The white night festival of Russia is an annual summer festival in St. Petersburg, the city of the midnight sun. Imagine watching an almost white sky in nights full of fireworks, surrounded by the sounds of opera music coming from a theatre next to where you are standing, in a city near the Arctic Circle. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? This atmosphere will not be just visually pleasing, it also will give your soul a spirit of enthusiasm to live the fullest.

The white night festival is the exact thing we are talking about here. It is one of the most famous and unique festivals in the world.

What is the White Nights festival?

It is an annual summer festival celebrated in St. Petersburg, Russia. Massive fireworks are one of its popular and important show. The fireworks show is also known as ‘Alye Parusa’. If you have seen the 60s classic Russian film ‘Alye Parusa’, ‘Scarlet sails’ in English, then it might ring a bell. Opera and Ballet artists around the world come to this festival to perform. This festival is mainly a cultural festival. They hold the performances in the Mariinsky Theatre and Mariinsky concert hall.

Since the sky remains white during the entire summer, the festival starts in the last week of March and ends in the first week of August. Massive fireworks to concerts, everything makes this festival deserving to be on everyone’s wish list.

Some Key Facts About the White Nights Festival:

  • The white night festival is a cultural festival. So, if you are a music lover, you will love to attend the festival. Artists from all around the world perform at this festival.
  • Massive fireworks are a part and parcel of this festival, they call it ‘Alye Parusa’. If you love watching fireworks, this festival is for you. There are also massive water shows during the festival. It is a delight for one’s eye, definitely worth attending.
  • This festival never stops during the entire summer and holds many performances of renowned artists in day and night.
  • The largest and most internationally renowned carnival takes place in the Peterhoff suburb of St. Petersburg during this festival.
  • The atmosphere is beautiful and loving, full of joy and happiness–definitely worth experiencing.

Stars of the White Nights Festival in Saint Petersburg (Russia) Overview:

It is the world’s one of the unique, traditionally, and culturally rich festivals. The fireworks show of this festival is visually pleasing, gives’s one mix of emotions of happiness and nostalgia. It is also a summer festival, if anyone wants to spend their summer joyfully, it is the best place to go to. They celebrate the festival at the end of the school year. The night clubs, opera houses of St. Petersburg become bright and colorful during the festival. It is the perfect place to go to forget the sorrows, tensions of life, and get the enthusiasm to live to fullest. It is the perfect place to take your loved ones to summer vacation, to join the festive mood and celebrate together. And the perfect place to see an unearthly view of the midnight sun.

What is the History of the White Nights festival?

This festival is mainly to celebrate the midnight phenomena of St. Petersburg city. This city is near the arctic circle, so during the summer, the night of this city remains clear as in daylight. The tradition is highly popular for its spectacular fireworks, many music concerts, and a massive water show. In 1968, this tradition began when many Leningrad schools started to celebrate the end of the school year with the symbolism of the popular 1922 children’s book Scarlet Sails, written by Alexander Grin. During the first commemoration, a passenger with red sails sailed for the English Embankment and the Admiralty Embankment en route to the Winter Palace. The 1961 release of the film Scarlet Sails boosted the popularity both of the book and the tradition.

Star of the White Nights, Summer Festival in Russia
Star of the White Nights, Summer Festival in Russia

Although there was an early draft version of the Scarlet Sails poem, which action was staged at post-revolutionary Petrograd which is St. Petersburg’s name before renaming to Leningrad in 1924, the author eventually put its action to a fictional country, thus making his work just a symbolic story of an all-conquering, lofty dream with no rusty revolutionary propaganda.

As a symbol of fulfilling a child’s dream to be adult and free from “schools and rules” the brigantine with scarlet sails turned to be an emblem of transition to a new wishfully beautiful adult life upon school-graduation. The tradition has interrupted in the post-Soviet era but has been reborn since 2005 when the management of St. Petersburg realized the tourist- attracting potential of the event.

When is the Stars of the White Nights Festival in Saint Petersburg (Russia) Celebrated?

This is a summer festival. In St. Petersburg every year between 11 August 2022 to 15 August 2022, they celebrate this Festival. Most of the shows and concerts start from 7 pm, sometimes earlier or later. Sometimes there are morning or mid-day performances too. They start from 12 noon, or 2 pm, or 4 pm.

Best Places to Celebrate the Stars of the White Nights Festival in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

In St. Petersburg one can go to an opera show, or dance show, or to a concert to celebrate this festival. They hold these shows in Mariinsky Theatre, Mariinsky concert hall, and Palace Square. St. Petersburg, Russia’s cultural center, is a Port city on the Baltic Sea. If someone is interested in Fireworks shows, they can go to the shores and see fireworks and Ships decorated with red bright sails. This entire festival is so bright and colorful that anyone who is standing wherever in the St. Petersburg will witness a spectacular view and will celebrate the festival to its best. It does not matter who you are, it will surprise you with its grace.

Essential tips to help you enjoy the White Nights Festival:

  • Arrange your accommodations early: During this festival, the world’s largest Carnival holds in the St. Petersburg, it attracts many tourists. So, book your hotel early to stay in a decent place.
  • Crowd: During the festival, the city becomes crowded. So, make yourself easy for that.
  • You may need special Photographic skills and equipment to click photos of the fireworks.
  • Don’t forget to watch the concerts and performances of the renowned artist who will come in at the festivals.
  • Buy your tickets as early as you can if you want to attend the shows at the festivals. Because the tickets for musical and dance shows are often sold out a month earlier than the festival is off to start.

Safety Concerns During the Stars of the White Nights Festival:

  • Just like any other place, traveling to unfamiliar surroundings may have some safety concerns.
  • Make yourself familiar with people, their lifestyle, and places so you don’t become susceptible to potential dangers.
  • Make sure you have enough medical support and carry your own medicines or medical insurance.
  • Make sure you are at a safe distance while watching fireworks and water shows.
  • Russia has a unique culture, so please be respectful of that.
The Star of the White Nights, Summer Festival, Russia

Looks like this is a spectacular festival celebrated for and in a city of midnight sun phenomena. This is the festival of lights, colors, and joy. The festival has a deeper meaning than we all could think. Symbolizing children’s dream to become an adult and free from school rules is a deeper meaning than we could think of a festival. If you plan to visit, its beauty and grace will surely amaze you. Arrange and plan for your travel early. This festival can get crowded, so plan fast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stars of the White Nights Festival in Saint Petersburg (Russia):

01. What are the White Nights in Russia?

Answer: In St. Petersburg, it is called the “White Nights”: those 80 or so evenings. Starting from May to the end of July after a very cold and dark month, the celebrates this festival.

02. Which museums are open during the Night of the Museums?

Answer: History of Religion Museum, Memorial Museum of Leningrad Defense and Blockade, Museum of Dolls, Museum of Political History, Sheremetev Palace are open during the night of the museums.

03 Why do white nights happen?

Answer: The opposite of this phenomenon is called ‘polar night’ when there is no sunlight throughout the day. This only happens in colder climates as regions beyond them absorb sunlight due to the air that scatters light in the sky.

04 Does Moscow have white nights?

Answer: No, they do not have white nights of any kind in Moscow. Days are long there in the summer, but several night hours are always present.