Derinkuyu Underground City

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It is not exactly known when the city was built. However, the Hittites ruled the Anatolia region from about 1600 BCE to about 1200 BCE. After that, the Hittite empire got divided into smaller groups due to various conflicts and wars. Then, the Phrygians came to the area from the Balkans. Some think that the Hittites built Derinkuyu to prevent the attacks of the Phrygians. And if Hittites had built this city, they built it before 1200 BC.

Another group of experts thinks that this underground city was built by the Phrygians between 1200 BCE and 800 BCE. Later, Egyptian, Greek, American, Syrian people migrated to Cappadocia. The underground cities of Cappadocia were first mentioned in the writings of Greek soldiers and historians, Xenophon.

He had been wandering around the area for a long time. In his book Anabasis, he says, ‘The houses here were underground, with a mouth like that of a well, but spacious below; and while entrances were tunneled down for the beasts of burden, the human inhabitants descended by a ladder. In the houses were goats, sheep, cattle, fowls, and their young; and all the animals were reared and took their fodder there in the houses.’

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