Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Adam’s peak is a highland mountain in Sri Lanka. Besides Hindus, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist religious status, it is also a magnificent tourist area. The whole world knows about this excellent tourist place, from enjoying the breath-taking scenery of the sun rising. Except sometimes, the most famous archaeological site of Adam’s peak is always a crowd. To see the indentation footprint, thousands of people are going there every year.

To be a part of your own religious beliefs, you should go to the summit of Adam’s peak. How to get there, visiting time, history, tips, safety concerns, etc. all everyday things are available here.

Why Should You Visit Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

Why should you visit Adam’s peak? That is a common question. Try to clear the reasons boldly-

  • Get a breath-taking challenging.
  • See the sunrise from very near.
  • Familiar with some religious monuments.
  • Hiking a famous mountain.
  • Pass a short weekend with enjoyment.

Climbing to Adam’s peak is the name of taking a challenge. Besides physical strength, one should have mental strength. Those people have a breathing problem, do not take it to show off your capability. Almost 2 to 3 hours need to climb at the summit of Adam’s peak. There have steps to climb, which is a different criterion than other mountains. Challenging loving people should not miss it. Make you’re weakened full of challenging.

Must take warm clothes to wear, because at the top it is much more relaxed. Get a mind-blowing view, and experience, when you present at the summit. Why you miss this breath-taking scenery? You should not miss the chance.

History of Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

2234 m long Adam’s peak located in Sri Lanka.  Connect with various people’s significance, so it also popular with another name. Sripada, Sinhala, is the alternative name of Adam’s peak. Sripada’s name used mostly derived from Sanskrit. Refers with a footprint shaped sign at the summit point, which is 1.8 m or 5 ft. 11 inches. This sacred footprint is formed of rock. Buddhist say that is a footprint of Buddha’, Hindus says Lord Shiva, Christian and Islam say, Adams.’ Left it when cast out from paradise to put the first foot on earth. That’s why it is called Adam’s peak.

In the 4th century, Sri Pada was mentioned as Samanthakuta at first, in the Deepawamsa chronicle. In the 5th century, Buddha visited at the peak, according to Mahawamsa chronicle. The famous Buddhist, traveler, and pilgrim visited Sri Lanka from 41 CE to 12 CE. Mahawamsa chronicle also mention the visiting time (1058 to 1114) of Vijayabahu King. Rajavaliya chronicle says about Valagamba king, in the 1st century BCE, who taken refugees in Adam’s peak forest. Marco Polo, an Italian merchant, said that Adam’s peak was famous for pilgrimage but not for rock footprint.

Ibn Battuta is an Arab traveler, called Adam’s peak as Sarandib in 1344 CE. He also described a stairway, iron stanchions with chain. On the other hand, John Davy was visited Adam’s peak at the time of 1817. He found an oversized footprint, which stone carved and ornamented with the brass margin.


Closest city: Dalhousie, Sri Lanka (Some climb from Ratnapura)
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (If you’re looking for something more challenging, see Mt Rinjani)
Adams peak height: 2,243m (7,359 ft) at the peak. Gain 1,000 meters (3,280ft) while climbing
Time Commitment: 5-7 hours
Cost: None
Altitude Sickness: Not a concern

Exploring the Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

Adam’s peak is a conical mountain. Located in the southern central highlands, in Ratnapura and Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka. Sri Pada is another name of Adam’s Peak. To reach there at first, you should reach Hutton in Ratnapura. Adam’s peak is equally precious to Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians for their religious trust.  Its height is 2243 m or 7359 ft., which is consisting of 5500 stairs. The surroundings are forested, play as many wildlife reserves. No mountain presents nearby.  Some precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires have been found on the east and west side. Adam’s peak is also worked as like watershed.   

You can see some monuments besides the climbing path. Adam’s peak has a bold, dominating, and outstanding profile. An indentation footprint has at the peak, which is not found in any other mountain. 

When to Visit Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

December full moon to April full moon is the best time to visit Adam’s peak. These times get drier and safe to hike. Start hiking at midnight. So, you enjoy the sunrise. That is an excellent experience. You can also choose the day time.  

How To Get To Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

Available 6 routs to get there to visit Adam’s peak. Ratnapura to Palabaddala, Kuruwita to Erathna, Mookuwatte. Murraywatte, and Malimboda, Hatton to Nallathanni. Among them, Hatton to Nallathanni is the best route. From Hatton train station has a local bus service (60 rupees). Moreover, you can go through tuk-tuk or minivan.  

When Is The Best Time To Hike Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

The best time of year for hiking Adam’s Peak is between the months of December to May. April is supposedly the best time of year to hike it, factoring into account all of the potential weather patterns. After May, you are more likely to face harsher winds, heavy rainstorms, and mist that might prevent you from seeing anything at all. It would not be fun to hike all the way up there only to be stuck in a big, fat cloud.

