Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), India

UNESCO declared Ellora caves as a world heritage site. This site has the most significant rock-cut style of monasteries and temples joining features of Hindu, Buddha and Jain monuments. The most extensive monolithic rock excavation, Kailasa is also situated here. Every year thousands of people come here to be a part of this ancient history. Don’t you want to be a part of the most famous archaeological site of Ellora caves too?

So, don’t miss this historic place, make a tour plan as soon as possible. Find the shortest and easiest way to go to this place from your place. We hope that you can give yourself an excellent and satisfying travelling time.

Why Should You Visit Ellora Caves, India?

  • Get love at first site experience.
  • A living example of the ancient period.
  • Know about religious harmony and faith.
  • Feel a positive aura and mystic vibe.
  • See the ancient cave paintings that are still glowing.
  • Know the ancient history through different sculptures.
  • Know about the human lifestyles of our ancestors.

Ellora caves are one of the world’s famous historical places, situated in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India. Many establishments, temples, monasteries, sculptures are included in this Ellora caves. You will meet the monks too. Each cave, each wall is like a proven element of ancient history.

Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), India

Among the different caves, 16-cave is the world’s most extensive monolithic rock excavation. You will find the Kailasa temple in this 16 cave. Besides this Ellora caves, there is another monumental establishment- Ajanta caves. Arrange a tour in this place. All the facilities are available there including Eating, sleeping, hotels, enjoyments and many more. Spend a full day here, and give yourself the most significant experience of the previous history.

History of the Most Famous Archaeological Site of Ellora Caves, India:

Ellora caves are one of the most excellent histological sites in the world without any doubt. This is also called Elura or Verul, which is the short form of Elapura. This older short name was form found from the magnificent edifice, by Krishna raja. Famous hunter John Smith discovered this famous site on 28 April 1819. During tiger hunting, he discovered the 10-cave first. Around 100 caves are present here. These caves closely related to each other presenting the harmony among all the religions. Not only Hindus but also Jain and Buddhist monuments are also there. You will get the historical knowledge of the 600-1000 CE period from the Ellora Caves.

Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), India

Ellora caves, who lay in the hill of Sahyadri hills, in Aurangabad expand from 600 CE to 1000 CE. It refers to the duration of 550 CE is the Hindu period, 600 to 730 CE is the Buddhist period, and 730 to 950 CE is the joining period of Jain and Hindu. Among the 100 caves, 34 are open for all. Caves 1-12 are Buddhist, 13-29 are Hindu and rest 5 are Jain caves. Each cave has mythological prevalent of the 1st millennium CE. History says Ellora caves monuments were built at the time of the Hindu dynasty. Archaeologists believe they were made during the Rashtrakuta dynasty and the Yadava dynasty. But not clear, which one built first.

Ellora Caves, India Architecture:

Kailasha temple, which is in 16-cave and dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a chariot monument. In 15 caves has the famous Rashtrakuta Dantidurga, which refers to the time of 753 to757 AD. The royals, the region wealthy, and the tenders funded for each construction. The site location of the Ellora caves made a commercial site of the Deccan region. It was built by Krishna I who was the uncle of Dantidurga.

Exploring the Ellora Caves, India: 

Ellora caves are one of those places you must visit. Every 34 caves have different meanings. Among 34 caves, 12 Buddhist caves are in the south part, dated from 200 BCE – 600 CE. Hindu 17 temples are in the center, dating from 500 CE to 900 CE. Rest 5 Jain temples are in the north, dating from 800 CE to 1000 CE. Hindu caves designated dramatically. On the other hand, Buddhist caves are designated in a simple and minimalistic way. Viharas monasteries and Caityas temple also included in the Ellora caves. Not only have these, but Kailasa temple is also one of the most remarkable temple, which is in cave 16.

Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), India

This Kailasa temple complex designed downwardly from the basaltic slope. Some sleeping cells carved as itinerant monks. Shiva’s bull Nandi monument Vishnu has the better decorations oh Kailasa temple. The wall of the temple carved with sculptures of elephants and another animal. Cave 10 is the Vishvakarma cave decorated with dancing dwarfs, Hindu and Buddhist figures. Jain cave 32 is decorated with elaborate ornaments like lotus flowers.

Best Time to Visit Ellora Caves, India?

Like we said before, Ellora caves are recognized as a world’s heritage site. Travel loving people should not miss this place. At first, go to Aurangabad then go to the exact Ellora caves place with help of a guide. June to September is the best time to visit the Ellora caves. After the monsoon, the caves get green vegetation, streams, and waterfalls forming. At the beginning period of June, it is too hot. We suggest the visitors go there after mid-June. October to February is also a better time. But March to May is not preferable as it is too hot. In the case of December to march, there are always crowds present as it is the peak time.

Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), India

Opening every day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm except Tuesday, this place is also opened at all the national holidays. Every year there is a classical music fest and dance festival in the 3rd week of March. You can also plan your trip at this time. Go through in a group or guide to enjoy the tour. Grouping strength also saves from any harassment or unfortunate events.

How to Get There To Visit Ellora Caves, India?

Bus, train, plane, and taxi- everything is available to get there to visit Ellora caves. At first, go to Aurangabad. From there, you can get to your destination quickly. Every year, in March third week MTDC (Maharashtra State Tourism Corporation) makes a tour plan to visit Ellora Caves. That is the most reliable bus service.

Essential Tips to Visit Ellora Caves, India:

  • Make a full plan before visiting there (when you start your journey, and when you take some rest).
  • Take a full-day to visit Ellora caves. Among the full-day, take 2 to 3 hours just make an overlook, not in deep.
  • Try to go there in a group to enjoy a lot. That may bore you if you are alone.
  • Take a LED light to see the sculptures correctly. Unless you can’t see properly due to dark.
  • Your theoretical knowledge will satisfy when you go there. And observe every cave deeply.
  • We suggest you visit walking. Though there a lot of caves but by walking you can see clearly.
  • Reach there before 10 am to avoid crowds.

Safety Concern When You Visit Ellora Caves, India:

  • Make a group tour to avoid any danger.
  • Have previous records of sexual harassment by young Indian guys. 
  • Also, be aware of touts and hawkers’ harassment.
  • Visiting Ellora caves is not so suitable alone, especially for the female visitor (Though the maintenance procedure has changed).

Several ancient records are present in the Ellora caves. Each inner sculpture presents a different histological story. You won’t feel any dissatisfaction after visiting the Ellora caves. Moreover, the nearest Ajanta caves also represent more ancient periods. Visit the Ellora caves, and make yourself a part of the ancient Indian period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ellora Caves, India:

  • What is the time required to make a full view of the Ellora Caves?

It needs 3 hours to make a view of the Ellora caves. But you need the full day if you want to make a deep sense of it. I prefer you to stay there a day to get a relaxed adventure.

  • What is the shortest journey way to reach the place?

Road or train lines are preferable to others. From everywhere you can make the way quickly. If you are a foreigner traveler, you should follow these ways. From the nearest airport, you can reach by road.

  • How much need to enter into the Ellora Caves?

Of course, you have to pay 40 rs in case of an Indian traveler. For the children, it is decreasing to 15 rs. And for a foreigner need to pay 600 rs approximately. The fee is only free for the 15 years below kids.

  • Is it allowed to take food with you?

Yes, you can take some food along with you. To avoid any poisonous food, it is the best idea. You can take some light food to eat. There also has a hotel to supply food. You can also eat there.

  • Is there any parking facility available?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to park your vehicle. To keep Motorbikes or cars for some time, there is a particular area. You can make a short journey with the members in your car. Or you can Hire any vehicle for Pick and drop transport.