Beckons a world of unmatched luxury and serenity in this vibrant locale. Elevate your travel experience with the best Resorts in Gazipur, where excellence and comfort converge to redefine hospitality standards. These top-rated establishments have been crowned as the preferred choices by discerning travelers in 2023, promising an unforgettable retreat amidst Gazipur's natural splendor.

Explore the epitome of opulence as you delve into the meticulously crafted amenities and world-class services offered by Gazipur's finest resorts. Whether you crave a tranquil escape or an adventure-packed getaway, these establishments cater to every preference. Immerse yourself in the allure of All-Inclusive Resorts in Gazipur, where seamless experiences unfold, ensuring your vacation is nothing short of extraordinary.

In 2023, embrace Gazipur's charm through the lens of its customers' choices, where each resort promises an exceptional blend of luxury and warm hospitality, creating a haven for memories that last a lifetime.

Best Resorts in Gazipur, Dhaka with Booking Details:

Here is a list of the Best resorts in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sarah Resort:

Sarah Resort is situated in the historical Bhawal Rajbari in the district of Gazipur. Just a few hours away from Dhaka, this enchanting retreat offers a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. Surrounded by eye-catching natural forestry, tropical fruit trees, and vibrant flower gardens, the resort creates a tranquil haven for those seeking an escape from the bustling city life.

Sarah Resort

Boasting ultramodern facilities and a plethora of exclusive indoor and outdoor activities, Sarah Resort caters to every aspect of a memorable getaway. Dive into the refreshing swimming pool, unwind in the jacuzzi, explore the surroundings on a cycle, engage in thrilling VR gaming, enjoy a serene boat ride, or experience cinematic magic at the 9D movie theatre. Families with children will appreciate the dedicated kids zone and playground, ensuring that young ones have as much fun as the adults.

Accommodations at Sarah Resort are diverse, offering eco-friendly bungalows, villas, a waterbed lodge, the iconic Sarah tower, and even an ancient mud house, providing options to suit every taste and preference. To tantalize your taste buds, the resort features three in-house restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.

At Sarah Resort, immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of nature's splendor and modern comforts, creating a memorable and rejuvenating retreat for all who venture to this historical gem in Gazipur.

Bhawal Resort & Spa:

Bhawal Resort is located in the Niljahni Village of Mirjapur union, Gazipur. A mere forty-five kilometers from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, this resort is conveniently accessible within just one and a half hours. Offering a retreat into tranquility, Bhawal Resort is a haven of relaxation and indulgence.

Bhawal Resort & Spa

Within the resort's premises, guests can explore four restaurants, 2 bars, and a choice of 61 cottages, each equipped with distinctive amenities. The cottages, adorned with private balconies, provide an intimate space to savor the natural beauty surrounding the resort. Accommodation options range from one-bedroom villas to one or two-bedroom suites, ensuring a tailored experience to match diverse needs.

Health and beauty enthusiasts can indulge in a range of services and spa programs, fostering wellness during their stay. Leisure activities abound at Bhawal Resort, featuring a private pool, waterfront spa, gym, tennis club, billiard club, and more. Families are well-catered with special babysitting services, a dedicated kid's playground, and a separate swimming pool for the young ones to revel in.

Exuding an ambiance of luxury and serenity, Bhawal Resort & Spa emerges as an ideal retreat in Gazipur, especially tailored for couples seeking a romantic escape amidst the tranquil landscapes and myriad facilities.

Chuti Resort:

Situated in Sukundi Village, Gazipur, Chuti Resort offers a world-class eco-lifestyle to incoming visitors. Within the resort, various gardens, including flower gardens, orchards, and organic fields, immerse guests in the tranquility of nature. The ambiance is enhanced by the sweet melody of birdsong throughout the day, creating a serene environment for relaxation.

Chuti Resort

The resort provides a choice of accommodations, featuring cottages, suites, and village-style dwellings, allowing guests to select the perfect option for their stay. Nestled amid this natural oasis is a picturesque lake, offering opportunities for boating and fishing experiences, further enhancing the resort's allure.

