Divided into three parts, the United States of America Holocaust Memorial Museum is located on 1.9 acres of lands in the Washington DC to commemorate the memory of Holocaust. It was dedicated for the people who died in the Holocaust and was opened in 1933. It is serving as the Holocaust Museum in the USA. It is also used for study, interpretation and documentation of the Holocaust history. Another aim of the museum is to raise sense among the citizens to prevent genocide and uphold…Continue Reading “Visit United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – All You Need to Know!”

Travelling is a fun. The fun increases more if you can have some shopping at some best shopping malls where you are travelling. Usually people look for some outstanding stuffs and even their clothing when they are out of their native lands. It happens naturally when we travel to a distant land, we look for the exclusive things to get for ourselves as we miss them in our places. Besides, women are fond of shopping and pass busy moments in most of the time when…Continue Reading “Aventura Mall: The Best Luxury Shopping, Fashion, Dining in Miami, USA”