Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

Looking for a perfect activity for your vacation? Then you surely want to know about Austin, Texas where you will get opportunity to attend an open variety of events. This city surely knows how to put on a festival because the vibe you will get here is something more than to attend a festival.

The Austin City Limit Festival is well known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World” and one of the most popular musical commemorations in the world. This is an annual music festival and it isn’t just any old festival for sure. The Austin City Limits Festival is a live document of the title that Austin proudly carries!

So, here is everything you will need to know about this live music capital of the world.

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

What Is The Austin Festival, USA?

The Austin City Limits Festival is one of the popular and famous music festivals not only in Austin but also around the world. People of many interests and music lovers come a long way for attending this festival. Some people dream to attend it and some just want to have a nice vacation as the festival stays for two consecutive weekends. This festival brought crowds of all ages. A very wide range of genres and ages has brought out the best vibe in this festival.  Over the years, many well-known singers and bands have performed there. Not to mention, people like The Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, Van Morrison, Keith Urban, Elvis Costello, and of course Austin’s own musical legend, Willie Nelson and the list just goes on. You will get to see logos, flags, and colors all around and a uniform signage all over the stalls in the festival.

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

Some Key Facts about the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 USA:

  • The festival was born on a live TV show and started back in 1976;
    the show is still on air.
  • The tickets of this sell out within minutes or seconds.
  • It’s a kid friendly festival even the entry is free for the children under 10 and there is
     the children section called Austin Kiddie Limits; there they can rock out, make crafts, play games and lounge around.
  • You can carry “rage sticks”, “Totems” inside the festival but not hammocks.
  • Without being a VIP, you can get your merch signed by your favorite artists.
  • The festival is more music-focused so it is less mesmeric.
  • People also consider it as a food festival because here you will find absolutely incredible the food options.
  • You can get a chance to travel around of the Austin City Limits soundstage at the Moody Theatre from Monday to Friday at 11 AM.
  • Rent an ACL Fest Locker and get a universal phone charger.
  • The Austin City Limit Festival is all about supporting local artists, food vendors, and nonprofits.
Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 USA – A Short Overview:

The Austin City Limit Festival is all about the music, which makes it what it is. It will remind you that music is magic. This Festival now draws around 450,000 people over its two weekends. Per day the festival expects to see 75,000 people. There are 8 stages with more than 150 bands playing country, indie, rock, and more in the Austin City Limit Festival. It will always pull in a stacked lineup among the hip hop, country, rock, and indie/alternative genres with a few live acts within the electronic genre thrown in as well. Particular stages tended towards particular genres, and all was organized in a neat fashion. Surely there are plenty of great music as well as food. So you won’t be hungry all day.

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

What is the History of the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021:

The Austin City Limit Festival was inspired by a PBS television show. It was founded in 2002 and is produced by C3 Presents, which is an Austin-based company. Initially, it was inspired by the KLRU/PBS channels’ music series, which is also called Austin City limits. The very first event was only Two days long and was organized by the founders of C3 Presents. 67 bands performed on five stages and the attendance was around 25,000. In the latest years, there have been many outstanding acts performing at the Austin City Limits Festival.

Where is the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 Celebrated?

Zilker Park, on the south side of Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas is the venue of the Austin City Limit Festival. It is an open space and near downtown Austin, so the parking is limited there.

When is the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 Celebrated?

The Austin City Limit Festival is held each year in September or October as that is the time of late summer or early fall there. As the festival is an open place so it is tough to survive or enjoy in the middle of summer. You can enjoy the festival for two consecutive weekends.

Unfortunately there will be no celebration of this festival in 2020 for the pandemic outbreak. But the authority has decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary in October 2021.

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

Essential tips to Help you enjoy the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 USA:

  • Try little bit of different types of food and also in outside of the festival in town.
  • Take some time to check out amazing arts scene, local musicians, comedians, and
    artists and so on.
  • Bring refillable water bottle, handkerchief, portable phone charger, necessary medicines, flashlight, blanket, sanitizer, insect repellant (non-aerosol only), tissue paper, camelback, chapstick, poncho, hand fan, hat and earplugs.
  • Bring your sunscreen and cheap sunglasses. It’s a must!
  • Wear something comfortable and walk in your comfy shoes rather than in heels if you make a daylong plan.
  • Phones die and service is spotty, for a safe option you can bring printed maps.
  • Arrive early to avoid long, stress-inducing entrance lines.
  • Do some researches about your transportation as Austin doesn’t allow TNCs like Uber and Lyft to operate.
  • Be kind and considerate and don’t be rude, you are a fan of your favorite artist
    so does your neighbor.

Safety Concerns During the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 USA:

  • You should lock your car, take your keys with you and take a picture of where you
     parked for avoiding confusions while going home.
  • As auto thieves do not like witnesses, they avoid the areas particularly well-lit areas or attended lots, so park in a safe place.
  • Never leave your ID or personal documents, valuables in your car or backpacks. If you must lock valuables inside, you should move them to the trunk, glove-box, or out of sight BEFORE you arrive and park.
  • Never talk or text while driving, unless it’s hands-free because Austin is a hands-free cell phone zone.
  •  Try to keep your eyes on others who may want to snatch your purse or phone while
     you’re unaware of your environment. 
  • Never cross over barricades, Use crosswalks and obey traffic signals.
  • It is a must to know your exits.
  • Have a designated meeting spot or use your flags to spot your group easily after splitting up.
  • Say something when you see something. Call 911 or reach out to the nearest officer if it’s an emergency. If it’s not but you want to report it, call 311.
  • Don’t underestimate the heat and bring your own medicines or first aid kit.

Other Things to Do During the Austin City Limit Festival, 2021 USA:

  • You can sightsee downtown because Austin is an amazing city.
  • Swim in beautiful springs in Austin.
  • Try kayaking on the river.
  • Do a citywide Smartphone scavenger hunt to discover the city in a fun way.
  • Grab some quality handmade goods from there.
  • You should collect all available swag there.
  • Take some pictures under the iconic “ART” sign.
  • Want to know about Texas history, Texas legislature or the building’s outstanding architecture? Then Take a free Capitol Tour to learn everything.
  • If you want to try western dancing then head 10 minutes out of town to the
    Broken Spoke and enjoy yourself.

If you really want to know what this festival is about, you have to experience it yourself because words can’t do it justice.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Austin City Limits Festival, 2021 USA:

Q. Who plays at Austin City Limits?
Answer: The Austin City Limits Festival lineup generally includes Radiohead, Childish Gambino, Mumford & Sons, and Alabama Shakes.

Q. Is it convenient to camp at ACL?
Answer: The festival takes place at Zilker Park, which does not allow camping, but you’re welcome to camp outside the city in approved zones and travel in for the festival.

Q. Is it allowed to bring food into ACL?
Answer: No. It is not allowed to bring outside food in the festival.

Q. How old do you have to be to go to Austin City Limits?
Answer: The festival is open for all ages, from kids to elder and there is also secure section
 for family hangouts.

Q. Is the ACL Cashless Secure?

Answer: Yes. You will have to set a PIN during registration (just like a debit card), so nobody
 will be able to use your wristband or your ACL Cashless Account without your PIN.