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Repulse Bay – Hong Kong Island & A Great Place for Relaxation!

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Located on the Southern coast of Hong Kong, Repulse Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong for its cleanliness and modern features like white sandy beach, free public showers and bathrooms, lifeguards, beach facing outlets, free playgrounds. Visitors in the beach can have a seaside walk on the clean sandy beach, bask under the sun easily in a moderate temperature and can swim on the cool water. It is a wonderful place for sightseeing.

History of Repulse Bay Hong Kong:

Close to the Central district, crescent-shaped Repulse Bay is an artificial beach and considered as one of the most popular and pollution free public beaches with a bunch of modern facilities in Hong Kong. Pirates and smugglers used the Bay as their hub before the British colonization. A good number of myths are found about the naming of the bay.   Once pirates’ heaven, in 1841 it was repulsed by British fleet and thus achieved the name but the naming source is still unknown in current days. But now, during the summer, it is a popular destination for the urban facilities like free public showers and bathrooms, clean white sandy beach, clean and cool water, refreshment kiosks, free playground etc. Construction of residential buildings began after the 60s. Large ships and boats cannot dock at the Bay for the narrow inlet and water level is not so deep. The beach has played an important role in Hong Kong and consequently the land price is higher adjacent to the beach than any other place in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government undertook an initiative to groom the area back in 2009 to attract visitors and guests in the beach. Moreover, lifeguard service is also available in the beach during March to November. Shark prevention nets are installed in the beach for swimmers’ and surfers’ safety.

Travel Guide information of Repulse Bay Hong Kong:

Located on the Repulse Bay Road on the Southern coast of Hong Kong Island, it is accessible by bus and ferry. For buses, take 6 or 6A or 66 and go to the Central Exchange Square. You may also chose Star Ferry or take the minibus 40 to reach Repulse Bay beach. In bus it takes about 35 minutes from Central Exchange Square. There is no MTR station in Repulse Bay.  

repulse bay hong kong
Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Some Tips when you visit on Repulse Bay Hong Kong:

Keep some change during pay for your bus ticket as the drivers do not have change with them. Follow the mountain trails for hiking. Lifeguards are unavailable from December to February and work under some specific schedule. The access at the Repulse Bay is absolutely free.  

Repulse Bay – Hong Kong Island

Culture & Customs of Repulse Bay Hong Kong:

It is a beautiful visiting place with modern amenities. Splendid scenic views make the day perfect. The statues resembling different Chinese God and saints have made the place sacred, and thus the entire environment looks serene. Only a few of the visitors swim in the beach and majority of them enjoys the beach view.    

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