The Wutong Mountain is the natural beauty of Shenzhen in Guangdong under China for its serene atmospheric landscape, natural vegetation and broadness. The scenes of the Mountain are charming especially at nighttimes and they live in harmony with the fogs floating from the sea level and clouds flying on the sky. The Mountain is also the highest one in Shenzhen and houses rare animals and plants of various species.

History of Wutong Mountain:

The Wutong Mountain contains the highest altitude in Shenzhen and is surrounded by natural resources living in harmony inside the Mountain. It is often termed as the Wutong Mountain National Park and is located at the WUtong Village under Luohu District and covers an area of 32 square kilometers. Peak of the Mountain is above 943.7 meters from the sea level. It was declared as a National Scenic Spot in 1993 by the Government of Guangdong Province and the Mountain houses different plants and animals. It is estimated that the Mountain contains about 1400 species of natural plants and vegetations and most of them are rare and endangered now a days. Besides, about 190 species of wild animals are found here and they are preserved under special protection.

Wutong Mountain
Wutong Mountain

Shenzhen River which is flowing into Hong Kong and Shenzhen has been originated from the Wutong Mountain. The Mountainside is decorated with Sport Park and Forest Park and you have the option to observe different landscapes standing on the Mountain peak for the unrestrained seas and mountain ranges. The Wutong Mountain is a perfect place for hiking and climbing, and the locals in line with the visiting foreigners prefer the Wutong Mountain area most for its easy access from the city. During the Ming Dynasty, the Mountain has been adored most for its extraordinary beauty and also been used in poetry as well. Reaching the top of the peak needs efforts and times (about two and half hours) and there are several routes as well.  

Travel Guide information of Wutong Mountain:

The Wutong Mountain is located next to the Shenzhen city and easily accessible. Visitors can use different routes and vehicles to reach the Mountain. Bus and cars are the best ways to visit the Mountain spot. Guests and visitors can ride on the bus no. 211 that will drop you off at the Wutong Mountain Village stoppage; you just have to take a walk for a few minutes through the Wutong Village to get the entrance of the Mountain. If you are on car, park your car at the parking lot of the village.   

Some Tips when You Visit on Wutong Mountain:

There two available routes to climb on the peak of the Mountain. Follow the signs on the trail to reach the peak. The forest is dense at most of the trail points, be careful lest you lose the trail. Stone steps offer breathtaking view of the sea and distant areas. Avoid climbing or hiking at nighttimes for security purposes. Specific climbing skills are not required to hike or climb on the Mountain. Take some snacks to eat sitting at the top.

Wutong Mountain

Culture & Customs of Wutong Mountain:

Night view of the Mountain is breathtaking and reaching the Mountain peak does not require any specific skill or competency. Park rangers are also available to drive the visitors at a certain level on the peak through the trails. The views are perfect and nice on the clearer days and in a gloomy climate, nothing much is visible from the top. There are two junctions on the peak trail and one of them is located at a lower position. During summer, the area is hot and sunny.

How to Get There:

Mount Wutong is accessible by bus from the corner of Dongmen Road and Shennan Avenue. Take the bus number 211 to its final destination: the base of Mount Wutong. This will cost around 2 yuan. Another option would be to rent a van to take you directly there, but this option will be slightly more expensive, perhaps around 10 yuan. However, I believe the extra money is worth it. Once you get to Mount Wutong, entrance is free for the hike itself.

What companies run services between Shenzhen, China and Wutong Mountain, China?

There is no direct connection from Shenzhen to Wutong Mountain. However, you can take the line 2 subway to Xinxiu then take the taxi to Wutong Mountain. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Yantian Bus Station then take the taxi to Wutong Mountain.