Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

Need a pleasant way to pass your day? Comedy is more than this. For our everyday existence we need comedy; even the darkest, saddest drama needs a laugh or a light moment sometimes, so does our life. If you haven’t attended a comedy festival yet then you should consider about going to “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Canada.

The Largest International Comedy Festival in the world, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival each year welcoming more than 2 million people. There is a diverse range of comedy themes and genres in this festival.

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

What is the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival ?

One of the most admired and well-known comedy festivals in the world is Just for Laugh Comedy Festival. It is an annual festival. The Just for Laughs Group is under the supervision of Groupe CH, Bell Media and ICM Partners. With the intention of spreading laughs to as much people as possible, this festival started its journey 38 years ago.

Many spectators, around the world, attend this festival. To add more, many of those in the audience are talent scouts, booking agents, producers and managers from the entertainment industry. So, one of the biggest opportunities for undiscovered talent to showcase their act in front of industry professionals is to perform at this festival. This festival is an opportunity for all kinds of comedians to show their skills whether he is a famous comedian or a street performer.

There is also “Just for Laughs Museum”, a Canadian museum devoted to humor (mainly stand-up comedy) located in Montreal, Quebec.

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

Mascot of the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

The mascot and logo for the comedy festival Just for Laughs is “Victor”. Vittorio Fiorucci of the Canadian Design Resource Company designed this mascot. A monster that preys on Montreal is the inspiration for this little green monster. There is also “Rose”, a character which is the wife of Victor. This logo, symbol or mascot is the official mark of the immensely successful Just for Laughs comedy festival. On posters, T-shirts, event site markers, costumes, inflatable, letterheads and more you can see this logo across the world.

Some Key Facts About the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

  • It takes place mainly in the Latin Quarter of Montreal; the festival gathers street performers, puppeteers or vocal and visual performers
  • It is a Green theme-based festival.
  • You can get an opportunity to attend established comedians’ shows.
  • This festival has totally eliminated the use of plastic disposable glasses.
  • It is the first major Festival daring to take a green turn considering the environment issues of the world.
  • Festival authorities will ask people to leave the site at once because of their inappropriate or dangerous manners.
  • There are recycling facilities in the festival to recycle tons of paper, plastic and metal every year.
  • Just for Laughs is also the first Montreal major event to apply a public responsibility strategy to combine actions in poverty improvement and environment protection.
  • Each year it welcomes 1,700 artists from 19 countries and over two million festival-goers.
  • The nightclubs and live venue theatres offer special programs in the evenings to support the performers.
  • This festival has its own outdoor show stage featuring a line-up of local and international stand-up comics live in concert.
Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

Montreal hosts the World’s Largest Comedy Festival or you can also say the premier comedy festival “Just for Laughs” each year in mid-July. Every year many people look forward to being a part of this festival. This comedy festival comes together with galas, stand-up performances, street art and theater productions.

To inform you that, there are 2000 shows, including more than 1500 free performances, 1,600 artists from across the globe (speaking English, French and other languages) performing 250 shows at more than 30 venues as well as free outdoor festival with 500 free shows. About two million people enjoy this festival’s entertainment and many entertainers arrive here from around the world to attend this festival and look for the stars of tomorrow.

This festival is a great showcase for new talent. Other than that, many well-known comedians including Jim Carrey, Joan Rivers, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart and many other people participate in this festival.

The authorities arrange many spin-off festivals in other cities (including Toronto and Chicago) and TV shows because of the festival’s huge success.

What is the History of the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival?

In 1983, Gilbert Rozon founded “Just for Laughs” as a two-day French-language event. Andy Nulman arranged English-language events in 1985. The festival increased to a full month, during the first half with French-speaking performers, and English speakers in the second half. There are international and non-verbal acts such as acrobats, pantomimes, etc. in this festival.

