El Enfarinats Festival, One of the Largest Food Fight Festivals of the World: Everything You Need to Know!

No other country likes to fight with food like in Spain. The most famous food fight is La Tomatina, in the province of Valencia. But one of the most popular food fights in Spain took place in the small town of Ibi, Alicante. This festival occures on December 28th. The travelers took part in the battle of ‘Enfarinats,’ a battle of flour to celebrate the Festival of Els Enfarinats.

What is the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain?

The Els Enfarinats Festival is one of the most fascinating Spanish traditions. And this is another example of the great European food war. El Enfarinats is a game, a charade, a confusing war between two opposing factions in the re-emergence of the political situation. Els Enfarinats is a funny battle between two groups – one called ‘Els Enfarinats’ and the other ‘La Oposicio’ – which puts things out kindly. During the war, participants tossed bag after bag of flour, laid hundreds of eggs, and detonated countless firecrackers and smoke bombs.

El Enfarinats Festival, One of the Largest Food Fight Festivals of the World: Everything You Need to Know!

Some Key Facts About the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain:

  • This tradition is over 200 years old, but it speaks of an ancient, black event. That was known as the Massacre of the Innocents
  • El Enfarinats is a game that not only has a long history but also follows a plot and participants play a role in telling stories.
  • It’s a colorful and brown fiesta, where everyone, whether you’re a member of Enfarinats or La Oposicio, have a lot of fun.
  • This is the Spanish version of April Fool’s Day.
  • The festival is also called the Day of Innocence, with people wearing fake military uniforms and playing coup d’état.
El Enfarinats Festival, Spain

The festival known as the Els Enfarinats to commemorate the biblical story of King Herod and Massacre of the Innocents. Els enfarinats translates into “The floured ones” in the Valencian language, and for good reason. “Els Enfarinats,” is actually the name of one of the two groups that participates and almost translates, “those who are mature,”. The team is playing a mysterious game as they try to “take over the city.” They create new and humorous laws and penalize anyone who is “guilty”. This money is collected and donated to charity donations after the event.

What is the History of the El Enfarinats Festival, Alicante, Spain?

Every December 28, the residents of Ibi, Alicante, in southern Spain, carry flour and eggs. No, they are not planning a great baking time – instead; they are preparing for the city’s annual flour war, the Els Enfarinats.

They have celebrated the festival since 1981 after the city of Ibi discovered the culture. It is reminiscent of an old, dark event known as the Massacre of the Innocents which is why December 28 is also known as “Innocent Day”.

El Enfarinats Festival, Spain

In the New Testament, King Herod killed all the boys, including his own son, to destroy the infant Jesus. In Ibi, the festival participants used a false conclusion to recall the biblical tribulation. The first festival of El Enfarinats was followed back in at least 1862. But it stopped there when an actual war broke out throughout Spain during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and it did not happen again until 1981, six years after the assassination of dictator General Francisco Franco.

For this reason, the people of Ibi celebrates this festival.

When is the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain?

Every year on December 28 the city celebrates the Els Enfarinats, better known as the Flour Fight Festival.

Els Enfarinats Festival 2022, Alicante, Spain Schedule:

8am: New Justice will take power at sunrise on Innocents Day.

9am: Court Hearing in Town Hall to decide who will be the Mayor of Enfarinats. The new constitutional mayor, Rafael Serralta, will issue an order to the new mayor’s staff. After that the judge, the Prosecutor, the Secretary and the trustees will take over the village.

10am: Together they will move it to their quarter in Church Square, where the Enfarinats have converted the square into a new City Hall. They will sentence those who do not pay to life in prison. After that there will be a war between the Enfarinats and the Opposition. The first battle will start with flour, eggs and firecrackers.

10.30am: This second battle starts with anger and gunpowder.

11am: Asylum product collection.

12pm: The battle in the Plaza de la Iglesia (Church Square) ends. There will be a dance at headquarters on Les Ànimes Street.

3.15pm: Dancing continues at the Asylum of Sant Joaquim, where they will dance respectfully for their elders.

10.30pm: Head to the Municipal Sports Hall. FREE admission. They invite the public to come and dance in traditional costumes (hat, cake and shirt).

Where to Celebrate the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain?

The Els Enfarinats Festival takes place in Ibi, Alicante in Southern Spain. The event takes place all day and throughout the city.

Other Things to do during the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain:

There are beautiful beaches to relax in or out in this tiny village. Why not look at the city above while carrying fuel or delivering parasailing or from a hot-air balloon? You can explore it from under the sea while dragging snark or scuba diving or over it while getting up on paddle boarding, kayaking or a great boat ride.

Explore Alicante on horseback, bike or on foot. You should definitely check out the Moorish Caves, Viva Verde and Sierra de Mariola. There is also a cool walking museum where you read the history of places and cultures and have a beautiful Iglesia de San Jorge.

El Enfarinats Festival, Spain

Essential Tips to help you enjoy the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain:

  • If you are going to Ibi to take part in the festival, know that you will be joining La Oposicio gang (to wear a part, you will need a big hat).
  • If you don’t want to take part in the fight, wear clothes that can be dirty.
  • If firecrackers throw you out, you can still go to the first hour – before the fireworks start.
  • Book your complete trip with our Spanish travel guide and travel information.
  • This is a food fight festival, so don’t forget to bring enough flour and eggs.
  • Bring safety googles and wear comfortable shoes.

Safety Concerns during the El Enfarinats Festival, 2022 Alicante, Spain:

  • Don’t forget to spend your money wisely. Make public transportation and eat at them from time to time are common safety tips while traveling.
  • Make sure you buy your ticket to the festival before booking your flights!
  • Do not carry expensive electronics and / or wear fancy clothes as it will probably damage them.
  • People will climb up the clothes of others as madness rises to the next level! Wearing flip-flops is a bad idea too.
  • You will smack among one of the biggest clubs in the world but try to walk easy on alcohol and stay sober for a moment.
  • There will be a lot of pressure and skiing, so try to avoid crowds.
El Enfarinats Festival, Spain

Every year since Roman times, there has been a decisive battle for control of the Spanish city of Ibi. Friday’s event sparked a riotous battle using thousands of rotten eggs and packs of flour, which were covered with hundreds of explosives. This is a hilarious party, even if you just want to be a spectator. However, I would encourage you to take part in the war. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about El Enfarinats Festival, Alicante, Spain:

Q. Where to stay during El Enfarinats Festival, Alicante, Spain?

Answer: There are many hotels in Ebi, Alicante. You can choose your preferred accommodation from various websites. Hotel del Juguete, Sercotel Ciutat D’Alcoi Hotel, Hotel Reconquista, Hotel Villa de Biar, etc. are some of the most popular hotels in Ebi.

Q. What are the two gangs fight in El Enfarinats Festival, Alicante, Spain?

Answer: During this festival, two different groups pretend to be fighting.

  1. Els Enfarinats: A group of married men who are in control of the city. They are enforcing new rules to penalize viewers of anyone they see on the street.
  2. La Oposicio: This group wants to take control of the city and establish the old laws.

Q. How can arrive at the venue?

Answer: Many people walk around the city on foot or rent a bicycle or motorcycle. There are public transportation including tram lines, buses and taxis and it is easy to navigate yourself if you decide to rent a car.