Everyone loves to participate in golf. And if this is a tournament, the enjoyment doubles. Many of the golfers across the USA and around the globe participate in The Masters Tournament. It’s one of the four major tournaments. And this is held in the same venue annually. Remember, you must be a professional golfer to participate here. 

What is The Masters Tournament?

As the name suggests, The Masters Golf Tournament is for the pro golfers. This is an annual event. Usually, the other tournament venues change every year, but it takes place at the same place – Augusta in Georgia.

However, this is a specialized event and membership is not available for everyone. Unless you are invited, you cannot be the member of the club. But if you are a golfing fan, you can enjoy the event in the golf ground. You are to get tickets in prior of the tournaments. 

The tournament will teach you how to focus on the matches played on a higher stake. Also, you can enjoy some of the best shots from the golfing pros.

Some Key Facts About of This Tournament:  

The Masters Tournament is for professional golfers. It is held annually and numbers of golfing professionals participate here. Some of following facts are as below.

  • Annual even in Augusta
  • One of four major events in USA
  • Showcases extraordinary performances and challenges
  • Collaboration of different leading organizations
  • Usually holds in the first week of April

Overview of The Masters Tournament:

If you love golf and want to enjoy some of the spectacular shows, The Masters Tournament is for you. It is one of the leading events in the USA where thousands of audience flock every year.

The iconic green jacket of the Augusta National Golf Club played the lead role to popularize the event.

You can witness the extraordinary challenges in the matches. And the event is the outcome of collaboration of different bodies and organization.

The version of the event this year has been postponed for the outbreak of Covid-19. It was slated to be held between April 9 – Aprlil 12.

History of The Masters Tournament:

The tournament is popularly known as The Masters.

The origin of the tournament dates back to 1857 and is the brainchild of Bobby Jones, a pro golfer of that time.

Actual work to materialize the tournament began in 1931 with the initiation of founding a golfing course. And the golf course was opened in 1933. Many of the golfers and enthusiasts have played role in the development of the golf course and tournament.

When Was the First Masters Tournament Played?

On March 22, 1934, the first shot was taken at the brand new Augusta National Golf Club.  The first winner of the tournament was Horton Smith, who beat out Craig Wood by one stroke to win the $1,500 final prize. The tournament was originally called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, and was later changed to the Masters in 1939.

However, the tournament also witnessed legal battles. For some difficult weather and playing conditions, the golf ground was denied permission. Later, petition was filed to hold the tournaments.

During the 1960s, the tournament got more popularity than before. Numbers of tournaments started taking place in the ground. And it goes on. A large number of golfers have participated in the tournaments and shown their extravaganzas. 

However, some controversies were also available. And those were related to the marking. As this was for the professional golfers, they were cautions about their points and marking. 

When is The Masters Tournament Takes Place? 

Generally, the event takes place in the first part of April each year. It was supposed to be held at the same time in this year. But due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus across the world, the date has been shifted.

The date has been rescheduled to April 4 – April-10.  

Where Does The Masters Tournament Take Place?

The Masters Tournament takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club. The ground was founded in 1931. Earlier, the ground was used as indigo plantation. It has been going on the same ground for a long time. And the surrounding environment is lovely as well.

As a matter of fact, the golf ground has witnessed a huge number of professional tournaments. Most of the professional golfers in and out of the USA wait eagerly. To participate in the tournament. However, in line with the professionals, some of the amateurs can also participate here. But they need to qualify.

Essential tips to Help you Enjoy The Masters Tournament:

There is no bar on enjoying the golf tournament. But you need to follow certain preconditions to enjoy.

First of all, you are to book your space. Being one of the most popular tournaments, it is tough to get tickets. So, you can do one thing. Book your space in advance. It will save your time. And you need to visit the official website for the booking.

Also, you can have tickets for practice rounds or for daily tournaments.

As this is a small field, the tournament is always thrilling. So, you may not need to use a binocular to see clearly. However, if you want, you can keep one with you.

If you have children, you can bring them to experience the tournament. Luckily, there is no age bar and so, it is easier to bring children on the ground.

Safety concerns during The Masters Tournament:

However, you must follow certain safety precautions as well. Remember, this is a professional game. So, you need to stand at the designated space.

If you need to park the car, park it in the parking area. If you cannot find any suitable space or if the parking lot is filled, you have to park it by your own arrangement. But it would not be wise to occupy the parking space reserved for the handicapped.

You can use mobile phones and other accessories. But if you want to take videos, you must get permission from relevant authorities.

The Masters Tournament is a tournament that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you want to learn professional golfing, this is the right place. History is made here every year. So, instead of watching the tournament on television, try to be a witness of history.