Spanish-San Vino Wine Festival

Spain is a land of wonders. Most of us know this country for the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and the La Tomatina festival. But what we don’t know is La Tomatina festival is not the only food throwing festival Spain has got. We got information about a more adult and boozier food throwing festival. San Vino Wine festival is a wine throwing festival. This festival takes place in the small town of Haro. Haro is situated in the region of in the region of La Rioja of Northern Spain. Every year in the end of June, the villagers of Haro and many tourists attend this festival. This is an annual summer festival.

Here is a everything you need to know about the San Vino Wine festival aka La Batalle de Vino.

What is San Vino Wine Festival?

The San Vino Wine Festival is an annual summer festival. Every year in the end of June, on the day of patron saint San Pedro, this festival takes place in Haro, La Rioja, Spain. People carrying jugs, bottles, botas and containers full of red wine reaches the cliffs of Bilibio from Haro. The town mayor on a horseback leads the Caravan to the destination. Then they celebrate a mass. After the mass, the wine battle starts.

Spanish-San Vino Wine Festival

People through red wine at each other, drink it. The festival starts at 9 am. Everyone becomes soaked in wine by noon. Then the festival continues in the Plaza de la Paz in Haro. In the bullring of Haro, a bullfight takes place as a part of the celebration. But it kills no animals in the fight.

Some Key Facts about the San Vino Wine Festival:

  • They also call the San Vino Wine Festival “La Batalle del Vino”. It means “Battle of Wine”.
  • This festival takes place on 29th June, the day of the patron saint of San Pedro.
  • La Batalle del Vino is literally a bloody festival. Except the ammo is red wine.
  • They call it the world’s greatest wine festival.
  • The festival celebrates the saints of San Juan, San Felices and San Pedro
  • They say that when San Felices de Bilibio died in the 6th century, people started to make pilgrimages to the spot where they buried him in the caves of Riscos de Bilibio. There started a process of wine baptism. Later it turned into a wine festival.
  • If you want to join in the wine fight, you have to wear all white and tie a red handkerchief around your neck.

San Vino Wine Festival – A short Overview:

San Vino Wine festival of the Battle of wine is everything a wine lover needs. This festival is like a shooting game of wine. People of all ages attend this festival of purple and get their heart filled with joy. This festival has a religious background, and it is full of joy. You can join this festival with your family and spent quality time. Nature lovers will also love the festival. The scenario from cliffs of Bilibio will amaze them. There is a bullfight that takes place in the town bullring during the festival. It is for the youth. No animals are killed though. If you are a wine lover, this festival should be on your bucket list. This is truly a spectacular event for everyone to enjoy. This will be a good attachment to your travel diaries.

What is the History of the San Vino Wine Festival?

They say that when San Felices de Bilibio died in the 6th century, people started making pilgrimages to the spot where he was buried. They buried him in the cave of Riscos de Bilibio. This tradition continued for hundreds of years. They built a chapel there in the 18th century. The wine baptism started taking place there after that. It wasn’t there until the 20th century. As time passed, these baptism processes turned into wine celebrations. Eventually the wine battle was born.

In another story, they say that one of the villagers tossed wine on another as a celebration of the pilgrimages. And it eventually turned into a wine throwing festival.

When is the San Vino Wine festival?

This festival takes place every year in summer. San Vino Wine festival or ‘La Batalle del Vino’ takes place on the day of the patron saint San Pedro, 29th June. This day celebrates the Patron saints.

Where is the San Vino Whine Festival?

The festival takes place in the small town of Haro, in the heart of La Rioja wine region. La Batalle de Vino takes place 6 kilometres away from the town, on the cliffs of Bilibio. Then the festivle continues in the Plaza de la Paz in Haro. The bullfight takes place in the town bullring. This is one of the most popular festival in Spain.

Essential Tips to help you Enjoy the San Vino Wine Festival:

  • Must wear white attire with a red scarf around your neck and a container.
  • Bring clothes you don’t mind to get ruined. The red wine stain never comes off.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance covered.
  • If you are planning to camp, just bring the necessaries.
  • Bring swimming attire, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and a light jacket or top.
  • Book your hotel or staying place as fast as you can. There are few hotels in Haro.
  • Make sure your phone stays waterproof during the fight. Put your phone in a lock bag or waterproof case.
  • Bring some swimming goggles with yourself. The red Rioja wine is excellent to have in your mouth, but your eyes perhaps dislike it.
  • Do not make yourself a target. Thousands of people will try to attack you. If you are not careful, you might drown in wine.
  • Do not forget to drink lots of water in the middle of the summer in such a hectic festival.
  • Go on your battle mood and enjoy!

Safety Concerns during the San Vino Wine festival:

  • Just like any other place, take the usual safety measures.
  • Take care of yourself. There will be a huge crowd.
  • Put your valuables in a safe place.
  • Be careful during the fight. It will be a hectic battle.
  • Do not bring any container made of glass.

Other things to do during the San Vino Wine Festival:

  • Don’t forget to taste the Spanish food.
  • Go to the after party of the festival.
  • Make new friends.
  • Taste the excellent La Rioja wine.

Wow! La Batalle de Vino looks like a spectacular festival. Here people come with white clothes and turns purple in the end of the day. This festival is heaven for wine lovers. The San Vino Wine festival is full joy and taste. If it’s legal to drink for you, you can join this festival. It doesn’t matter how old are you. The bullfight of this festival, and the after party will surprise you. If you are planning to attend, book your hotel room early. Pack some swimming goggles, white clothes and you are all set to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about the San Vino Wine Festival:

Q. Where is San Vino Wine Festival?

Answer: In the small town of Haro in the La Rioja Region of Northern Spain.

Q. Why do they celebrate San Vino Wine Festival?

Answer: It is a tradition in the small town of Haro. When in 1710 one villager of Haro doused another with red wine, this tradition was born.

Q. What to wear at La Batalla De Vino?

Answer: Most people will dress in total white with red scarves.

Q. When is San Vino Wine Festival?

Answer: 29th June.

Q. Which Wine is used in La Batalla de Vino?

Answer: The red La Rioja Wine.

Q. What should I take to San Vino Wine Festiva?

Answer: White attire, red scarf, towels, swimming goggles.