Ágitagueda Art Festival 2020, Portugal

Portugal is the land of football. Also, you can enjoy foods and environment. And of course, the Ágitagueda Art Festival. You will see a street with color. The umbrellas above will intensify the color. And adds a vibrant look around.

It’s the annual practice in Portugal. And a relatively newer tradition. 

What is the Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022?

As the name suggests. This is all about art. Culture. Representation of inner emotions in the form of painting. Painting is all around. Colorful umbrellas over the head. In the street.

It is one of the leading attractions in Portugal. A notable number of people around the globe visit here. To celebrate the festival.

Ágitagueda Art Festival 2020, Portugal

And most importantly, this is the heaven for photographers. The colorful vibe is present on the photos. They make the photos look gorgeous.

The street with thousands of umbrellas really look wonderful. When you cross the street, you will have a pleasant feel. Also, you can get some amazing photos of the life and livelihood around.  

Some Key Facts About Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022:

Ágitagueda Art Festival is one of the most impressive art festivals in the world. It is paired with features and advantages. Some of the key features of this festival include:

  • Annual festival
  • Lasts 23 days at a stretch
  • Diversified cultural programs
  • Daily concerts
  • Competitions of sports
  • Entertainment in streets
  • Attracts numbers of tourists

In July every year, Ágitagueda Art Festival takes place in Portugal. It lasts for around 23 days. And by this time, a wide number of events take place. People all over the world gather here to enjoy those events. They celebrate the events perfectly.

The other most interesting issue is the umbrellas. Hanging umbrellas in the streets of Agueda create an exceptional scenario. The umbrellas come with vibrant colors and size.

Ágitagueda Art Festival 2020, Portugal

Interestingly, the local people never feel any sense of boredom. They willingly arrange for the festival. So, the festival takes an exciting look. And it has become a tradition of Portugal. 

History of Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022:

Ágitagueda Art Festival is a fancy festival in the mainland of Portugal. This is a riverside city. And the month of July – every year – wears an exciting look here.

After the first week of July, the entire city takes a sharp look with color, music and entertainment. Temporarily. With the blend of local and international people, the city turns into a global hub.

Also, the festival honors the public art. New and veteran artists adore the city with their imaginations. They also hang umbrellas on the streets. In fact, the umbrellas have become the trademark. Of this event.

Ágitagueda Art Festival 2020, Portugal

At the same time, the evening hours turn also colorful. Each evening, numbers of men, women and children gather in the streets. They enjoy the musical performances and other shows. The events continue for a long time.  

However, the beginning was from the celebration of FIFA World Cup in 2006. The city launched a public event to commemorate the event. And now, it has become a tradition. Every year, they celebrate the event in the city of Águeda.

The festival is complete with the installation of art works. Paintings. And more other features including DJ shows.

When is the Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022 celebrated?

The festival is celebrated in July every year. To be more specific, the festival takes place after the first week of July.

And the festival runs for 23 days. In these days, the visitors and locals enjoy various types of shows and events. Public art works is the most prominent factor here.

Best Places to Celebrate Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022:

To enjoy the festival, you are to visit Portugal. Especially, in the city of Águeda. The festival was the part of FIFA World Cup Football celebration. But now it is a tradition in the city.

To celebrate the festival, you are to visit across the city. Especially, in the evening hours. You will find numbers of events happening around. Life is visible here. Life is alive in the city. You just need to grab it.

Ágitagueda Art Festival 2020, Portugal

Also, you can participate in the dancing shows, sit to enjoy a musical performance. Or, you can observe the paintings around.

Getting some photos is another wonderful idea.  

Essential tips to help you enjoy Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022:

You do not need to worry about security while celebrating the festival. Rather, this is one of the safest one. In fact, the locals willingly arrange for the events. They do the painting. And love the festival from their heart.

So, you are safe here.

But you need to care for some issues. Around 3,000 people gather in the event in a day. So, the city becomes a bit crowded. You need to check the crowd. Make sure you move with care. 

When you are out in the evening, you need to care for your attires too. Usually, in July there is summer. The temperature may not remain the same all the time. But most of the cases, the temperature is a bit hotter.

So, you need to wear light dresses. Also, you can use a cap or hat in the day time. And you can also use full-sleeve cotton dresses to stroll around. In the night, there are no such restrictions. 

However, you need to be gentle when you are enjoying open air concerts. It is a natural phenomenon that you will want to have some photos. Bring your camera for that.

Safety concerns during the Ágitagueda Art Festival, 2022:

Safety is not a big issue. If you are traveler in Portugal, you need to follow the standard safety precautions. Make sure you keep everything under lock and key.

You can use either hard cash or card for transactions. And it is almost effortless.

Remember to park your car in the right space. Never use the spaces meant for disabled people. It may lead you to pay some monetary fine. Or into in a legal battel.

Ágitagueda Art Festival always welcomes global tourists. Alongside the locals, a good number of international travelers visit the city. Only to enjoy the festival. And observe the paintings, murals and the other forms of street arts.

It’s really an enjoying event for everyone. And if you are there, never miss the chances to get some photos of the city streets. It would be a lifetime memory.