Download - Popular Rock Festival in UK

The download is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. It is an annual festival. Its genres are heavy metal, rock, punk rock, alternative rock, etc. They celebrate this festival every year in Donington Park in England. Download at Donington is the most popular summer rock and heavy metal festival. Some of its genre’s biggest names host and headline the festival. People created this festival as a follow up to the Donington Park circuit festival ‘Monsters of Rock’. This is a five-day event gathering the fans of heavy metal and rock together for the last seventeen years. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Download festival.

What is the Download Festival, UK?

The Download festival is the most-popular music festival in summer camp. It is a heavy metal and rock music festival. This festival hosts concerts of leading names of this genre. The British created this music festival. Every year in the summer they hold this festival in Donington Park in England. They hold the Download festival in many other countries. But in UK it has different and popular fanbase. In this five-day festival, the attendees can camp or buy non-camp tickets. This is a spectacular event of music and adventure. Anyone can join this festival. Especially for rock and heavy metal fans, this will be a glorious and breathtaking experience. 

Download - Popular Rock Festival in UK

In short, if you are a rock music fan and looking for a spectacular holiday in summer, this festival should be on your bucket list. 

Some key Facts about the Download Festival, UK:

  • They chose the name ‘Download’ for this festival as a rebellious and bold act.
  • They call the official mascot of this festival the ‘Download dog’. It’s a red-colored, angry-looking dog.
  • The Download Festival is a resurrection of ‘Monsters of Rock’ music festival. They held ‘Monsters of rock festival’ from 1980 to 1996 at the Donington Park circuit.
  • There are more Download festivals held around the world.
  • The RIP camping of Download is an ‘Eco camping’. The campers have to recycle their wastes and take away all of their camping equipment.
  • You can check the ‘Download map’ to decide where to camp.
  • At the venue, there is a pop-up chapel. Anyone can ‘unofficially’ get married there.
  • There is a sounding board for the fans and critics of this festival.
  • The fans can give face-to-face feedback through the fan forum meetings of the festival.

Download Festival, UK – An Overview:

The download is a summer festival of rock and heavy metal music and camping. This festival is a resurrection of the festival ‘Monsters of Rock’. It is an annual festival. They celebrate this festival in Donington Park in England. It is the most popular of its kind in the world. People considered the rock and heavy metal music as a rebellious genre of music. That is why the artists and fans created this festival. Download’s unique name and kind have stunned everyone since then. This festival has created and raised rock music’s fanbase. This festival has many stages at the venue and various camping sites. Many leading artists and bands of its genre have performed and headlined in this festival. This festival has high-tech security protocols.

Download - Popular Rock Festival in UK

As I said before, Download is an astonishing event to join. A rock music lover will love to attend a festival like this. This will also provide an adventure for the music lovers being a camping festival.

History of the Download Festival, UK?

Stuart Galbraith and Andy coping created the first download festival in 2003. The festival called ‘Monsters of Rock inspired this festival’. ‘Monsters of Rock’ was held from 1980 to 1996. It was very popular among the British. In 2003 they created ‘Download’ as the resurrection of that festival.

They chose the name ‘Download’ for two reasons. First, Download was a very dirty word in the music industry, back then in 2003. And the music Industry considered rock as a rebellious genre. Second, this resurrection of ‘Monsters of Rock’ festival would stay connected with its audience through the internet. The 2003 Download festival tickets had codes on them. These codes allowed the attendees of the festival to download track of the bands performing. They dropped this idea later. Instead, they created an online community through the Download Festival forum. They made a soundboard for the fans and critics. This has become an integral part of the festival. This festival started growing bigger, and the Park circuit was not suitable for the festival anymore. It has moved to places. But in 2005, they moved the festival to its previous venue.

Download - Popular Rock Festival in UK

2006 was the first time they mirrored the festival in the Republic of Ireland, as Download Festival of Ireland. 2006 was also the warmest year they celebrated Download. In 2008, the festival had a different layout than other times. They changed the arena area. In 2009, they changed it again. It had less walking distance from the camping area than the previous year. In 2010, the festival returned to the Donington Park circuit.

The ‘Download TV’ replaced the 2020 festival. It is a 3-day virtual festival showing old performances, unseen interviews, recent performances and more. The online festival started on the same day they announced the festival would take place.

When is the Download Festival UK Celebrated?

This festival takes place in the summer in England. Usually every year in June this festival takes place. In 2021, they will begin the festival on Friday, June 24. It will end on Sunday, June 6.

Where to Celebrate the Download Festival, UK?

They first celebrated the Download festival in Donington Park in England. Since then this festival has changed place several times. Since 2010, this festival has returned to its first venue. So, if you want to join the Download festival, the venue is the Donington Park circuit of England.

Essential Tips to Help you Enjoy the Download Festival, UK

  • Don’t wait until the day before you go. Pack your essentials earlier.
  • Go with an open mind. Don’t be uncomfortable. This festival will be very hectic and spectacular.
  • Download the ‘Download Festival’ app. It will be very helpful as a guide.
  • Bring cash to the festivals. Otherwise, you may wait in a lengthy queue only to find out they don’t take cards. Also, there are cash machines at the site.
  • Bring black clothing to go to the concerts. T-shirts of the bands performing at the festival is always a better choice.
  • Enjoy the music, even if you are not a rock or metal fan. The atmosphere is festive. It will satisfy you to enjoy the music.
  • Bring camping essentials with you. Always bring a first aid box.
  • Don’t worry about charging your phone. There are portable chargers to hire at the festival.
  • As an id bring you have to bring a passport (not a photocopy), Full Driving Licence or Provisional Licence, A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram, Ministry of Defence identity car, a National Identity card issued by an EU member state.
  • And book your tickets early.
Download - Popular Rock Festival in UK

Safety Concerns During the Download Festival, UK

  • Just like any other place, traveling to unfamiliar surroundings may have some safety concerns.
  • Make yourself familiar with people, their lifestyle, and places so you don’t become susceptible to potential dangers.
  • Make sure you have enough medical support and carry your own medicines or medical insurance.
  • Sometimes the concerts create controversies. The audience throws stuff at the artists out of anger. This can get violent. If you notice anything violent, leave the place as soon as possible and try to get help.
  • The festival will be very crowded. Keep your valuables in a safe place.
  • People from different countries and cultures will come to the festival. Try to respect everyone and their perspective.
  • Always carry an id and the ticket to everywhere in the festival.

Wow! The Download festival of UK sounds like a spectacular holiday. It will be a perfect summer holiday for a music lover. It will stun even an adventure lover to join such a festival. This festival is every rock and metal lover’s dream. If you are planning to go, make sure to book the tickets earlier. There is a huge number of rock and metal fans planning to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Download Festival, UK

Q. Will Download Festival UK be canceled?

Answer: Yes.

Q. What should I take for Download Festival?

Answer: A tent, a sleeping bag, a roll mat/inflatable mattress, some toilet roll, reusable water bottles, camping pillows.

Q. How do I get to London Download Festival?

Answer: Take the train from London Euston to Northampton or take the bus from Northampton Bus Interchange to Haymarket Bus Station X7 or take the bus from St Margaret’s Bus Station to Castle Donington, Donington Park 125. You can fly directly to London.

Q. Can you take drinks into the Download Festival?

Answer: You can take No alcohol into the arena. However, you can take food and soft drinks into the arena (for your consumption) as long as any soft drinks are in unopened, sealed plastic or paper containers of 500ml or less.

Q. How many download festivals are there?

Answer: Download Festival. Download Festival is a rock festival, held annually at Donington Park in England, in Paris, France, at Parramatta Park, Sydney, and at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.