King’s Day in Amsterdam

King’s Day is one of the biggest and most colorful festivities of the Netherlands. People of the Netherlands celebrate this day on the Dutch monarch’s birthday. It is also a national holiday in the Netherlands. The citizens of the Netherlands wear orange as a show of pride for the Dutch royal family on this day. The King’s day is popular for its ‘orange madness’. It is an annual celebration in the Netherlands. The orange committees are local associations that arrange the festivities at this day. They seek sponsorship for it.

The King’s Day is also popular for its flea markets. The Dutch people celebrate this day with special events and huge concerts. Particularly in Amsterdam, they hold many special events in the city centre. In Amsterdam, the King’s Day celebration has its own beauty. On Amsterdam Museumplein they hold an outdoor concert. Large crowds gather there to celebrate. King’s Day takes place throughout the Netherlands. But the revellers love to celebrate this day in Amsterdam.

Here is everything you need to know about the King’s Day celebration in Amsterdam.

What is King’s Day in Amsterdam?

King’s Day is a very important holiday in the kingdom of the Netherlands. This day is the celebration of the Dutch monarch’s birthday. It has been a day of celebration since 1891. They called it the ‘Queen’s Day’ before when women ruled the kingdom. But after the abdication of Queen Beatrix in 2013, her son succeeded her by taking the throne. Since then they call it the King’s day. In Dutch it means Koningsdag. This is a very popular celebration in the Kingdom of Netherlands. The King’s day is popular for its orange celebration.

The Dutch wear orange and often dye their hair orange. It is a symbol of proud and honour to the Dutch royal family. On this day, people of the Netherlands celebrate with concerts and special events in public spaces. The King’s Day has a very popular flea market in every region of the Kingdom. In these markets, dutch people sell and buy used goods. Once queen Beatrix bought a lamp from one of this flea markets. This day is largely celebrated in the constituent countries of the Netherlands.

Some Key Facts about King’s Day in Amsterdam:

  • They used to call this day Queen’s Day. In Dutch it means Koninginnedag.
  • Everyone attending the celebration wears orange, often dye their hair orange.
  • Up to one million people visit Amsterdam at the King’s Day.
  • Amsterdam’s Population becomes double on the day of celebrations.
  • The real party starts the day before the King’s Day. Until 2013, the young generations used to party and celebrate at nightclubs on the ‘Queen’s Day’. They used to call it the ‘Queen’s Night’. Now the party takes place the day before King’s Day.
  • The party boats clog the canals of Amsterdam on the King’s Day.
  • The museums of Amsterdam are open to the visitors even on the King’s Day.
  • Attendees eat Tompouce on this day. This is a popular and common desert of the Dutch cuisine.
  • Willem-Alexander is the first male monarch of the Netherlands in the last 123 years.
  • It is the most filmed event in the Netherlands.

King’s Day in Amsterdam – A Short Overview:

In brief, the King’s Day is a national celebration of the Dutch monarch’s birthday and a nationwide party. In this nationwide party, the Dutch people color their lives with orange and make the party lit. They arrange flea markets, which are basically a nationwide trade fair. On this day, they hold special events and concerts in the centre of Amsterdam. The population of Amsterdam becomes double as the festival takes place. The party of King’s Day starts the day before. The party is one of the world’s unique ones. They say that there ain’t no party like a King’s Day party. The king and queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands every year visit different Dutch cities and often join the parties.

What is the History of King’s Day?

The festivities started in 1885 with the birth of Dutch princess, Queen Wilhelmina. They called it the princess’ day. Wilhelmina’s father, King William III, was not popular or liked. But she was. So, to promote national unity, the royal family observed Wilhelmina’s birthday as a national holiday in 1885. It was her 5th birthday. They paraded the princess on the streets and made her wave to crowds. In 1890, the little princess became a queen. That is when the day turned into ‘Queen’s Day’.

“Koninginnedag” 1902 not only memorialized the Queen’s birthday. But this also celebrated it with great enthusiasm. Because, that year she recovered from a serious illness.

After her death, Juliana succeeded her mother Wilhelmina. She had a reputation of ‘Queen of the people’. In 1950, Juliana’s birthday turned into a national holiday and was televised.

In 1996, Juliana’s eldest daughter married a prince who was German. Anti-German riots took place in the kingdom. So the following year, Queen’s Day was observed with ‘Vrijmarkets’ which are actually flea markets. The flea markets took place where demonstrations were meant to be shown.

After Juliana’s abdication, Beatrix succeeded her mother. She started visiting different Dutch cities during Queen’s day. And after her abdication in 2013, her son, Willem-Alexander, is following her steps. His birthday is on 27th of April.

When is the King’s Day?

It is on 27th april every year. It’s the birthday of the Dutch Monarch. This day changes depending on who is the Monarch of the Netherlands. This day used to be called the ‘Queen’s Day’ until 2013.

Where does King’s Day Take Place?

The King’s Day takes place all over the Netherlands and its constituent countries. But the best place to celebrate the day is in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam city centre a huge concert takes place. The chanals of Amsterdam has boat parties on this day as a part of the King’s Day celebration. Amsterdam’s museums remain open on this day.

Essential Tips to Help you Enjoy the King’s Day

  • You must wear orange.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You might need to walk all day!
  • Don’t miss out on the party the night before.
  • Take the earliest train to Amsterdam.
  • Buy tickets of the Kingsland. It’s the craziest and most hectic party of the King’s Day in Amsterdam.
  • Try tompouce, the popular desert of Dutch cuisine.
  • Take enough money with you. The entire Amsterdam turns into a flea market.
  • If you need to pee while being on a boat, use the plasboots. They are basically pee boats.
  • Take a power nap before going to the city to enjoy the festival night.
  • Don’t forget to have fun.

Safety Concerns During the King’s Day:

  • Just like any other places, take some common safety measures at the festival.
  • Stay a little away from the crowds.
  • If you can’t swim, be careful while enjoying boat parties.
  • Keep valuables in a safe place.
  • If you will drink at the festival, arrange your way back home before that.

Other Things to do at the Festival:

  • For a peaceful and quiet break from the parties, visit the museums of Amsterdam.
  • Buy something from the ‘vrijmarket’. It is like a treasure hunt to be honest.
  • Eat other street foods at the festival.

Well, this festival looks like a great opportunity to experience new culture and cuisine. King’s Day is the perfect festival for a party animal. If you love parties, book your tickets early and arrange accommodation. The party is going to be lit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the King’s Day:

Q. What is Kings Day in Netherlands?

Answer: King’s Day marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander on 27 April, and everyone in the Netherlands gets the day off work to celebrate.

Q. Are shops open on Kings Day in Netherlands?

Answer: Shops are permitted to open on King’s Day, but the majority of high street stores close for the day.

Q. What date is Kings Day in Amsterdam 2019?

Answer: 27th of April.

Q. Who is the king of Amsterdam?

Answer: King Willem-Alexander.

Q. Why is Kings Day Celebrated in Netherlands?

Answer: King’s Day is the Dutch monarch’s birthday.