International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

If you need some adventures in life and searching for an adventurous trip then the Wackiest Festival more accurately the Biggest Slack Line festival, The International Highline Meeting, Monte Piana is the perfect destination for you.

This Festival is one of the most chill festivals you will ever heard of, but it also might be one of the most terrifying festivals, so make sure you aren’t afraid of heights only then you will enjoy your trip to this festival.

International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

What is The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana?

The International Highline Meeting Festival features 18 lines, some of are 300 feet long and there are competitions, movies, acroyoga workshops. Some of the attendees spend most of their time on hammocks, hundreds of feet above the Italian Alps. There is a special highline set up rigged which can carry the weight of all the people on the line at the same time. This festival attracts hundreds of brave people from all over the world who love mountains, and the adrenaline of being very high up.

It is an annual event. You can experience there tightrope walking in the rope which has a slightly flattened shape and it has slack which can move side-to-side or bounce. Every year around 320 young highliners from 20 different types of countries come in this festival. It is a great event for the young professionals who want to spend their time with nature, themselves and with others.

International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

Some Key Facts about The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana:

  • The attendees, who balance themselves on the slacklines, call themselves “slackers”.
  • The trenches are not visible in the winter because the snow fills in it.
  • Without any competitive features, this is a large gathering for courageous people to sharpen up their skills.
  • The High-liners connect the materials to a strengthened highline because they need to walk out to their designated relaxation spots around 150ft high.
  • This meeting comes under extreme sport category.
  • In this meeting, the “slackers” come to assemble and advance their skills and having a great time by relaxing hundreds of feet in the air.
  • You cannot use the bathroom easily.
  • It is common to see some dreadlocks hanging out of a hammock at this festival.
  • People, who seem comfortable in their hammocks, are very confident in their equipment.
  • A person who has no fear of heights and love for adventure as well as pushing his\her boundaries, this meeting is perfect for him\her.
  • In general, local sponsors give funds for the festival.
International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

In the Slackline Festival, there is tightrope walking as the rope, which the slackers use, is slightly flatter than tightrope and move side to side or bounce. The founders believe that the mountain is a perfect place for high lining and can stimulate this historic place in a different way. You can spend a good portion of your time or enjoy amazing views and take pretty cool selfies in the hammocks suspended above the Alps. You can also use the provided kitchen, the bar, the great musical jam sessions, Yoga workshops and tandem paraglider flights.

The overly courageous adventure-seekers take this slackline festival to the next level by spending days and nights suspended hundreds of feet. There are 16 hammocks on the main line. The line is around 50m above the ground and 50m in distance. During the whole festival, most of the people stay up on the mountain for a whole week.

What is the History of The International Highline Meeting Festival, Monte Piana?

From the friendship of two highliners Alessandro d‘Emilia (Italy) and Armin Holzer, (SouthTyrol), they decided to start this festival in 2012.  It was inspired by their desire to have noteworthy scenery of Monte Piana (Misurina) in the Dolomites, Italy. The aim was to invite professional athletes and enthusiasts around the world to come here, gather, relax and be a part of this event. You can have a great 360 degrees view around the mountains of Auronzo di Cadore, Cortina d’Ampezzo and “Sextner Dolomiten” in those seats for their special shape and position.

International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

For its natural beauty as well as historical importance, the founders chose this place for the festival. The event area is an open air museum to honor the memory of the 18,000 young soldiers who died here during the First World War. The trenches which are 7 km in length are still viewable. Moreover, the highline is an extreme practice on top of mountains and it has already become a model to connect different cultures in respect of the natural surroundings and life.

When is The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana celebrated?

This International Highline Meeting Festival does not have a fixed program because the festival fully depends on weather conditions and on the mood of the day. So the authority arranges this festival very carefully thinking about the safety concerns of the participants and to remind you, this festival takes place once a year and usually in September or October.

Where is The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana?

The International Highline Meeting, Monte Piana takes place close to Misurina in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage. This place is one of the most beautiful sites in the Italian Alps with a 360-degree-view of the neighbouring mountains such as Auronzo di Cadore, Cortina d’Ampezzo and “Sextner Dolomiten and Misurina Lake below.

International Highline Meeting Festival- Italian Alps in Monte Piana

Essential tips to help enjoy the The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana:

  • As it’s a non-competitive sport, you can share your passion for mountains and slack line with other participants.
  •  Enjoy this social meeting to experience solidarity, conviviality for a week.
  • With the faint of heart, you can’t accomplish this meeting.
  • Tighten the webbings between rocks so you can continue to try new routes across the gorge
  • You can get some sleep before another day of thrill seeking in the tents.
  • You can do solo using a safety gear.
  • Practice a lot if you don’t have a good balance naturally.
  • Train your mind to understand the line’s movement so it will easy to predict what’s happening next.
  • Concentrate on your steps.
  • You will feel soloing is the eventual goal but people come up with other ways to push yourself.
  • Never let irrational fears limit you, just go for it.
  • Be considerate and humble to people. Respect everyone’s space and culture.

Safety concerns during the The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana:   

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before setting up your line.
  • Remember to ensure that the anchor points are stable when setting up your line.
  • Never over-tension the webbing and you MUST lock the ratchet(s).
  • Use a safety harness and a backup line or rope while practicing.
  • Wear long trousers, shoes and a long sleeve t-shirt when on the line.
  • Warm-up yourself first. It will reduce the risk of injuries to joints and muscles
  • Do a lot of practices and have patience.
  • Wear shoes. It can protect you from cutting or scratching the skin of your feet on the line.
  • Try to maintain 90 degree position while standing and walking, do not twist your body.
  • Focus on a stable point, a better option is the opposite anchor point that the Slackline is attached to.
  • Never look down. It will hinder your balance.

Other Things to During The International Highline Meeting Festival, 2022 Monte Piana:

  • Visit the Open Air Museum of the First World War in Monte Piana.
  • Take a hike along the Lange Alm.
  • Take a nice stroll around the Lago di Carezza. The entrance is free but you have to pay for parking.
  • Take a mountain bike tour between high mountains and lakes.
  • Have a trip to Bolzano where you can find many sights including the famous otzi Museum,
     local fruit markets or green spaces along the river.
  • Go for rafting in the Dolomites.
  • Try skiing in a ski resort in the Dolomites.
  • Take a hike for 1-2 hours around the Lago di Braies Lake. It’s a popular sunrise spot.
  • Try some local foods.

So if you are still confused to go for it or not then just give it a try. Otherwise you will miss an opportunity to discover yourself in that beautiful and serene location.

Frequently Asked Questions about The International Highline Meeting Festival, Monte Piana:

Q. Where is Monte Piana situated?

Answer: It is a tal mountain in the Dolomites, located on the border between the provinces of South Tyrol and Belluno.

Q. How to reach Monte Piana?

Answer: You can reach Monte Piana by flying to Innsbruck, Austria then drive through the scenic mountainous route for about 2.5 hours.

Q. What is the purpose of this festival?

Answer: The aim is to arrange a get-together for the enthusiasts to hang out and for the newbie to introduce with the sport.

Q. Is the festival all about slacklining?

Answer: No, there is musical entertainment, an outdoor cinema, food stalls, yoga lessons and a dance party at night in this festival.

Q. Which is better slacklining barefoot or with shoes?

Answer: It is better to wear flat soled athletic shoes with good ankle support and tighten your shoe laces properly.

Q. Is the slacklining dangerous?

Answer: It can result serious injuries but by following simple guidelines you can minimize
 the risks considerably.