Chuti Resort caters to families and individuals alike, with outdoor activities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and various sports. The resort's commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle is evident, fostering a connection between guests and the natural surroundings. This unique blend of nature, comfort, and recreational offerings makes Chuti Resort a haven for those seeking a refreshing escape in the heart of Gazipur.

Dream Square Resort:

Dream Square Resort is situated in Maona, AjhirChala, spanning a vast 67 acres of land dedicated to providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation amid nature's embrace. This expansive retreat offers a haven of tranquility, coupled with modern amenities, ensuring a memorable escape.

Nestled within this idyllic setting, Dream Square Resort takes pride in its self-sufficiency, cultivating vegetables on-site to serve visitors fresh and organic delicacies upon request. The resort also boasts the cultivation of various medicinal herbs, adding an extra touch of wellness to the guest experience.

Dream Square Resort

As you explore this scenic retreat, you'll be accompanied by the melodies of numerous birds that have made their nests, creating a harmonious environment. The resort's swimming pool provides a refreshing oasis for guests, perfect for a rejuvenating dip and leisurely sunbathing. For culinary enthusiasts, the experience extends to flame-grilled BBQ sessions, ideal for sharing delightful moments with family and friends.

Families with children will find joy in the dedicated children's park, offering rides like slippers and swings for the little ones to savor. Dream Square Resort beckons with its blend of natural beauty, self-sustainability, and an array of recreational offerings, promising a refreshing and pleasant retreat for all who seek solace in Maona, AjhirChala.

Green View Golf Resort:

Green View Golf Resort is located in Sreepur, Gazipur, renowned for offering an exclusive and luxurious golf experience to its visitors. Nestled in a serene environment, the resort provides a perfect blend of opulence and privacy during your golf sessions. The allure extends beyond golf, with amenities such as a refreshing swimming pool and numerous gardens where you can connect with nature alongside your loved ones.

Green View Golf Resort

One of the standout features is the mini zoo, housing enchanting deer, colorful birds, and various other animals, promising an unforgettable wildlife experience for your children. As you contemplate the ideal accommodation, Green View Golf Resort presents a range of options, including the elegant Swan Villa, the enticing Deluxe Pool Villa, the picturesque Deluxe Golf Villa, the charming Deluxe Balcony, and the luxurious Suites.

Beyond golf and relaxation, the resort offers a spectrum of outdoor activities such as badminton, bubble-ball, bike trails, pool, table tennis, and more. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or seeking a diverse range of recreational pursuits, Green View Golf Resort invites you to indulge in a luxurious and nature-filled escape in the heart of Gazipur.

Rajendra Eco Resort Ltd:

Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is in Bhabnipur, under the Gazipur district, just an hour's drive away from Dhaka. Renowned for its expansive natural landscapes, this resort invites guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Each cottage within the resort not only provides comfortable accommodations but also boasts a watchtower, allowing guests to marvel at the lush greenery that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Rajendra Eco Resort Ltd

A distinctive feature of Rajendra Eco Resort is its focus on outdoor experiences. Visitors can indulge in fishing and boating activities on the serene lakes that adorn the resort's grounds. The resort takes pride in serving fresh organic foods cultivated in its garden, complemented by dairy products sourced from its poultry farms. This commitment to freshness ensures that visitors savor meals with distinct flavors, prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

For those seeking relaxation, Rajendra Eco Resort offers a haven with a massage parlour and a swimming pool, providing the perfect escape to unwind and shake off the weariness of daily life. Whether relishing the natural beauty, partaking in outdoor adventures, or savoring fresh cuisine, Rajendra Eco Resort promises a holistic and rejuvenating experience for all who venture to this Gazipur gem.

