La Tomatina Festival

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History of La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain:

Although the origins of the festival are not entirely certain, there are some theories that surround this event. Stories suggest that it was started by a small group of young people, in August of 1945. The story began when a young group of people was attending a festival in Buñol. They wanted to be a part of the performance, so they got on the stage where a group of musicians were playing and started to dance with them. As a result, one of the musicians fell off the stage and knocked over a market stall of fruits. The fruits went flying into the crowd. As a result, people started throwing fruits at each other. This continued until the authorities took care of the situation to calm everyone down. 

The following year, people who remembered the event, decided to bring their own tomatoes to the event, recreate the fight again at the same event. They started having fun, throwing tomatoes at each other. Thus the tradition started. However, the throwing of tomatoes was banned from the streets of Buñol in the early 50’s. There were numerous complaints from the older population, and the authorities didn’t find it amusing. But it came back as an official festival after a protest in 1957. A group of people carried a coffin full of tomatoes and musicians played in a parade of protest. 

Essential tips to help you Enjoy the La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain:

  • This festival draws a huge number of people, so make sure to book your accommodation ahead of time. 
  • There will be a lot of tomato juice, so Invest in a waterproof camera and phone case. 
  • Wear a money belt instead of carrying your purse. 
  • Leave your luggage at the hotel. 
  • Lose the flip-flop. Select the right kind of shoes. Flat and comfortable shoes may be what you need. 
  • This festival is not for claustrophobic or weak hearted individuals. 
  • Wear white. That will bring out the colors of the festival. 
  • Keep an extra set of clothes so you can change. You may end up destroying what you wear to the festival.  

Key Facts About the La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain:

  • This is the world’s largest food fight and street party.
  • White T-Shirts go very well with this festival.
  • This festival is accompanied by other festivities such as massive paella cooking contests, parades and fireworks. 
  • The street food fight festival originated from brawling in the streets.
  • The food fight festival starts with a slice of ham.
  • Truck loads of tomatoes, weighing over 40 tons, are delivered at the festival. They are usually over ripe, or low quality tomatoes, cheap tomatoes.
  • The festival can often turn into a fight between men and women.  
  • Tomatoes are a good source of antioxidant, and can often act as disinfectants. 
  • There were some attempts to recreate this event at some of the other places of the world such as in Columbia, Costa Rica, and Nevada, but faced much criticism for food wastage. 

Safety Issues During the Festival in Buñol, Spain:

  • Protect your eyes. Get some protective goggles if needed.
  • Wear closed shoes. 
  • Women wear sports bras. 
  • Make sure you have enough health coverage before you leave home. 
  • Always squash the tomatoes in your hand before throwing. This will reduce the potential risk of hurting someone. 
  • Make yourself familiar with their culture before you leave home. Learn their habits and customs. This will help you to blend with the crowd. 
  • Arrive at the plaza early. 

La Tomatina is a colorful, messy festival that takes place on the last Wednesday of August. It is famous as the world’s biggest food fight, held in the Valencian town of Buño. It attracts thousands of people every year. This is one big street party, packed with people. It is accompanied by other festivities like parades, cooking competitions, fireworks, and so on, to enhance the festive mood. You’ll surely enjoy this lifetime of experience, which is unique to the city of Buño in Spain – talk about craziness, this is it!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Hello, How can We Help You?

La Tomatina is a messy tomato fight in Spain, which has a high tourist attraction value. People may never experience anything like this, anywhere else in the world. This festival lasts just one day. If a street party with thousands of people, with tomato slush and torn t-shirt, sounds like fun to you, then this is definitely for you.

This festival attracts nearly 45,000 people from all around the world each year. It is just one big street party of food fights. Basically, at this festival, people throw thousands and thousands of ripe tomatoes at each other just for fun.

The food fight festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year. It lasts for just one day. It is usually accompanied by other festivities such as cooking contests, fire works, and parades.  

The festival takes place in the city of Buñol, in Spain, in the Valencia province. Buñol is located 38 kilometres inland from the city of Valencia.The city is situated on the bank of river Buñol. It’s a pleasing city, surrounded by mountains and farms. 

This festival is unique to the city of Buñol, and so, thousands of people gather each year to witness or participate in this unique festival, which is tied to the traditions of Spain. 


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