijie Zhichuang (Window of the World) station and get out from Exit J.
  2. Take bus 21, 26, 32, 42, 43, 66, 70, 79, 90, 101, 113, 123, 204, 209, 222, 223, 234, 323, 324, 327, 338, 365, 369, 373, 383, 392, 395, B795, K578, M222, M372, M388, M398, M413, M425, M433, M435, M448, M486, M487, M488, M535, N4, N6, N24, PJ17, Peak Express Line 93, Tour Line 1, or Tour Line 4 to Shijie Zhichuang.
How to get to Window of the World from Shenzhen Railway Station:

Take bus no.101 or subway line 1 to reach there; If you take a cab from the railway station, the estimated taxi fare is 50RMB.

How to get to Window of the World from the Bao’an Airport:

Take metro line 11 to Qianhaiwan to transfer to line 1; If you take a cab from the airport, the estimated taxi fare is 70RMB.