Siam Ocean in Bangkok, Thailand

one of the largest aquariums in the Southeast Asia is located in Bangkok, Thailand at the basement of Siam Paragon Shopping Mall with the title – Siam Ocean World. The aquarium displays over 100 types of marine species and animals and it is filled with 5,000,000 liters of water where the sea life is nurtured on a water tunnel. The entire area of the aquarium is over 100,000 square feet and aims to both educate and entertain its visitors of all ages.

History of Siam Ocean World:

Siam Ocean World – one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, contains over 100 types of oceanic species and creatures in its 10,000 square meter space. The Aquarium is located at the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Owner of the aquarium is the Oceanis Group and operates aquarium is different other countries of the world.

The Siam Ocean World exhibits top class exhibitions. The aquatic creatures of the Siam Ocean World belong to various depths and regions. There are about over 25, 000 creatures are swimming and floating on the water of the Siam Ocean World in Thailand. Many of the species and creatures are old and rare, and are collected from remote and inaccessible parts of Amazon River. Even, species of Jurassic period are also available here.

There are chances to dive in the water tunnel to meet the ocean species at the Siam Ocean World of Thailand. It is a learning ground for the kids about the ocean. The knowledge that the kids gather spending couple of hours at the aquarium is really unforgettable and easier to remember than gazing all day long at the text books.

Visitors turn amazed watching the bizarre and rare creatures like eel, frogfish, bat fish, star fish, gigantic spider crabs, Blue Tang, lung fish, water rats, blind cave fish sharks of various kinds, stingrays and many more.  Sea mammals and penguins are also exhibited on a corner of the aquarium. Feeding to the marine creatures is also exhibited for learning at the feeding pier. The aquarium also provides a Sanyo 4D show for the visitors that will take you underwater virtually.

Travel Guide information of Siam Ocean World:

Siam Ocean World is easily accessible to the visitors and can use different routes to reach there as it is located in the heart of Bangkok. One can use the skytrain and ride off at Siam station. Exit number 3 and 5 will take you directly to the Siam Paragon and the Siam Ocean World is located on the underground of the shopping mall. Besides, you can hire a car or taxi or tuk tuk or ride on public buses to reach the mall from different locations of Bangkok.

Some Tips when you visit on Siam Ocean World:

Feeding shows held at different times of the day and you can also feed the marine creatures and mammals using the feeding pier but you are to pay extra charge for that. You can also reach the ocean floor using the scuba diving suit and helmet at the Siam Ocean World but you should have a diving license. Return your glasses after the 3D show at the theatre on the Ocean World.

Culture & Customs of Siam Ocean World:

The Siam Ocean World opens at 10.00 am and closes and 9.00 pm on daily basis. The admission fee is a bit costly. The 3 D show lasts for about 12 minutes and you can enjoy cartoon in a realistic mode wearing 3D glasses. Marine life descriptions are provided both in English and Thai.


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