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History of Kentucky Derby & Oaks Festival, USA:

The race is mainly for horses with three years old. And the distance is one and a one quarter mile. So, the horses can run in the track faster. The race has been going on since 1780. In every session of Kentucky Derby, 20 horses participate in the race. Being a winner in the Kentucky Derby is a matter of prestige and respect for the horse riders.

Before starting the race in Kentucky Derby, the riders and horses need to travel in different parts of Kentucky. The 20 horses – who complete the races in other tracks with success- can participate here. The winner also gets a monetary reward. And the reward amount is $2 million. Isn’t that great?

Initially, the number of spectators was few. But now, over 150,000 people can enjoy the race. And many more attractive events take place centering the race. In the race, the participation of African-American jockeys played a lead role. Since after its beginning. And now, anyone with competence can participate here. Even, the number of female jockeys is also on the rise.

Actually, women have participated actively in the races. And so far, numbers of women have won the race. But unfortunately after 2015, there was no woman who could win in Kentucky Derby. Alongside the monetary rewards, the winner receives a garland of roses. Over 400 roses make the garland.

Best Places to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby & Oaks Race:

Kentucky in the USA is a charming place. The race takes place in a track in the state. So, you need to visit the state for the race in the perfect time. In line with the race, you can participate in different events and activities.

In fact, this is the spot of festival. And the enjoyment multiplies when a wide number of people gather in the race venue. You can witness a good numbers of festivals before the race. So, it is unwise to miss those events.


At the same time, you will experience some of the most spectacular scenes of life. The horses run with a great speed. And the winners get a magnificent reception.

Tips to help you enjoy the Kentucky Derby & Oaks Festival:

Remember, this is a horse race. So, it is highly difficult to track the horses in bare eyes. So, you need a binocular. Try to get the device. It helps you enjoy the race tactfully.

On the other part, you need to book your ticket for the gallery. This is one of the most important events in the USA. So, a notable number of people crowd in the gallery. If you do not book the ticket in prior, you may not get your berth.


Car parking is not a big deal. There are designated parking spaces. But if the parking lot is full, you have to take your responsibility. But you cannot break the law. There might be some reserved spots for disabled or handicapped people. Never book those.

Key Facts About Kentucky Derby:

Kentucky Derby, in the USA, takes place annually. This is one of the most important stakes in the Triple Crown in the USA. Few of key facts are mentioned below.

  • It’s been running for around 144 years
  • In 2020, the date of the race has been shifted to September
  • It continued even during the Great Depression
  • A horse needs to win all the races of Triple Crown
  • Number of attendees surpass all other stakes in the USA

The Kentucky Derby is a leading race tournament in the USA. And it has a long legacy of ups and downs. The participation is not limited by the males alone. Female jockeys also participate here since the early days. The use of African-American riders was another impressive factor. In fact, with their participation, the race has taken shape today.

However, to participate in the race, the jockeys need to undergo extensive training. Since, the length of the race is a bit shorter, the races are highly competitive. The horse riders need to focus on the track. And have to win. Unless you have sufficient training, it is not possible to win in the track.

Safety Concerns During the Kentucky Derby & Oaks Festival:

The Kentucky Derby is safe for everyone. Numbers of major incidents is lower. And the local law enforcers take great care of the visitors.

However, this is a place of gathering. So, you need to take care of your security to avoid any untoward hassles. So, it was the all for the Kentucky Derby. Feel free to use the comment box below to share your thoughts and ideas.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

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Typically, Kentucky Derby & Oaks is a horse race event in the USA. It’s a common event for the horse racers. And racers around the world gather in Kentucky annually to attend the event. You can witness the hat tradition which is a common but vibrant aspect, alongside the other events.

Kentucky Derby & Oaks is also termed as one the most popular events that provides some spectacular performances in a short time. The Kentucky Derby is also termed as The Run for the Roses. The winner gets a blanket of roses.

The competition takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. And before the competition, there is a two-week long Kentucky Derby & Oaks Festival. The race is about two kilometers. And various types of horses participate in the race. In fact, this is not possible to the explain the appeal of the race in words. You are to see and enjoy the vibes.

Usually, the Kentucky Derby & Oaks Festival takes place in May every year. And it was set for the same time too in this year. But due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic, the date has been shifted. If everything goes right, the race this year 2023 it takes place on May 5.


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