Reverie Holiday Resort:

Reverie Holiday Resort is situated at Salna, Gazipur, just an hour away from Dhaka. Spanning across 3 acres of lush landscape, this resort is a verdant oasis boasting agricultural fields, verdant forests, and an array of fruit and flower trees. Rooted in the principles of eco-tourism, Reverie Holiday Resort offers a serene escape for visitors seeking a harmonious connection with nature.

The resort features duplex bungalows equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious night-staying experience for families and kids alike. For those seeking a more adventurous accommodation, the option to set up tents beside the cottages provides a unique tenting experience amidst nature's embrace.

Reverie Holiday Resort

Within the resort, a sizable pond adds to the allure, inviting tourists to indulge in boat rides across its tranquil waters. Reverie Holiday Resort goes beyond mere accommodation, occasionally treating guests to Bar-B-Q points, musical nights, and other activities tailored to meet customers' preferences.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Reverie Holiday Resort, where each moment is an opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories just an hour away from the heart of Dhaka.

Third Terrace Resorts:

Third Terrace Resorts is the perfect retreat for friends and family seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Offering a delightful escape reminiscent of village living, this resort promises a unique experience with private bungalows immersed in rustic charm. Wander along paths shaded by the sprawling shamiana of ancient trees, where a nostalgic village ambiance awaits.

Third Terrace Resorts

The tranquility of Third Terrace Resorts is complemented by the gentle breeze that sweeps through the landscape, providing a scenic backdrop that soothes both body and soul. Choose between the "Windsong" and "Wildwoods" cottages, each meticulously designed to showcase beautiful gardens and serene lakes. Every plant and herb within the resort is thoughtfully placed, contributing to an atmosphere that exudes the perfect vibe for relaxation.

For those yearning for a retreat that captures the essence of nature and simplicity, Third Terrace Resorts stands as an idyllic haven, offering an authentic escape to a bygone era.

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort:

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort is conveniently located 16 KM from Hazrat Shahjala International Aiport. Embracing the essence of rural Bangladesh, this resort seamlessly combines nature's tranquility with high-end facilities, offering a unique experience for both families and officials alike. Tailored tour plans further enhance the stay, ensuring a personalized and memorable visit.

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort

Choose from five distinct ranges of rooms and villas, allowing you to select accommodations that perfectly match your preferences and requirements. The resort's dining area overlooks a serene lake, providing a picturesque backdrop for enjoying a variety of cuisines and hosting BBQ parties. Outdoor enthusiasts will find an array of activities to indulge in, including badminton, paddleboats, and fishing.

For those seeking relaxation, the resort features separate pools, ensuring a tranquil experience for both adults and children. Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort goes beyond mere accommodation, offering a holistic retreat that captures the beauty of rural Bangladesh while providing modern conveniences. Whether you're here for leisure or business, the resort promises a delightful blend of comfort and cultural richness.

Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Centre:

Covering an area of 25 Bighas, Nokhotrobari Resort and Conference Centre is situated in the China-Shukhania village near Sripur, Gazipur. Crafted by the artistic vision of renowned television artists Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat, this resort seamlessly blends natural beauty with traditional rural joy. The sprawling resort is a visual spectacle, with its prominent feature being a large lake adorned with an artificial fountain.

Eco-conscious travelers are in for a treat, as Nokhotrobari Resort offers eco-friendly rooms constructed from straws and bamboo, adding a unique charm to the visitor's experience. Accommodation options range from hotel complexes to water bungalows and family bungalows, providing diverse choices for every guest's preferences.

Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Centre

Two inviting swimming pools, perfect for leisurely moments with friends and family, grace the resort's landscape. The recreational options are plentiful, including boat riding, fishing, table tennis, foosball, and badminton. For a serene experience, guests can paddleboat across the picturesque lake or take a leisurely walk along soil-made roads, surrounded by an enchanting variety of plants and herbs.

For those seeking resorts in Gazipur with a swimming pool and the charm of a lakeside retreat, Nokhotrobari Resort and Conference Centre stands as an ideal destination. Immerse yourself in the natural allure and diverse activities, making it a memorable escape in the heart of Gazipur.

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