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Ngong Ping 360 – Cable Car on Lantau Island, Hong Kong‎

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Ngong Ping 360 - Cable Car

With the size of 1.5 hectares of lands, formerly known as ‘Tung Chung Cable Car Project’, the Ngong Ping 360 is a popular tourism spot in Hong Kong and owned by MTR Corporation that runs the Hong Kong Rail. The title – Ngong Ping 360 was awarded on April 2005 and the spot contains a cable car, gondola and a small village. It also connects Tung Chung and is linked with Hong Kong by a rail road track.      

History of Ngong Ping 360 –Hong Kong:

Hong Kong government planned to initiate a cable car in 2000 and accordingly proposed for tenders to run, manage and maintain the entire system for 30 years of the cable car system that connects Tung Chung and Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. The project also was set to attract tourists and visitors in the locality and the cable car commenced in 2006. This is a 5.7 kilometer long gondola lift – commonly termed as cable car consisted of eight towers and five of them are located at the country park. The cable car project construction began in 2004 but the inauguration was delayed for some security-related complexities during the test operation of the cars on cable that trapped about 500 volunteers. It took about two months to repair the trouble start the test run again, and the authority sold 1688 tickets on the maiden day of the cable car to keep feng shui traditions. Each of the maiden trip tickets was sold at HK$ 88. However, there are still some system failures in the current days. A major accident occurred in 2007 when a cable car fell from the cable line, but fortunately nobody was injured at the incident, and then the operational responsibility was handed over to MTR Corporation from Skyrail for negligence in responsibilities, and finally it was officially opened on December 31, 2007 for all. The journey on the cable car lasts for 25 minutes. Visitors can have different views of parks, South China Sea, surrounding waterways and more. The gondola cabins – technically termed as cable car cabin, can accommodate 17 visitors at a time both by sitting and standing room.                    

 Travel Guide information of Ngong Ping 360 –Hong Kong:

If you want to have a ride on the cable car, turn to MTR Tung Chung Station, take the exit –B, and a five-minute walk will take you to the Tung Chung Cable car terminal. You can also hire a taxi that will take you at the cable car terminal within 10 minutes and charge you about HK$ 35. You can also take train to reach the terminal and then you have to start from Hong Kong Station. The trains run between 6am to 1am. Besides, you can also ride of on the number 11 ferry from Tai O Ferry Pier to get there.

Ngong Ping 360 – Cable Car

Some Tips when you visit on Ngong Ping 360 –Hong Kong:

Remember that the terminal is opened from 9am to 6pm and in public holidays it is operational from 9am to 6.30 pm. When the cable car is under service or maintenance, the terminal remains closed. Paying bills with cards is preferable as spending cash is costlier in many cases during the visit. At times ticket prices are more than the regular times, so be careful if you are paying more.

Big Buddha, Hong Kong

Culture & Customs of Ngong Ping 360 –Hong Kong:

The locality is a bit commercial area, and thus, one can buy souvenirs and other knick-knacks for them and there are some eateries too to have snacks during visit. The village is similar to typical European villages and perfect for hiking or outing with near and dear ones. You can also observe the world largest Buddha statute in the village.

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