Overseas Chinese Town East is commonly known as the OCT East and the scenic area is also a theme park for the local and global tourists. The location is an eco-tourism area in China located in the Guangdong Province. The area is designed with the combination of sea and mountain and contains three major Theme Parks, they are – Tea Stream valley, Knight Valley and Wind Valley. It is a place filled with natural serenity and thousands of visitors and tourists come here on different occasions to escape their monotonous mundane life.

History of OCT East Shenzhen:

The Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East is a tourist spot and theme park in Shenzhen under Guangdong Province. The park has three major resorts close to the nature and covers an area of about nine square kilometers. Mostly the park is used for outing, sports and spending leisure hours and a few cultural programmes also take place here. The theme parks are designed elaborately to attract attention of the visitors and guests in Shenzhen. The theme parks of the resort provides different types of entertainment to the visitors and consisted of various attractive themes like Breakers Lagoon, Seafield Village, Peak Highland, Adventure Canyon, Ancient Tea Town, Interlaken, the Wetland Garden, Sanzhou Tea Garden and more.

Synotrip Overseas Chinese Town East Resort(Shenzhen China, China

The Giant Waterfall, placed on the seashore, inside the theme park is the largest one in entire China. Food courts, inns, wine experience house Sky Strip; Theater etc. are some of the attractive features. To represent the relationship of nature and mankind, aqua show is available in the park every night. Besides, the park also arranges music and dance shows especially water-based. The Peak Highland is another attractive space in the theme park that allows the visitors to reach the next destination using ropeways. The Peak Highland is the highest point of the park to have a look on the entire area. The tourists also prefer the water golf driving range and the tennis stadium having an open roof. The theme models are made resembling some famous towns, cities and streets of famous European countries that brings a taste of travelling at the European roads.  

Travel Guide information of OCT East Shenzhen:

The Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) East is about 20 kilometers away from the heart of Shenzhen in Guangdong. Reaching the resort cum theme park is easier by bus. The visitors can ride on the bus J1 or any of the sightseeing buses to reach the resort. Get off at the Ecoventure Valley stoppage and walk for a few minutes. The entrance of the park is visible from the bus stoppage. 

Some Tips when you visit on OCT East Shenzhen:

Take a ride on the car service inside the park to see the whole park within your visiting hour. Use the ropeway to add more excitement on your journey. The T-shows are highly entertaining, do not miss that. The Chinese style tea gardens are excellent place to pass leisurely noon under the tree shades.

Culture & Customs of OCT East Shenzhen:

The themes of the park are of mixed culture. The visitors can get the taste of European and traditional Chinese culture, establishments and streets inside the park. A green traditional world is placed on the OCT East resort. Usually the resort opens at 9.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm. In the holidays, the park is opened half an hour earlier for the convenience of the visitors. The shows including music and dance are truly praiseworthy.      

How to get to Overseas Chinese Town East:

Take bus 103, 308, 380B, 387, E26, M437, M438, M520, PJ5, PJ6, PJ9, Tour bus Line 1, Tour Bus Line 8, Sightseeing Bus Line 1, Dameisha Beach Holiday Bus Line 1, Dameisha Beach Holiday Bus Line 1 or Dameisha Holidau Bus Line 2 to Dongbu Huaqiaocheng (Overseas Chinese Town East) Station.

Accommodation and Dining:

There are several themed hotels throughout the expansive area. There are many special restaurants in the scenic area where you can dine, as well as shops selling snacks. The price in the scenic area is relatively high in comparison to local prices and you can bring some food yourself for snacks.

Address: Overseas Chinese Town, Dameisha East, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Open hours: 9:30-17:30 (performance show may go longer)
WWW: http://www.octeast.com
Getting there: You can take bus No. 103 and other buses to the OCT East Station of OCT East. It is more convenient to take the Dameisha Holiday Line 1(大梅沙假日专线1路)/Line 2(大梅沙假日专线2路).
CN Name: 东部华侨城
CN Address: 深圳市盐田区大梅沙东部华侨城
Nearby Hotel Pick: The Interlaken OCT Hotel