Dewan Filharmonik

Established by Malaysia Oil Company, the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) is the first classical concert hall in Malaysia. The DFP is also known as the Petronas Filharmonik Hall and houses the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. A large number of audience visit the hall every year during their visit to Malaysia and it is mostly popular among the locals as well for the special concerts and different musical performance events and other cultural activites. World leading orchestras participate in programmes held at the DFP.

History of Dewan Filharmonik (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra):

The Dewan Filharmonik Petronas or the DFP is the local house of Malaysia for international and national concerts and musical performances and mainly focuses on classical music. A good number of world-leading Orchestras have participated in numerous programmes and concerts after its public initiation in 1998.

The construction of the hall began in 1995 and was officially opened in 1998 by renowned figures and Government officials of the country. The DFP is always crowded for the cultural events and performances are held round the year. The venue is traditionally shaped in the model of a jewel box following the European concert halls of the 19th century.

There is a backdrop on the hall and the concert stage is designed to serve the purpose all kinds of music including classical, dance, jazz and more. The DFP contains about 920 seats including box, corporate and royal suites and equipped with professional music tools. The DFP is standing alone amid the offices and expanding crowd to create the right and just environment for music and cultural events.

The ceiling of the DFP is moveable and is able to change audio sounds according to need. It is changeable to blaring concerts to large orchestra to formal meetings or chamber music. Regular musical ensembles are held here in collaboration with national and international artists. The DFP runs on donation from different corporate organizations including Petronas, Mitsubishi Corporation, Citibank, BMW, Malaysian Reserve and American Express.

Travel Guide information of Dewan Filharmonik (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra):

The DFP is located within the side of the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) and accessible in many routes and vehicles. The most convenient route is through Jalan Ampang which is linked with the KLCC parking space.  It is accessible through cars or by taxis. You can also use train to reach the hall. Park your car on the KLCC basement and ride on the lift that will take you directly to the DFP hall. Taxi service is also convenient to reach the DFP that will drop you at the main entrance of the KLCC. Regarding the local train ride, get off at the KLCC station and take the exit KJ 10.

Some Tips when you visit on Dewan Filharmonik (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra):

When you ride on taxi, tell the driver to switch on the taxi meter. It is also the home of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), so do not miss the MPO performances. The best shopping destinations is nearby; pay a visit at the malls before entering or after enjoying the performances.

Culture & Customs of Dewan Filharmonik (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra):

The DFP turns into a hub of national and international classical artists and the events are conducted round the year. The World class musical performances at the DFP create the culture of a sustainable music and increases collaborations among the global audience and artists. The DFP is run and maintained with the assistances of different corporate donors and brands who also host different events at the venue.


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