Gilbert Rozon also established The Just for Laughs Museum. In 1993, it opened for people. The museum is a venue for all the funny things including displays, exhibitions, and a multi-functional space for the presentation of public, private or professional events. In 1996, The Just for Laughs festival also started the Comedia comedy film festival component to give awards for feature and short films.

You can attend many editions of this festival in many places each year. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic issue, the 2021 edition of Just for Laughs postponed until the fall.

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

When is the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Celebrated?

Just for Laughs Festival starts in July and lasts about two weeks each summer in Montreal.

Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival announced to postpone this year’s event due to coronavirus pandemic issue. It was originally decided to take place in July but will now run from September
29 to October 11. The shows will air on 100% virtual and free. It will have funny shows,
interactive online gatherings, conversations, panels, performances, and events. This online
 program will take place over two consecutive days, April 19 – May 22 , 2022.

Where is the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Celebrated:

Just for Laughs festivals take place Montreal, Quebec in Canada. And the other three festivals of
Just for Laughs take place in Toronto, Chicago and Sydney.

Essential Tips to Help You Enjoy the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

  • Use public transportation in order to get to the site of the Festival because
    most streets remain closed during the festival.
  • Attend the Festival site by foot, by taxi or by public transit.
  • You cannot take pets, bicycles, skateboards and in-line skates in the festival
    for security reasons.
  • Be careful of sale and solicitation on the Festival site because the festival strictly prohibits these.
  • According to your shows, plan your trips. It will be helpful if you research a bit and collect a guide.
  • Arrange your accommodations earlier in a decent place and check out the safety measures there.
  • Wear your colorful clothes, flat sandals or comfy shores. Better to choose the color Green for your get over in the festival.
  • Be considerate, humble and keep patience.
  • Don’t behave rudely because everyone attends the festival to laugh or to make laugh. It’s a better choice to do both.
  • Don’t enter or leave the site with alcohol.
  • Don’t take glass containers on the festival site for security matters.

Safety Concerns During the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

  • There will be huge crowd in the festival.
  • Be careful about not to engage yourself in the crowd as it can be risky.
  • Careful about your valuables, put them in a safe place.
  • See anything suspicious? Just call the local emergency number.
  • For lost objects or to report a found object, ask one of the festival employees; they
     will guide you to the right place.
  • To enjoy the festival, never forget to take care of yourself.
  • Take your own medicines or first aid kit in your trips.
  •  If you plan to take your kids to the festival, keep a close eye to them.
  • Keep your sunscreen and cheap sunglasses with you all time, never underestimate
    the heat.

Other Things to During the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

  • Attend one of the summer festivals there.
  • Hangout in a park in Montreal. The city has beautiful parks to find out and
     relax among nature.
  • Go to a street fair.
  • Enjoy the fireworks there.
  • Go to La Ronde, a 6 Flags amusement park where you can enjoy more than 40 rides and
     get pleasures from much more attractions.
  • Watch a sports game there.
  • Take a walk or bike around the city and enjoy the good weather.
  • Go to the beach or to a pool to enjoy your trip.
  • Take time to go to the street sales.
  • Don’t miss the chance to try the foods because Montreal is THE foodie city.

This Festival is an amazing opportunity to attend your favorite comedians show. If you love humor then definitely take a chance to attend it. You won’t regret coming here that’s for sure. Then what are you waiting for? Start your planning for the 2022. Make sure to add the other festivals to your to do list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:

Q. How long it takes in “Just for Laugh” show?

Answer: It takes around 23minutes to watch a show in Just for Laughs.

Q. Are the pranks in Just for Laugh staged?

Answer: No, the pranks are not fake, but they do use some film trickery to shoot reactions of the audiences after the act.

Q. What is JFL?

Answer: JFL is the short form of Just for Laughs. It’s a one of the most premier festival in the world.

Q. Which country hosts Just for Laughs?

Answer: Canada more specifically Montreal, Quebec hosts the Just for Laughs festival.

Q. Is it safe to take your kids with you?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. This is a kid friendly festival. But you have to be extra careful about your kids as it is a crowded place during the festival time.