Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

Bangkok has a contemporary art center named Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC). Located in the heart of Bangkok, the BACC is a place used for exhibiting art, theatre, music and other special and occasional events in Bangkok. The BACC is the cultural venue that exchanges cultures of different nations on its compound and thus it is the operational art center for Bangkok. People around the globe visit Bangkok Art and Culture Center to taste the blend of traditional and international arts and cultures in Thailand.

History of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC):

The move to establish an art center in Bangkok, Thailand was adopted by its governor Dr. Bhichit Rattakul in 1995. He wanted to establish a multi-dimensional art and cultural center that should be a global meeting place for art lovers around the globe. Beginning in 2000, the construction work of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center halted for the want of available funds to run the construction.

The fund crisis appeared as there were some hostility against the initiative and a few corruption allegations by the state. The government could not apprehend the intellectual value of having such an art and cultures center. So, after three years of its initiation, the construction of the BACC resumed in 2005 and earlier it was named as Bangkok Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art. The art center was renamed as Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) prior to its inauguration. The BACC was opened to public in 2008.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

The BACC exhibits a blend of past and present and the traditional to international arts and cultures. It collects resources from every available sources including public and private. The art center contains different collection including different precious and rare paintings, sculptures, photography, videos, performances and more. Traditional Thai shows are also available here for the visitors. It is a perfect venue for one to pass the leisure periods in Bangkok. One of greatest features of the art center is that most of it collections are not exhibited on walls and the interior shape is spiral and twisted.

You can have the artists by the side of their creations in the 3000 square meter space of Bangkok Art and Culture Center. There are private shops and galleries are also available inside the art center. Lots of people including local youths, foreign travelers and art-lovers frequently visit the BACC.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

Travel Guide information of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC):

Located at 939 Rama Road in Wangmai, Bangkok, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center is accessible in different directions from the city. You can use car rental service to reach the BACC, can take ride the skytrain or take be Bangkok Metro. If you are in a hurry, you can also hire a motorcycle taxi which is also a fast transportation mode in Bangkok. In all cases, ride off at the National Stadium stoppage, take a short walk, and you are at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.     

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

Some Tips when you visit on Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC):

The best way to visit the Bangkok Art and Culture Center is to visit the inside cafes first, then take a cup of coffee or other available local and traditional snacks, then start browsing the gallery. Before riding taxis, check if the taxis are run with meter or may cost you more than the usual charges.

Culture & Customs of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC):

The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center is the only place where you can meet the artists along with their tasks. The small galleries contain different contemporary and traditional arts and works of local and international noted or novice artists. The entire art center takes about two to three hours to visit. Different exhibitions are held in the Bangkok Art and Culture Center round the year and you can enjoy such events at free of cost. Admission at the center is charge free and remains open from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. The center is closed on Mondays. 

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

Transport/ Getting Around in Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC):

By Bus:
Public buses No. 15, 16, 21, 25, 29, 34, 36, 40, 47, 48, 50, 54, 73, 73ก, 79, 93, 141, 159, 204, 508

By Boat:
Take the boat at Saen Saeb Canal (Khlong Saen Saeb Boat) and get off at Sa Phan Hua-Chang Pier (or Hua Chang Bridge). Then walk for about 300 m to the BACC.

By BTS SkyTrain:
Take BTS SkyTrain to National Stadium Station and leave via exit No. 3. Then walk through Skybridge directly to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center – you will enter on the 3rd floor of it.

By Car:
The BACC is on Rama 1 road and Payathai road. There is only one car entrance from Payathai Road.

The parking is available at level B1 and B2 but it’s limited.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand

Some things to Remember on Your visit to Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre:

  • It’s easy to find across from the popular MBK mega shopping mall and Siam Discovery Centre
  • Start at the top and work down
  • You are encouraged to touch some installations and become part of them. Make sure you know which works you can touch as you are generally not allowed to touch them
  • It’s a big place so give yourself a couple hours to enjoy it
  • Do not disturb others peaceful enjoyment of the galleries
  • Please observe photography rules for each exhibition
  • For permitted photography, the use of flash, tripod and selfie sticks are prohibited
  • Video recording is prohibited
  • Photographs taken from BACC exhibition are for non-commercial use only
  • They have lockers to store your oversize bags on entry
  • Make sure to read about upcoming live events and interactions with the artists and art pieces on certain days and times
  • There are also a few coffee shops and places to eat and shop on your way to the top where the museum and exhibits are situated
  • Food and drink are prohibited inside the galleries