What Time Should You Start Hiking Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

You should aim to start hiking Adam’s Peak from Nallathanniya at 2:30 AM at the latest, depending on your level of physical fitness. Check when the sunrise starts and try to get to the peak at least 30 minutes before.

The hike starts off pretty easy, with a lot of stairs but relatively little incline. It follows an uphill – flat – uphill – flat pattern for about the first third of the hike before the incline starts picking up. It gives you a good warmup for the more difficult stretches towards the top.

There isn’t much room at the peak itself but you are going to at least want to check out the foot of the Buddha and ring the bell at the top. After that, you basically just need to find a good spot to catch the sunrise. There isn’t much space at the top at all, and what little space there is will be occupied by people who decided to sleep overnight at the peak.

Finding a good spot to catch the sunrise was one of the more frustrating parts because it does get crowded and with the trail being entirely stairs, there is not much room to veer off to catch an unobstructed view of the landscapes. The lights that guide your way to the top also stay on until a little bit after the sun rises. Those bright fluorescent lights definitely take away from the stunning views.

Essential Tips to Visit Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

Some essential tips for visiting Adam’s peak make your journey easier. You should follow the below tips –

  • Must try to see the sunrise from the peak.
  • You must take an extra t-shirt and a dry sweatshirt to wear at the summit.
  • Due to many crowds, avoid New year, full moon night, and weakened holidays.
  • Roti, chips, chickpeas, and sweets are available except fruits in this area.
  • Wear trainers or Chacos for climbing.
  • If needed, you take some rest before starting coming back.
  • Trekking poles help to realize knee pain during climbing.
  • You should come back before 8 am.

What Should I bring When Visit Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

  • Rain-jacket
  • Runners/hiking shoes
  • Torch – iPhone works well if you have a waterproof case to protect it from the weather.
  • Plenty of water – I would say 1.5L per person is adequate
  • Money – to make a small donation at the start of the walk in return for a blessing.
  • Towel to sit down on when you get to the top so you don’t get your bottom wet
  • Jumper
  • Scarf
  • Snacks – we took some banana’s and roasted almonds.
  • If you want to get real serious, bring some tea in a thermost, especially if you go in the off season. We were so envious of all the people that were sipping on their tea at the top. It’s a good way to keep toasty when it’s chilly.
  • Lip-balm

Safety Concern When You Visit Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

Follow some safety concerns, when you visit Adam’s peak to change the bad situation. Such as-

  • Many people, pilgrims, local people are trying to climb. So, try to avoid Saturdays and Sundays. These days many people are hiking in Adam’s peak.
  • There may present some leeches. That is a severe prom of the offseason. So, take some cream before going there.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka?

  • The hike took us about 2 and a half hours, but we were absolutely smashing the steps and were wanting to get to the top as quickly as possible. Most people tend to do it in around 3 hours and have multiple breaks along the way. With the sun rising between 5:30am and 6am, you should aim to leave Maskeliya between 2am and 2:30am.
  • You do need to be quite fit to conquer Adams Peak as there is 5000+ stairs just to get up there. If you have any joint problems I wouldn’t recommend going due to the steepness of the steps, you sure do feel it on the way down.
  • Don’t stay for just the one night, you will regret it in the morning after you’ve finished your walk. The last thing you want to be doing is checking out and heading on to the next destination. Allow two nights so you can give your legs a well deserved rest and take in the beauty of the area, trust me, it’s worth it.

Adam’s peak is a popular tourist area. Midnight climbing, and available stairs to climb give it some extraordinary. That is also an excellent place, both for the tourist and the pilgrim. The sun rising scenery from Adam’s peak top is enough to remove all the tiredness. You can spend a single weekend at Adam’s peak.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka:

Some common questions may arise in peoples’ minds. Without local everybody may want to know such type of questions. They are-

What about the weather at Adam’s peak?

At 2 am when you start, it is quite cold. Fluctuates from cold to too hot in the morning. Before going, you should know about the recent weather in this area.

How hard is it to climb Adam’s peak?

That depends on your health and physical condition. Yes, it is harder, but it has steps in the path to climb the summit. Keep strength mind before starting the climbing process.

Is there have any accommodation facility to stay?

Yes, many restaurants, guesthouses, tour companies are always ready to give support to stay there. Among many Dalhousie, aka Nallathanniya is the best hotel. That is very closer to Adam’s peak. Maximum people try to rent this hotel at first.

How many stairs need to pass for climbing Adam’s peak summit?

Around 5500 stairs are present in the climbing path of Adam’s peak. These make 2234 m or 7359 ft. Tall. Tourists, pilgrims, local people all pass these stairs to reach their peak.

What things need to pack before climbing Adam’s peak?

Some essential things need to carry at the hiking time, such as a small backpack, raincoat, water bottle, camera, sunglasses, trekking poles, snacks, warm and dry sweater, suns cream, and at the mental strength. That’s all give you full support while climbing Adam’s peak.